Mars & Mars Aspects in Synastry Chart: The competitive and stimulating energy between the two Mars person -

Mars & Mars Aspects in Synastry Chart: The competitive and stimulating energy between the two Mars person

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Mars in Conjunction with Mars in Synastry Chart

There is competitiveness in the relationship between the two Mars people. Both have passionate and creative ideas that they want to express. Their headstrong nature is the reason for their clash and mental battle. Both possess strong traits and characteristics and no one wants to go down and compromise. 

Both planets are excited and open to trying new things. Your enthusiastic energy is the driving force that allows you to achieve anything. Both planets encourage each other to persevere and continue reaching for their goals.

One significant aspect of the union of two Mars people is their communication. Both are open and frank about anything. You tackle issues direct to the point. You efficiently manage and solve the problems in your relationship because both are honest with their thoughts and emotions.

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However, this bluntness that each of you possesses can become the cause of conflict in your relationship. You might hurt your partner's feelings without knowing. You must be conscious and careful about your choice of words.

Your relationship is fervent with passion. Your intimate moments are burning with your fiery love and desire for each other. Because Mars is the planet that signifies desire and sex, your intimate moment together is full of passion and intensity. Both planets love to experiment on the bed and discover each other's pleasure. 

Because this match has the same planetary energy, both planets share many common interests. Both planets will enjoy doing the activities they love together. Both love going on adventures, travel, and engaging in sports. Most of the time, Mars people are engaged in extreme sports because of the rush of adrenaline it gives them. 

This union of two Mars people has a lot of activities, action, and engagement. Both planets want to make a change. Both partners are committed to their work and expect to see results right away.

Both planets motivate each other. Both push the other to be their best and achieve their dreams and goals. There is a healthy competition that pulses between the two Mars people. Both compete not to overthrow the other, but to further encourage and empower their partner to do their best.

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Mars in Soft Aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Mars in Synastry Chart

There is a healthy competition between the two Mars people in the soft aspect, the same goes for Mars and Moon. Both are driven to achieve one common goal. They have such good teamwork that makes everything is so natural between them.

Their level of understanding towards one another allows them to work hand in hand in every situation. They are not easily swayed by minor setbacks. Mars people come back with their held up high and proud of their achievements. The spirit of Mars people soars high that they are full of determination to accomplish their goals.

Both planets are passionately attracted to each other. Both love to make love with their partner. You know how to satisfy and give pleasure to your partner. Since the planet Mars represents sex, their way of connecting is also through carnal pleasure. This is the best way where they can fully express their love and passion towards their partner. 

The intensity of their lovemaking is earth grounding and mind-shattering. It's as if not only their body is in the union but also their soul. They become united as one making every inch of their fiber and being explode into tiny particles suspended in space. 

Despite the emotional attachment the two Mars people have with each other, they still manage to maintain their independence within the relationship. Both do not feel constrained. They have the chance to become who they want to be and pursue their individual goals in life.

Two Mars people in a relationship can manage to maintain their individuality even when their passion is too strong towards each other. Both are still able to showcase their authentic self without the fear of judgment and betrayal. This is because both Mars people communicate openly with each other that provides transparency in their relationship. This is in turn builds loyalty, trust, and balance in their relationship.

Both planets want to achieve great things and make a mark in this world. Expansion and progress are the driving force of this relationship. Both planets crave fulfillment and action. They help each other grow and assist each other in times of critical moments.

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Mars in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Mars in Synastry Chart

The positive and collaborative teamwork of the two Mars persons mentioned above can shift negatively in the hard aspect.

Both planets become competitive with each other, rather than working on one goal. Instead of being the strongest allies, they could quickly turn to become each other's greatest nemesis. The healthy competition that they have will quickly turn into toxic rivalry. Constant bickering, fights, and unnecessary arguments will constantly create tension between two Mars people. 

There is a lot of energy that surrounds this relationship. If this energy is not directed to make a positive outcome, it can turn to anger and frustration, which could be draining to both partners. Thus, both partners must find a way to direct these strong energies into something productive and beneficial for their relationship. 

Your frank and blunt way of communicating can also be the cause of tension in your relationship. Your straightforward way of letting your partner know the reason for your frustration will make your partner feel attacked. This could precipitate an argument between the two Mars people.

Moreover, both partners need to be patient in seeing the results of their hard work. You need to understand that it takes time for success to happen. At the right time, it will be given to you. So, don't feel discouraged if it takes time for your goals to happen. You have this immense energy inside of you, use it to continue working on your dreams.

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