Mars-Ascendant Aspects in Synastry Chart: Do your personalities are compatible with each other? -

Mars-Ascendant Aspects in Synastry Chart: Do your personalities are compatible with each other?

Mars in Conjunction with Ascendant in Synastry Chart

Both Mars and Ascendant person has the aura of power and dominance. When these two meet, the intense physical attraction is what will draw them towards each other. The union of Mars and Ascendant person is full of vitality and this strong energy is what brings these two planets closer together. 

Mars-Ascendant aspects in a synastry chart show physical attraction and energy between two people. Positive aspects indicate strong chemistry, while challenging aspects can mean conflicts. It's a powerful connection that can be either exciting or tense.

Mars, the planet of action and energy, meets Ascendant, the world of defiance. Both of these planets stand for self-concept. They bring out the best in each other by inspiring one another to give their best every time.

Mars is the planet of energy, courage, and assertiveness. When this fire planet comes together with the ascending sign, it can boost your ego. It will make you stand out from the crowd. In conjunction with Ascendant, Mars is the first aspect that will help. Mars will help you understand yourself and your relationship compatibility.

When the planet of action and energy meets its equal in the person of the earth of authority over others, it is an excellent synastry chart. The cooperation between these two planets helps people act together on a common cause. This particular union brings stability and strength to individuals.

The two are compatible due to their mutual need to be around something that requires action. If not an actual physical movement, it can be the internal combustion of ideas and thoughts. People under this synastry will understand each other. They need not work hard to keep each other pleased.

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The Ascendant person is attracted by the independent and assertive nature of the Mars person. On the other hand, Mars's person is captivated by the beauty of the Ascendant person. Together these two planets attract each other like magnets. 

In conjunction with Ascendant in Synastry chart, people whose Mars kindle each other's desire. That is the desire for action and excitement.  This synastry is a natural fit for partners who will be by each other's side. They help each other learn about the world around them. That is because both these planets encourage personal growth and skill development.

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This pair has a lot of energy together. They are both action-oriented, impatient, ambitious, and intense people. Both need to be busy and move towards something or beat back anything that tries to hold them back. While there can often be friction between these two, keeping the enmeshment down will make this graph more balanced.

Because they're both involved, the relationship will likely be smooth and easygoing. You'll appreciate each other's goals and desires, and you won't need to spend much effort to make each other happy. You'll be able to understand each other instinctively, as well as enjoy the activity you share.

Mars is the planet that represents desire, passion, sex, and aggression. The ascendant person on the other hand possesses traits such as resilience, adaptability, and individuality. Together, these two planets create a strong and grounded kind of relationship. Both aspire to achieve great things and are willing to help each other reach them. 

Mars is a planet that holds a lot of power. In relationship astrology, Mars represents desire. It can also represent passion, and “in your face” energy – traits that make it a powerful aspect. It also shows the strength needed to be intimate with someone. In synastry, Mars, along with the ascendant person, can make for a passionate love match or any other type of relationship, depending on how strong it is.

Mars and the ascendant person will make a powerful and very focused couple. This relationship is unique and unparalleled. These two will feel like there is nothing they can't do together. A fiery and passionate partnership, this synastry has the potential to be prosperous.

This relationship will build a life full of passion. They can also build initiative while encouraging each other to achieve their goals. It is hard for either party to give up on these goals once they have been set. Both planets can work together to make a perfect and strong couple.

Both planets are oozing with confidence and determination in life. When faced with failure they don't let their weakness be seen by other people. They held their head up high and try again. 

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This pairing indicates that the two partners have a strong sense of self, and both have a zest for life. The combination of hard work and status is most prevalent in this synastry. The partners will synch with anyone based on their level of energy, passion, and enthusiasm to pursue their interests.

These two planets have a real effect on their lives. You can see how both planets are oozing with confidence and determination to live a happy life. Both planets have a well-rounded personalities and a strong ambition to succeed in life. They dare to try again when faced with failure. They put all their efforts into achieving what they want from their life.

Both planets are honest and direct with the things they want, and this may come off to others as being too aggressive. Often people get offended by how they react to certain situations. Their natural and instinctive reaction to certain circumstances would come off as rude to the people they interact with. However, they don't mean anything negative to their response and will surely apologize if they know that they have done something offensive.

Mars and the Ascendant people are both impulsive and outspoken. Their remarks and opinions may offend others with this combination, but they do not mean to be rude. They always say what is on their minds and hearts and do not see the point in holding back. They often rush into conversations or a situation before thinking. They don't mean anything terrible, but their direct and aggressive approach can upset others.

This can sometimes get them into trouble when they don't consider how their words may make someone else feel. Although this is not intentional, it does mean that they can come off as rude. But, despite this fact, they will always apologize when they realize what they've done wrong.

This placement requires the couple to reflect on their actions before acting out. Even when they are trying to seek attention or when another person provokes them. This placement makes the couple seek balance in every relationship they hold dear.

Another trait of Mars and Ascendant people is that they are very independent in nature. They don't rely on others if they can do it themselves. Their independence also makes them do things without considering others first. This could be a positive trait but would sometimes come off negatively to other people. Thus, both planets must be conscious and aware of their actions before they do it. 

Both planets also have a hard time lying, they don't know how to mask the truth and often end up telling the truth. However, this is a positive thing for both planets for they value honesty and integrity the most. That is the reason why it is hard for them to hide their true motives. They only desire goodness where not only they can benefit but also for the greater good. 

Because of the powerful aura of Mars and Ascendant person possess, both can become competitive with each other. Both need to learn how to harness their power for the greater good. If both Mars and Ascendant work together, their joined energies can achieve great things.

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Mars in soft aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Ascendant in Synastry Chart

The physical attraction both Mars and Ascendant person have will be further intensified in the soft aspect. Your union is full of passion, and your intimate moment is fervent with desire. The interaction of these two planets in the soft aspect is less aggressive and mellow. 

When Mars and Ascendant person are in the soft aspect of each other, they can harmonize their energies better than when they are in conjunction. Thus, even though you may experience some tension before your relationship becomes more serious, the flow of physical attraction between you will flow without obstruction on any sign or any planet.

In the soft aspect, Mars and the Ascendant person make it easy to explore each other. They treat each other with more love and passion. The intellectual connection between them will be enhanced with mutual understanding and sympathy. Their private time is full of sweet and caring moments.

With this favorable aspect, you and your partner get along well. There is a strong attraction between you. You meet each other halfway in everything and enjoy satisfying each other's desires.

The Mars person is attracted to the personality of the Ascendant person and its way of life. Mars person exudes this alluring aura, which captivates the Ascendant person.

The Mars and Ascendant person have a lot of common interest in the soft aspect. They enjoy doing the things they love together. The mutual understanding and cooperation of Mars and the Ascendant person in this aspect is favorable for marriage.

Together, both planets are patient and kind towards each other. Their ability to open and be honest towards their partner is what makes this relationship last for a long time. We all know that maintaining a long-term relationship requires commitment from two people involved. As for the Mars and Ascendant people, they are willing to compromise for the sake of their relationship. 

The coordination of both Mars and Ascendant person allows both partners to grow within the relationship. You help each other to become better in life. Both planets motivate and encourage each other to do their best in everything they do. This makes them feel inspired to follow their dreams because of the support they receive from their partner. 

If the energies of Mars and Ascendant person are joined together, and both share a common goal, inevitably, they will succeed. Both are persistent and dedicated to attaining their goals and aspirations in life.

Both planets are very competitive and won't back down on any challenge that may come their way. They are both oozing with confidence that it is innate for them to go after the things they want. They don't let other people's negative comments affect them. Once their focus is latched on a specific goal, they will do their best to attain it even how many times they fail.

Mars in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Ascendant in Synastry Chart

There would be a lot of issues and tension in the relationship between Mars and the Ascendant person in the hard aspect. Arguments and misunderstandings that can lead to fighting will undoubtedly happen.

The Mars person in a hard aspect, with the Ascendant person, will have a difficult time getting along. Arguments and misunderstandings will take place a lot over a long period. They might even be fascinated or intrigued by each other. Yet the more challenging aspect creates tension and moodiness. They are likely to share an assertive, enthusiastic, and competitive energy. This dynamic may be quite the challenge in the relationship. Because of the combination of challenging aspects in astrology.

In the hard aspect with the Ascendant person, Mars is another form of aggression. Both individuals want to achieve dominance over one another. But the problem lies in their words to do this. The language used by these two persons is often condescending and harsh. This then puts them into fights that become more than just an argument.

Because the planets possess strong traits and characteristics, often they tend to misunderstand the reaction of the other. The same as how other people perceive them in conjunction, it is also the same here on the hard aspect. Both planets irritate each other without even a solid reason why. It's just the presence of the other invokes negative feelings in the other person. 

The pattern of Mars in hard aspects is usually made with what we call masculine planets. It is usually fire plus fire or earth plus earth. A way of Mars in hard aspect onto an Ascendant person indicates two vital energies with strong traits come together to start an attraction.

Since both planets are competitive, this could become a toxic trait in their relationship. Instead of helping each other be closer to your goals, you tend to have this toxic competition wherein both are centered only on their selfish desires. 

This hard aspect always implies that there's competition between the couple. These two people would constantly compete with each other, not just because it's just fun for them, but because of their desire to prove themselves. Unfortunately, this type of friction will most likely lead to marital problems.

Mars person may become irritated with the Ascendant person's habits. On the other hand, the Ascendant person may become resentful towards the Mars person. The Ascendant person sees the Mars person as too self-centered. No one wants to give up their pride when they clash.

The challenge for Mars and Ascendant person in the hard aspect is that both need to be more understanding towards each other. Both need to cooperate to settle the issues in your relationship. Moreover, both planets need to resolve their personal issues as this is the main reason for their conflict and blocks them from becoming whole. 

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