Mars Conjunct Jupiter: How These Seemingly Opposite Planets Work? -

Mars Conjunct Jupiter: How These Seemingly Opposite Planets Work?

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The name Mars came from the Roman God of War. This planet is named “The Red Planet” because of its reddish appearance, and rightfully so! This red appearance is fitting for this planet because of its red-hot fury. Like its namesake, Mars rules over anger and aggression. The Red Planet is concerned over violence and chaos as well. Because of its aggressive trait, expect that this planet also represents impatience.

This planet reveals how we act on our anger. It shows how we work when we are impatient. Worse, it shows the violent and brutal tendencies that people may conceal.

But Mars is not all about the negative things. This planet also rules over willpower, energy, and strength. The planet also includes these traits: determination, confidence, motivation, and persistence. The Red Planet is also associated with sexual tension, desires, and sexual aggression.

A person influenced by Mars is hot-tempered. Expect that this person is impatient. They get mad over the slightest things. These people may burst into anger out of nowhere. Worse, these people may demonstrate violent tendencies when mad. If they are unlikely to be violent, expect that you will hear the words that will slice your heart to pieces.

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Mars people are born leaders because of their dominance. These people are authoritarian leaders. They will lead strictly and instill fear in those they lead. Expect that these people will get easily annoyed because of some slight imperfections.

But it's not at all bad! Mars people are ambitious, and they know their priorities. These people's eyes are always on the goal and rarely get sidetracked. People admire their ambition and their drive to achieve their goals. Not only that, these people are earnest in pursuing their dreams, doing any means to achieve them.

Jupiter In Astrology And Individuals

The name Jupiter came from the Roman God of Sky and Thunder. This planet is famous for its Red Spot. But unlike the Red Planet, whose fury is red hot, the Red Spot is fascinating. Taking this in, Jupiter governs over charming traits such as joy and generosity.

Jupiter represents merriment, enjoyment, and miracle. This gas giant is associated with prosperity and good fortune. This planet, unlike Mars, is all about positive feelings. This planet represents travel, healing, growth, and wealth too.

Jupiter can also reveal how generous a person is. How would this person enjoy and have fun? This planet can also show how you will heal and grow in your environment. Jupiter is not a personal planet in astrology, unlike Mars. But you can feel its vibrating energy when this planet is in transit.

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People influenced by Jupiter are generally optimists. Being optimists, they believe in the good of everyone. These people see the interest in the wrong situations. They get out of these threatening situations pretty quickly. These people are in tune with themselves and are intellectuals. That's why they worm their way out easily.

Jupiter people are generous too. You will see them joining charity works and medical missions. Volunteering in animal shelters and rescues is their thing. Their hearts are overpouring with charitable acts, and this is why they are empaths.

These people easily sympathize, especially with the poor and marginalized. This trait is why they are great lawyers and doctors in the making. Jupiter people can also be advocates of the marginalized and champions of the oppressed.

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Mars Conjunct Jupiter

Mars Conjunct Jupiter Natal

People who are born under this transit are lucky. They are fortunate, not just because they do have a lucky streak. These people are confident, independent, and attractive.

These people are energetic and enthusiastic. These traits are why people love them. Aside from those, Mars-Jupiter conjunct people love to gain knowledge. For this reason, you will see them engaging in political and societal debates and even talks.

Mars conjunct Jupiter people have high morals. With Jupiter influencing this person, these people are advocates of justice and fairness. Expect that with Mars ruling them, these people will stand for what they believe. And not just stand, but fight for it. When these people fight for what they believe in, expect a neck-to-neck battle.

People who have Mars conjunct Jupiter in their birth charts enjoy taking risks. Fueled by Mars, these people are motivated and determined to take on every obstacle. With the help of Jupiter, expect that they are lucky with these ventures. These people love to travel and adventures. They like to explore and try out new, and even dangerous, things. These people crave adrenaline-inducing activities.

But bear in mind that these people should also do things the sensible way. It is possible that since Mars conjunct Jupiter people are risk-takers, they become so drawn to risks. This will become a habit. These people would resort to gambling.

These people are a creative bunch. This creativity is why these people will thrive in the field of arts, literature, and applied arts. Since these people are also born bold, they will like to be involved in activities requiring physical effort (military or police). These people could also do well in business or law.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter Transit

Prepare for the burst of energy that will come during the Mars-Jupiter transit. You will feel energized to do any physical activity. Try to take advantage of this urge and start doing it. This physical activity can be through sports, working out, and other physical activities.

You will have an extra ounce of self-confidence. Make use of this transit by making new friends or enter new relationships. It is also a great time to make yourself glamorous. Because of the confidence, you will find the courage to express yourself.

There will also be the blessing of good fortune at this event. This aspect is a great time to start a new business venture because of its likeliness to achieve. This aspect is also a great time to form relationships because of its high possibility to blossom into love or become on g-term.

Mars-Jupiter transit is also the time where the things you fight for will win. You are likely to vie for a promotion, and you will get it. This event is where business deals may be closed, and legal cases will win.

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