Mars in 3rd House: Everything You Need To Know -

Mars in 3rd House: Everything You Need To Know

Planet Mars got its name from the Roman God of War, counterpart to Ares of the Greeks. As its name implies, this planet relates to the action and movement of a person rather than their reaction and emotions. It reveals our combative attribute, which, most of the time, does more damage and loss than genuine gain in the long run. Natives of this planet often go for action without planning and realizing their thoughts. Thus, they end up with regrets.

This planet is associated with energy, assertion, aggression, war, sex, hostility, and possible destruction. Its vibrant energy keeps us up and working days and drives our desires for worldly success and satisfaction.

Astrologers claim that the energy from Mars is what is left of our animalistic nature. It encourages our survival instinct, especially with regard to anger and competition.

Mars rules our sexual desires and other fundamental body fascination, which makes us firm, blunt, and bold. It explains how we show our fury and rage and what makes us feel like so, what our sexual nature is, and our first instinct when it comes to sudden situations.

House in astrology relates to different parts and aspects of our lives. Each House links to a particular aspect of our lives that requires significance from a specific asteroid, planet, etc. Whichever House the planet Mars lands in our birth chart, it will define the part of our lives where we need to apply our passion, drive, and energy to attain satisfaction and success.

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The 3rd House of astrology is famous as the House of communication, where the exchange of messages and ideas can be written, verbal, and even mental connections. The House is associated with our siblings, short journeys and travel, information, media, mind, and speech.

People with this House are often encouraged to express their thoughts and how they feel since it guides them in helping and establishing good connections with other people, especially with those they are very close with.

Natives of this House are in a never-ending seek for information, knowledge, and new experiences. Intelligence is one of the most influential associations of this House, and natives believe that it is their key to harmonizing and working effectively within the world and those in it. They constantly improve and harness their knowledge and, without a doubt, share it with others they believe they can help.

When put together in the birth chart, Mars in the 3rd House may appear as an expressive and direct person. Let us dive in and shine a better light on this placement.

Mars in the 3rd House natives are direct and blunt.

If you have this placement in your birth chart, most likely, people had already told you that you are too bold and straightforward. These qualities were amplified by the energy of Mars, which makes the native frank and outspoken, especially when talking about your ideas and opinions on a specific topic.

There are times that people may find it shocking when you say words related to an issue that requires a high intellect to understand. When you talk to others about those topics, you unintentionally open their minds and widen their perspectives on things they usually do not care about.

You always have something to say to people. 

As a person with this placement, you definitely have a lot to say, especially when the topic interests you. You always seek new knowledge, so you know a lot of things about many subjects, and you love sharing them all with people. You express yourself with full eagerness and passion that by simply being so, you inspire others to be the same.

Knowing a lot about something gives you the energy to share it with others. However, some may disagree with what you are saying, and this fires up your passion for knowledge since you love a good argument or debate. You are assertive and know how to defend your beliefs in all ways possible.

You are a fast thinker but also impulsive when it comes to decisions.

You definitely have a lot going on with your life, and you feel the need for a rest, but your mind cannot. Your constant search for new knowledge and experiences makes your mind on full force all the time. Restlessness then causes your impatience in doing a task. Although you feel tired, your energy is still endemic that others feel motivated when you are around.

You think fast when it comes to solutions, similar to people having the Mercury in 6th House. However, you tend to be impulsive when making your own decisions instead of being analytical and logical about it. You are great at conveying your thoughts and opinions, but most of the time, you always speak first without thinking if your words are kind and related to the topic.

In the majority of the natives of this placement, they will succeed as writers. Many will follow their words of wisdom, stories, and even autobiographies because of their great intelligence and skills in expressing their thoughts. Nevertheless, natives of this placement will do remarkably well in any profession as long as they work alone or function as the leader of the pack.

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You are confrontational and sometimes, not in a friendly way. 

Everyone somehow feels the need to be in harmony with their family, friends, neighbors, workmates, or anyone they interact with on a daily basis. This need for connection is highly amplified in this placement because it opens the doors for the natives’ sense of self and understanding.

Natives love to stay in touch with people and find out what is happening around them that others may find it too nosy and meddlesome, thus, resulting in conflicts despite the bond they established together.

As a native, you may be called out by your peers as aggressive, which you may be already aware of. Your sarcastic and provoking ways offend others, but you do not do anything to prevent yourself from being like so because you believe that you are.

In order to keep the harmony in any group or relationship, you also need to compromise and adjust yourself since you are not always right and not the only one who should lead.

You are dedicated to your own opinions.

You have a strong belief that your opinions and thoughts are what’s best for everyone in any given situation. You are always on the run for new experiences and information that you devote yourself to the quest for it.

However, sometimes your passion and dedication for your own thoughts and opinions go overboard and puts you in a critical position. You see other people’s opinions as a personal attack because of your own stand on things. It would be best if you wrapped your head around the fact that people are entitled to their own grounds, and you should stay simply more confident than overconfident.

Over time, you will eventually find an audience accepting your views and understanding your beliefs without opposing you or your judgment. Always remember that you may be smart, but you cannot please everybody and make them agree with what you know if they do not want to.

You never back down on arguments. 

When you are experiencing hard-headedness, you let out your anger and aggression through unkind words even though sometimes you do not mean it and through violent diversion pastimes like hunting or boxing.

In arguments or debates, you never back down, especially when you know your truth is the only correct truth. You attack based on your beliefs which are sometimes best kept unspoken because they are wrong.

You find it hard to accept defeat and loss, so it is also difficult for you to apologize. It is not impossible, though; it just takes time because you always see yourself high on a pedestal and not on your knees apologizing.

Mars in the 3rd House explains that a person with this placement is an adventurous and knowledge seeker. Natives love spending time and sharing their knowledge and experience with the intention of inspiring others without realizing that they sometimes go overboard and forceful.

They love arguments where they get to express their opinions on topics they feel strongly associated with and may harshly spit out words, whether intentionally or not. Through their egoistic quality of not backing down despite being wrong, they get involved in troubles that show their aggressive side, which also results in more conflicts in the long run.

If they keep their head clear and direct to the point, they will eventually find the balance of being outspoken without being overconfident.

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If you have Mars in the 3rd House placement, you:

  • Are always direct to the point, blunt, and outspoken.
  • Constantly have something to say over subjects you feel strongly about.
  • Tend to be impulsive when it comes to decision-making, which results in poor results.
  • Dedicated yourself in your opinions, and you never back down on arguments you think you can win even though you are aware that you are wrong.

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