Mars In 7th House Synastry: Will Things Get Away With This Couple? -

Mars In 7th House Synastry: Will Things Get Away With This Couple?

Mars Traits

In Roman mythology, this god is famous as the God of War. Mars’ combative skills are so envied that he is also an icon of the military. Described as the brutal and violent god, Mars will never hesitate to put blood in his hands when men cross his path.

His traits define Mars, and he will never hesitate to attack anyone who threatens him or anyone he cares about. Fighting on the battlefield must be a thrilling experience. He is undeniably the embodiment of power, conflict, and battle. Most men look up to him and strive to be like him.

Mars, the Greek God of War, is infamous for waging war on everyone, including Gods. His powerful character is still admired by both men and women today. His dedication and strength will never waver, despite his brutality and ferocity.

These traits of Mars are also its dominion in astrology. Wrath, hostility, and aggression are the feelings that Mars governs. It also comes with brutality, violence, bloodshed, and chaos. Mars reveals our character when we are angry. Do we give the silent treatment, or do we throw frying pans at the person making us mad?

It is the force that propels our lives and our drive for power. Mars instructs us how, why, where, and when we move. Our Mars manifestation will determine our physical and emotional vitality. The words harsh, vicious, and ruthless are among them. This can also result in a brave, strong-willed, ambitious, determined, and reckless person.

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Mars is a compelling force because of his fury. He is in charge of all types of battles, wars, and other behaviors that irritate you. It’s vital to remember that anger is a natural aspect of life when Mars is out there doing its thing.

Mars thrives in the smell of blood and disorder. This planet, red as the blood, is also concerned with intense lust and deep, dark, sexual desires. The Red Planet is also associated with motivation, persistence, dominance, and drive.

Mars represents the fiery, passionate side of your personality. Because this planet’s color is red and its life-giving fluid is blood, the people of Mars are often animalistic.

It is also a planet of energy and ambition, revealing itself in influential personalities. The color red is linked to ferocious emotions and passions. It is the planet of vitality, sexuality, and warrior-like bravery.

When Mars isn’t impacting us, the point in our lives is when we are the calmest and quiet. If you go too far from that condition, you’ll find yourself lost in a fit of anger you didn’t think you could have. It’s something that everyone has; all it takes is the correct combination of factors to bring it out.

Mars people tend to prioritize their ambitions, and rightfully so! When these people locked their goals, expect that they will do anything to get the goal. Yes, anything, even if it means getting ahead of people in the wrong way.

Most Mars people are ambitious and always eager to speed up the job process. These people would race their competition with everything they have only to get ahead of others who think and act the same way they do.

Life on Mars is a never-ending battle. Their dreams and goals are as vivid as their color. If you look at a Martian’s plans at the start or in the middle, they may appear to be off track. But if you wait until the end, you’ll discover that they succeeded without fail. After all, Mars’ most significant characteristics are stubbornness and perseverance.

Mars is the planet of activity, motivation, and energy. You are compelled to be forceful and assertive to get what you want if Mars is in your natal chart. You are self-assured, ambitious, and driven to achieve your goals. Your determination drives you to take action. Mars rules the head, arms, and upper back, and its placement in these locations might cause headaches, mental sickness, or injuries.

Because of Mars people’s drive, people tend to be envious of them. They’d like their persistence in getting what they want. But there’s also a wrong side to these people. Being ruled by Mars, they get easily angered. They will burst into fury even though what happened was a minor inconvenience.

Mars is a fiery, impetuous, and action-oriented planet. When Mars is prominent in your horoscope, it indicates that you have a strong desire to achieve your goals. When others come in the way of your dreams, you’re passionate, competitive, and driven — but you’re also aggressive, hasty, and quick to anger. They want to take action to acquire what they want, and that means charging or fighting anyone who stands in their way.

They can be direct and forceful, but when making decisions, they prefer to think for themselves rather than listen to what others have to say. People on Mars, for example, would never buy something if they didn’t like the way it looked or use service because it was pricey. They will choose what they want to utilize or like.

These people are inherent leaders. Mars’ aspects will always like to take charge and dominate. However, because of their overbearing attitude, they are strict and unforgiving in the way that they lead. They would not take an output any less than perfection.

The willingness to take charge and lead is the most distinguishing aspect of Mars Traits. They would desire to control any scenario if they couldn’t lead to a positive outcome if they had this trait. In their attitude, they are severe, authoritarian, and harsh. One of their defining characteristics is their commitment to ensuring that all details are in order, even if it means working long days and nights to fulfill deadlines.

These folks are dominating freaks in the context of war and conflict. They are quick to take command of a situation and always act responsibly. When it comes to the performance or production they expect, on the other hand, they will be strict. This may prohibit individuals from being warm-hearted and sympathetic in some circumstances. Mars is associated with battle. Thus these people may be violent. They have high expectations, are perfectionists, and are even harsh in their commands.

Because they are hot-headed, expect that these people have enemies left and right. And when Mars people get into a fight, expect that they will not back down. They love violence. And if these people are not violent-loving, they will hurt you with their choice of words.

They’re also open, direct, combative, brave, reckless, and envious. They are resistant to being swayed by others. Instead, they like making up their norms and principles of conduct.

They thrive on controversy and feel giddy when discussing current events or competing with others. They are willing to argue with you if you disagree with them.

When provoked, these people can be violent, and their rage can intensify. Their zeal for winning has no limitations, and they will go to any length to win any dispute or competition. These individuals are unafraid of everyone.

Houses In Astrology

During the time of your delivery, the planets are in a house. But, no, it’s not a shelter. In your birth chart, there are twelve houses. The planets stay in one, or several, of the houses during your birth. And when a planet is in a particular house, its influence on people is different.

Say, for example, Mercury in the 9th house. We all know how Mercury governs communication and its delivery. 5th house, on the other hand, concerns itself in spirituality and spiritual development. With Mercury in the 9th house, these people are dutiful, hardworking, and observant. Their spirit wants the best in society and will strive to achieve it for everyone.

Let us put Mercury in the 12th house, then. The 12th house governs all things that are beyond this material realm. These things are secrets, fantasies, and illusions. When Mercury is in the 12th house, the person is highly intuitive and can easily read people like a book,

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The 7th House

In relevance to Saturn in 7th house, the 7th house is the “marriage house.” It does not only revolve around marriage when it comes to romantic relationships. This house looks at how you partner with people. This “partner” does not only involve a romantic partner. It also involves a best friend, work partner, group partner, and even business partner.

However, this house reveals our relationship patterns as well. For example, do we tend to prioritize relationships in our lives? What negative energies do we contribute to the relationship? What do we need to feel appreciated in such relationships?

Mars In 7th House Synastry

Mars in the 7th house synastry reveals that the couple will have passionate and extreme feelings in this relationship. There would be a mutual attraction and strong at that. The couple will express how much they want to be together and how intense their feelings are for each other. Since this person likes to take charge, Mars will make the first move towards the house person.

They won’t have to worry about the house person doubting their intentions because Mars is in the house partner’s seventh House of mutual interests. Their love life will be full of adventure and smooth sailing, right down to the smallest of details. This individual will regard them as their ideal companion and soulmate.

The house partner then will be shocked by how this Mars is so straightforward. But they would not view this boldness as repulsive. Instead, they will admire how much Mars seems to like them. The house partner will view Mars as their soulmate, their ideal partner. Mars will exhibit a lot of traits that will attract this house person.

Mars in the 7th House creates a more aggressive and even adversarial relationship, which may surprise people. However, this synastry feature is not meant to imply that the couple is continually competing with one another, but rather that they are both equally suited and can relate well. It allows the housemate to perceive Mars as someone exceptional, which will enrich their life simply because the planet is located in their horoscope.

Mars in the 7th House Synastry has a strong attraction to its mate, which indicates that they will end up being incredibly compatible. There are a few conflicts. This is due to Mars’ nature, which is passionate and combative to an unhealthy degree. All difficulties or arguments in the partnership are attributed to Mars because of these characteristics. And this is what happens when one person’s strengths and another person’s shortcomings are combined.

Although the two have their disagreements, they complement each other because they are autonomous and know what they want; thus, communication develops quickly in this relationship.

The Mars person and the house partner complement each other. Both are strong in their ways. They are independent and know what they want. Hence, communication is quickly developed in this relationship. Although the relationship suits the two, Mars in the 7th house synastry provides that there are also conflicts along the way. And all of these conflicts are attributed to Mars.

There is a strong attraction between Mars in the 7th House Synastry and their partner, this indicates that they end up being extremely compatible with each other. With that said, there are a few conflicts as well. This is due to the nature of Mars, which tends to be overly passionate and aggressive. Because of these traits of Mars, all conflicts or disagreements that they face in the relationship are attributed to them. And this is what happens when the strengths of one person and the weaknesses of another person are put together.

Although there are conflicts along the way between the two, they complement each other as they are independent and know what they want; hence communication is quickly developed in this relationship.

Mars is the turbulent force of the relationship. When Mars is in its wrong time, expect that the house person will be scared of this Mars. Furthermore, if Mars will not change their ways, the fights will continue, and the relationship will eventually end.

It will not be surprising if Mars continues to take charge during the relationship. They will take the wheel, and Mars’ dominance is evident. However, when this happens, the house person may view Mars as overly aggressive and dominant. It’s like the Mars person dismisses the house partner in the relationship.

The house person should assert their individuality as well. It does not mean that you should compete for power with Mars. It would be best if you let Mars know that the two of you are in a relationship, and these two should be visible in the relationship.

Although the communication between these two is admirable, the couple should also develop this skill. The house person needs to understand that Mars gets irritated quickly. And when they do, they can burst into anger. So the house needs to be a warm comfort that Mars needs when things are not going their way.

Mars, on the other hand, needs to acknowledge the house person as well. Although they like to lead, the house person is equally valuable in the relationship. Mars is the captain of the ship, and the captain needs the crew too. In this case, the house partner is the crew.

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