Mars-Pluto Aspects in Synastry Chart: The intense passion and power that stands between Mars and Pluto -

Mars-Pluto Aspects in Synastry Chart: The intense passion and power that stands between Mars and Pluto

Mars in Conjunction with Pluto in Synastry Chart

Mars is the God of war and sex and is full of initiative, drive, and courage. Pluto is the God of desire and intense passion. When Pluto and Mars meet, both planets can precipitate strong and powerful energy that can make or break both of them. Both planets hold intensity in all aspects.

There is a strong sexual attraction between Mars and Pluto. Both will experience mind-blowing sex, for the intensity of their desires will be manifested and expressed through erotic and lustful acts. When these two planets touch, it creates a magnitude of energy where both planets feel exhilarated by the intensity of their connection. 

The union of Mars and Pluto in conjunction is like two stars colliding with each other. The strong energy they both possess is mind-blowing and intense. Mars and Pluto have this fervent passion and desire to be with one another. Both planets are attracted strongly to each other that it consumes their whole being.

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In conjunction, Mars and Pluto will have a mutual understanding, for they share a common point of view. Both are strong and courageous to face and manage certain critical situations in life. When they have a certain goal in mind, they will give their best to attain it. Both planets are dedicated and very hard working when it comes to the things they want the most. 

Often, people in this aspect always attain success and able to climb the ladder up to the peak of their career. No matter what opportunities they chose, once they love doing it, they will surely succeed in it. Nothing beats hard work than true passion and desire for the thing you aspire to the most. They waste no time and will do everything to attain their goals one by one. 

There is a lot of intense energy that will surface in this aspect. Both planets are possessive and protective of each other. Each of them feels like they can't live without the other. This possessiveness can be the cause of problems in your relationship for your ability to express yourself freely will be limited by these hard emotions.

One good thing about this aspect of Mars and Pluto is that both planets have an optimistic view of life. Both partners have the willingness to work on their future and take steps that can improve the relationship.

Their enthusiasm and devotion towards their relationship is the driving force that makes these two planets strong. It is the building blocks of their relationships that keep them together no matter what problems may come into their life. Once they set long-term goals with their loved ones, they will truly stand up to their word and be with their side for better or for worse. 

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Mars in soft aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Pluto in Synastry Chart

The intense sexual attraction toward each other is still too strong in this aspect of Mars and Pluto. However, because of the intense sexual desire and attachment of both planets towards each other, jealousy and possessiveness may occur.

When Mars and Pluto are in love they would surely give their all to their partner. Even if they are very busy with their day, they will still find time to be with their special someone. You know when they truly love you if you have a problem and they come right away to your rescue.

However, all relationships have their good and bad sides as well. For Mars and Pluto because of their strong attraction with each other, often they tend to become too obsessed with their partner. It often gets to the point where they can be too controlling and demanding towards their partner. This could make the other person feel suffocated in their relationship and would try his/her best to get away from their partner.

If Mars and Pluto are not careful, their relationship could quickly become a toxic one. Both planets would feel constrained and restricted to do the things they love afraid that they might upset their partner.  This should not be the case, because a healthy relationship is where both partners feel motivated to be their true selves and follow their true desires. 

The challenge for Mars and Pluto is that they should be open towards each other. Both partners need to be honest with the things that their partner does that trigger negative emotions. Insecurities and worries should be discussed openly to establish trust in the relationship.

Since both planets carry intense energies, both hold a competitive element within them. Both are fighting over who's going to keep the upper hand in the relationship. It would help if you directed this intense energy into a healthy way to avoid being consumed by the power struggle that is going on between you.

The energies of Mars and Pluto are so intense that joining together can be catastrophic and dangerous, especially when the two of you are having an argument or in a critical situation of your relationship, as your fights could be harsh and disastrous.

Mars in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Pluto in Synastry Chart

As mentioned in the first part of the article, both Mars and Pluto have strong traits and characteristics. The strong features of both planets could clash and would make it hard for them to compromise. In the hard aspect, both planets often would find their selves at each other's throats. It would be hard for both Mars and Pluto to put down their pride in this aspect.

Mars's direct-to-the-point attitude can offend and trigger Pluto's issues. Pluto person doesn't want to burden others with their problems and does not want others to see its true emotions.

Pluto's strong desire to lead will cause a struggle in their relationship for Mars is also headstrong and does not want anybody to tell him what he needs to do.

But if both are willing to work on the relationship and be open-minded to understand and accept each person's differences, the relationship will be given a chance to succeed.

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