Mars Square Venus Transit: Finding Harmony In The Time Of Chaos -

Mars Square Venus Transit: Finding Harmony In The Time Of Chaos

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Mars Traits

Mars' temperament is known to be hot-headed and resentful. This Roman god governs war and chaos, and it is best for god and mortals alike to stay away from the god's bad graces. The Roman God rules over violence, brutality, and battles.

In astrology, the same is valid with the planet Mars. This planet rules over anger, wrath, aggression, and hostility. This Red Planet is the bringer of chaos and conflicts. How do we express our anger? Do we burst expletives or keep it bottled inside and exploded afterward?

Mars also governs sexual aggression, desire, and tension. This planet reveals our deepest and darkest cravings when it comes to sex. Because the Roman God Mars is domineering, this planet also rules over domination and authority. It knows our drive and motivation in achieving our goals. Are we so desperate to attain our goals that we will do all means needed to achieve them?

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Venus Traits

Venus is the dazzling goddess of Love and Beauty in Roman mythology. Historians believe that her beauty is so astounding that she can charm mortals and gods. She's a gentle, graceful goddess and loves all lovely things. In astronomy, the second planet is the brightest star in our solar system. Hence, it earned the name “Morning Star.” In the night, Venus is the planet that shines brightest, aside from the moon, of course.

In astrology, Venus governs love and relationships, just like its eponym. It shows how we are in a relationship and what we do when we are in love. This planet reveals our love language and what makes a person loveable to us. Venus also rules over intimacy and affection. It shows our best charm and our best point of attraction. Venus rules over the arts and good things.

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Mars Square Venus Transit

This transit would pose a challenging time for people in a romantic relationship. You may feel that there's an imbalance in the relationship. It can be due to who is much in control of the relationship. This transit may induce feelings of inadequacy, that you are giving more than you are receiving or the other way around.

Your sexual drive will be off the charts. You'll be wanting sexual intimacy even more during this time. And when you are in a relationship, this can be a good thing or not. It depends on how your partner will take this. When you feel like you want to express your sexuality, your partner should take a hint on it. If they do, this can result in the rekindling of the relationship. There would be fruitful days ahead. The couple would feel like their love for each other has been reignited.

However, if they did not take the hint, it can result in disagreements and heated altercations.

Not only that, partners may feel like they are highly possessive of their partners. People are also easily offended by their significant other. Because Mars influences this transit, you may feel a lot more aggressive and territorial during this event. An outburst of anger and irritation is possible. Try to put much trust in your partner and evaluate your feelings before acting upon them.

You may also feel like you and your partner cannot find common grounds. With Mars' influence asserting dominance in your personality, you will also assert dominance in your relationship. It will be hard to give in to compromises during this transit. And again, your refusal to compromise may lead to another argument between the couple.

Expect that this aspect will bring emotional sensitivity. You or your partner may be easily hurt. This sensitivity is what makes this transit much rougher than it looks. When fights happen, you or your partner may take the quarrel to heart. Because emotions are fragile, it may result in the breakdown of the relationship.

Since Mars also influences this transit, this will bring several quarrels and fights in the relationship. This event is a rocky time for every couple. But know that with proper communication, everything will be resolved. It is best to sit down and talk about the issues that will arise during this transit and resolve them as calmly as possible. Enough of the negatives. Let's focus on the positive energy that this transit can bring us.

Because Venus is on the influence, your creative juices are flowing everywhere on your body. As a result, you might feel that you have to express yourself creatively. When this urge arises in you, try to use it by immersing yourself in arts or literature. For example, you can try to write short stories or to start drawing. If these do not interest you, then try enrolling in dance classes or watch theater plays.

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For single people during this transit, it is best to maximize this event and find a romantic relationship. Because of Venus' influence, intense feelings arise with everyone. These feelings can be in the form of affection, intense attraction, and desire. This event is also a great time to socialize. Everyone takes delight in new friendships and expanding their friend circle. So join the fun by expanding your friend circle too. But take moderation in having fun. There can be a mess if this transit is hugely taken advantage of.

In relevance to the Venus-Mars aspects, Mars square Venus transit is the event that reminds us to throw away the things we do not like. Likewise, we should let go of the things that do not make us happy anymore. This reminder is not only applied to material things. It can be all about romantic relationships, friendships, and work habits.

This event reminds us to keep our environment pleasing and prune the plants that keep our surroundings messy. This event can also induce you to do something about your fashion style. You may feel that you are inclined to shop for expensive clothes or material things that will improve your fashion statement. This impulse is not at all evil. On the contrary, you should go for it! But remember to stay in your means. Buy only the things that are within your standards.

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