Mars Trine Neptune Synastry: How hard is your relationship? -

Mars Trine Neptune Synastry: How hard is your relationship?

You know that Astrology has become our foundation to have a better education. It has given us great education that reveals interesting facts. But it becomes more interesting as we relate them towards humankind.

You will see here energy that flows calm and enthusiastic. Trines said to have flair and supremacy according to experiences. But it shows the easiest way, even though it wasn’t the right thing to do, and this would mean you lack motivation.

You must understand that the role of Mars is busy, energetic, and active or participative. Mars Trine Neptune Synastry individuals are also confident and truculent. At the same time, the role of Neptune is impulsive and more on creativity.

The Sun is opposed to Neptune's characteristics and can become a disruption. But when Mars is with Neptune, you can do more which means they both fit together.

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Passion and Spirituality of a Mars and a Neptune person

Martians are steady, fearless, and spirited people. Neptunians are imaginative and mysterious.

For you, will there be a problem if a Martian has a relationship with a Neptunian? As you can see, Martians are most likely to become leaders rather than followers. While the Neptune people were more likely to agree to Martian's plan.

The flow of their relationship is it will be all about Martian's thing and desire. He won't allow having a personal space between the two of you. So, in that text, were you able to get the answer you wanted? Let’s explain further to elaborate on this case.

Neptunians are mysterious and imaginative, and that's what Martians loved about them. But Mars people came up with the conclusion that Neptune people are not-goal oriented. They think that Neptunians don't set goals.

It's like Neptunians are easy-go-lucky that they'll follow Martian's path every step of the way. So, you all can see how their roles go by in their relationship.

A simple person who is ready to follow the will of others and authority who leads. They become unbalanced since their characters are off with each other.

But if we see through it, they complement the things they lack. That is a very important part of a relationship.

Martians tend to be straightforward and rude when it comes to their personality. So, what a Neptune person does is to back off on the situation. But that makes more the Martian people mad but, what can they do? That’s how the Neptunians control the case.

Martians are also a person who will stay and wait for the discussion to end, unlike the Neptunians, who like to retreat or back off. As you observe, Martians are more powerful than the Neptune people, but it shouldn't be like that all the time.

Martians need to tame their anger and how authoritative they are. The same goes for Neptunians; they should at least know their rights as a person to avoid deception.

Mars and Neptune in a relationship

You are already aware that Mars has the capability to lead and to have a goal. In comparison, Neptune is more on its imagination. If their abilities are put together a dream can be a goal.

The wonder of Neptune's imagination helps Mars to strengthen itself. While Mars became the activator of imagination and was able to turn them into a reality.

You can see how they were adverse to each other, and they say that they have this sense of sexual magnetism. That’s why even though they were opposite they can make a good couple or team.

It is a given wanting to have a person that longs for someone you love, and Neptune and Mars are for each other. Mars people feel that they have the power of everything when they're with Neptune. But it turns into a conflict when Neptune can be envious of Mars' power.

Neptunian is most likely a dependent person and controlling. Because of the fear of losing someone.

Mars person’s vigor and seductiveness make Neptunian nervous. It results in doing inappropriate things sometimes that confuse the Mars person.

As mentioned, Neptune can be a bit controlling and plays as a victim to gain Mars person’s attention or sympathy. Neptune is very playful and likes to tease Martian sexually.

But from Martian's point of view, it becomes frustrating. Mars people are very open and straightforward. But on how Neptune person acted might lead to a conflict in their relationship.

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Sextile of Mars and Neptune

Both Neptune and Mars are sensitive to the needs of other people. They know how to understand the flow of “give and take.”

You both support everything that will help society. An individual with Mars Trine Neptune Synastry would find fulfillment in a job that allowed them to make a difference in the lives of others

Both are romantic at random things but very sensitive to each other or their love for each other. Towards a good relationship, they must be honest and expect nothing from each other. They should accept everything they are as a person.

Try to communicate more on movements or gestures because it shows more how you care for a person rather than by words.

Some words that a person tells you aren't from their heart. It's like they're forced to say but actions cannot lie.

Action is based on how your heartfelt. You are emotionally strong and have lots of physical needs. So your partner should be trustworthy and polite.

It seems that when other people have problems, they come towards Neptune and Mars people. But somehow, they give statements that are dishonest and insincere.

Not because they don’t like the person but because they feet sympathy towards others. They wanted to make them feel okay at the end of their conversation.

That’s how kind they are. Both Neptune and Mars people can balance their needs for physical achievements and spiritual growth. They can do both simultaneously.

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