Mars-Uranus Aspects in Synastry Chart: The passionate and exciting bond between Mars and Uranus -

Mars-Uranus Aspects in Synastry Chart: The passionate and exciting bond between Mars and Uranus

Mars in Conjunction with Uranus in Synastry Chart

Mars and Uranus person has a strong connection with each other. The partnership of Mars and Uranus has full of adventures, excitement, and unpredictability. Mars and Uranus aspects in conjunction have a spontaneous energetic vibe that flows between them. 

There is an intense sexual attraction between these two planets. Both want to explore and try new things. Mars and Uranus are not shy to be vocal about their needs and wants to their partner. Both planets are open to experimenting with new sexual positions that bring excitement to their relationship. 

The ability of Mars and Uranus to keep the park in their romance and spice things up in the bedroom is what makes their relationship stronger. People around them can see the passion and love they have towards each other. They are both clingy and are not shy to show affection to their partner even in public places. 

Mars and Uranus' people's intimate moments could get erotic and naughty. Another notable thing about this two is that both planets are open to the idea of an open relationship. Each of you has freedom outside the relationship. Even though they are clingy with each other they still manage to maintain independence within their relationship. 

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This allows both planets to instill individuality and showcase their authentic self to other people. Unlike other relationship that ends up both partners being smothered by each other. The relationship of Mars and Uranus in conjunction provides them a clear reflection of themselves and discover their true identity without being overshadowed by the other. 

When your energies are joined together, you have this compassion inside of you that is further magnified. You are both concerned with giving assistance to people who need help. Both planets are humanitarian and public-spirited in nature. Both planets also help each other assist their partner's needs and support their dreams. 

Mars's person is intrigued and attracted to the eccentric nature of the Uranus person. On the other hand, the Uranus person is drawn to the determination and clear sense of direction of the Mars person

The love of Uranus towards its freedom can be the cause of conflict between these two planets. There would be possessiveness that will rise on the side of Mars person. The Mars person can become frustrated for he/she can't hold back the Uranus person.

Mars has clear and specific goals in life, and the unpredictability and love for adventure the Uranus have can disrupt the tranquility of Mars.

However, Uranus' independence is what captivates Mars's person most despite the frustration Uranus gives him.

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Mars in soft aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Uranus in Synastry Chart

There is spontaneity in the relationship between Mars and Uranus in a soft aspect. Both enjoy having fun and going on adventures. You both give importance to your freedom, and each of you respects that.

Your sexual attraction towards each other is titillating and full of energy. You arouse and excite each other in a unique way. You know very well how to push your partner's buttons and how to please him/her. When these two planets touched its as if a star has burst into a million pieces, that's how strong their attraction towards one another. 

There is never a dull second in your intimate moment. The union of Mars and Uranus in soft aspect guarantees a long-term relationship. Both planets inspire each other to become optimistic about the future. There is encouragement, intimacy, and commitment present in the relationship between Mars and Uranus.

However, Mars and Uranus need to maintain the stability of their relationship in the long run. There is the possibility that their relationship will be gone stale caused by too much familiarity already. Both partners need to talk honestly and be open with each other. Both need to make an effort to bring back the fiery passion and rekindle the relationship's desire.

Being in a long-term relationship, it is easy to lose focus of what truly matters in your relationship because of the other responsibilities that you have. Often we tend to take for granted our partner and forgot to give time to them thinking that we are always together. This should not be the case for you could fall into a routine and could dampen your connection and put out the flames of your love. 

Thus, Mars and Uranus need to keep working and never stop reinventing as your relationship progress through the years. Even though you two are always together, both should still a lot even a few hours to have an intimate moment with your partner. It does not mean that you should always have sex. Just by talking with each other, reminiscing your good times, or just sharing how your day was is already an act of being intimate together. 

The oddity of the Uranus person and the dominating nature of Mars balances your relationship.

Mars in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Uranus in Synastry Chart

The meeting of Mars and Uranus in hard aspect would feel like everything happened so fast. You instantly surrender by the intensity of your attraction towards each other. If both planets are not careful, their connection could quickly become a toxic relationship. Your connection could become suffocating and this could be the reason you two would fall apart. 

However, the intense desire you have will swiftly burn out. Insecurities and misunderstanding will be the cause of the frequent fight.

Mars person may see Uranus' unpredictability as irritating. There would be a lot of bickering between Mars and Uranus in this aspect.

The Uranus person may get quickly bored with the Mars person. Because of this, Uranus may set off to find excitement in life and leave the Mars person brokenhearted.

The unpredictability of Uranus can trigger intense anger from Mars. Mars person will try to stop Uranus' person and do things to keep him/her.

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