Master Number 11 Hidden Meaning Numerology: The Beginning -

Master Number 11 Hidden Meaning Numerology: The Beginning

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The Universe has its system consisting of fundamental elements, which are numbers. The Universe sends us a message or a warning through number signs. Numbers have a direct connection to what is happening in our world and help us to understand ourselves better. Numbers also hold the key to success; all we need to do is be observant and acknowledge the presence of this number in our lives.

Master number 11 signifies spiritual awareness in life. If you have this number in your chart, it means that you are intuitive, respectful, and rely on faith rather than analytic logic when it comes to making decisions in life.

Master number 11 talks about spiritual awareness. Seeing this number means that you are taking the path on a spiritual journey and that you need to establish a strong connection with your intuition to be guided.

This article will guide you in discovering the hidden meaning of Master Number 11, its indication in your life, and the traits of people who have this number in their chart.

Master Numbers

Numbers are the essence of the practice of Numerology. Each number possesses particular vibrational energy and has a direct relation to what is happening in our daily lives. Master Numbers are double-digit numbers such as 11, 22, 33, and so on.

In Numerology, everything that has happened or will happen is dependent upon the mystical properties of numbers. Each number has a unique vibration which gives it a distinct set of properties.

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Master numbers are among the most influential and powerful numbers in Numerology. Master numbers carry the highest vibrational frequency and are highly spiritual numbers.

People with master numbers in their chart are very wise individuals and are considered old souls. They feel as if they have experienced certain circumstances before, but in reality, it is because they have experienced this in their previous lives. Each time a person dies, the souls of the dead are dispersed throughout the world and implanted on the body of a newborn person.

People with a master number in their chart often undergo extreme experiences and challenges in life for them to master their life. They must experience a great struggle for them to learn how to manage properly and handle their life and discover their potential to help others.

They may also feel a sense of responsibility to make their life organized and succeed in something. This may feel like a burden, so you need to be flexible and patient on how to control your life.

Master Number 11 Numerology

It takes responsibility, maturity, and experience to master the energy of the Master numbers. Once a person is adept at managing the massive potential of Master number 11, it brings fulfilling energy that allows the person to fully tap into the power this number possesses.

Master number 11 is a highly spiritual, highly sensitive, and intelligent number. Number 11 is the beginning of all master numbers. The person who has this number in their life is highly intuitive. They have the ability to sense feelings and energy other people carry.

People with master number 11 in their chart are sensitive and understanding of other people's needs. Their wisdom and faith allow them to assist others in their journey. Number 11 has healing powers; it has the ability to change other people's lives for the better through its compassionate and inspiring acts.

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To fully take advantage of the healing potential the number 11 has, you need to focus on harnessing your artistic creativity and widening your spiritual knowledge.

Master Number 11 also holds the energy of the number 2. However, since number 11 was not reduced to a single digit, it is deeply enhanced by the energy of leadership, charisma, duality, growth, and stability.

11 is considered the psychic number because of its strong connection to the spiritual realm.

People with 11 in their chart needs to balance and maintain stability in all areas of their life so they do not be overpowered by the energy the number 11 posses.

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Life Path Number 11

As mentioned above, the number 11 holds the energy of leadership, charisma, duality, and growth. People who have life path number 11 have a magnetic energy that pulls people toward them. Their ability to easily connect with others on a deeper level always leaves a mark on the life of that person. 11's may not know it, but their presence and small efforts significantly impact a person's life, allowing them to be inspired by the example of the number 11 and do the same.

People with Life Path number 11 are visionary. They are able to see the bigger picture. Their faith is so strong that minor setbacks and problems won't change their perception of the world. They believe that there is still good left in humanity, and there is always a chance for redemption.

The challenge for people with Life path number 11 is not to be overwhelmed with the gifts that come with their destiny number. They need to be focused on their goal because if not, they will be engulfed by fear and phobia. Because of the responsibility the number 11 brings to a person, when out of alignment, they may become resentful, indecisive, and self-centered.

Master Number 11 Personality

Number 11 carries the energy of enlightenment and inspiration. People with the number 11 in their chart have a mission in this world to inspire others and assist them on the path of enlightenment.

People with the number 11 in their life are kind, respectful, friendly, and peaceful people. The number 11 brings creative and visionary ideas that make them very ambitious and sets goals higher than expected.

They are very intelligent and charismatic people, which makes them an exceptional leader. They face every problem and setback with calmness and grace. They are believers because they have experienced a great struggle in life; they are not easily discouraged.

People with master number 11 have a great interest in metaphysical topics. If they can fully control and make use of their psychic abilities, they also have the ability to see the future. Their instinctive nature towards these topics means that they have the potential to be psychic and clairvoyant.

Numbers are everywhere. You are literally swimming in them. Phone numbers, addresses, license plates, pin codes, your date of birth.

Numbers touch every single thing we do. In fact, all energy carries a hidden numerical code and vibration.

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Moreover, people with Master number 11 in their chart are compassionate. They have a strong urge to help those in need.

On the negative side, people with master number 11 tend to be overly sensitive. Their responsible nature makes them spend more time on their work than taking time to nourish themselves. They tend to shoulder everything, even the problems of their loved ones. Because of the burden they carry, they have the tendency to be addicted to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.

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Number 11 in Love and Relationships

If you have number 11 in your chart, you are very charming, and your charisma draws people naturally to you. You don't have problems finding a lover or a partner because you have this magnetic energy that makes other people want to know you more.

People with the number 11 are very loyal and passionate lovers. If they truly love someone, they will put all their effort and time to make that person feel loved and happy.

Number 11 Sex Life

People with a master number 11 have a sex life that is full of sensuality and passion. Though they are not the type to quickly commit they make sure first to get to know the person before going into the sheets. This does not mean that they avoid a one-night stand. They like gentle lovemaking, with mild sex games to spice things up.

Because of the intuitive and sensitive nature of master number 11, they give importance to their partner's needs, especially during lovemaking. They love to pleasure their partner and shower them with love and affection.

Master Number 11 Friendship

People with Life Path 11 are very loyal. Having them as a friend means that you surely have someone to lean on if things become problematic. They come right away to the rescue if their loved one needs them. They give good advice and will listen to your burdens in life with full understanding.

The problem for master number 11, though, is that they tend to sacrifice and neglect their needs over others' needs. Because the number 11 still has the essence of the number 2, they tend to shoulder the problem of their loved ones and adjust themselves to make everyone happy. 

You need to realize that you don't get to the point where helping someone is already like a sacrificial act.

You need to set boundaries and identify if it's already time to stop. You always need to remind yourself that your body and soul need care and attention too.

What is the relation of Master Number 11 in our soul?

Have you ever felt like nothing surprised you if a particular event happened? Or felt like you were having a moment of déjà vu? This is because Master number 11 is known as an old soul, and your soul has lived through many lifetimes and experienced a multitude of experiences already.

But being an old soul doesn't mean that you know everything already. This means that you are here in this lifetime to make the mistakes from the past correct, and not to do them again. Take knowledge from those experiences. That's why you sometimes feel a strong nudge in your intuition when it comes to making critical decisions in life. This is your spirit guiding you to the right path, and you should follow it.

Being an old soul makes you mature in any situation in life. You are not the type to play around and go with the trend. You tend to associate yourself with people who have a deep sense of life and a broader perspective.

You are also not the type to make sudden rash decisions. Being an old soul has made you realize that some things need time to think through, for you know that every action has its corresponding consequences. You try to see every point of the problem and see through all the possibilities before making a decision.

Master number 11 is also a lover of nature and is very observant. Instead of reacting to everything that is happening around you, you are wise enough just to observe. You tend to ask more profound questions in life and have a strong desire to seek the truth.

You need to listen to your soul. It urges you to continue searching for the truth and continue gaining knowledge in this lifetime. Push through your self-limiting thoughts and believe that you can do anything whatever you set your heart into.


Master number 11 is the root of all master numbers. Therefore, it embodies the character of a leader.

You are charismatic and have a compassionate heart that yearns to connect and help other people. Because of your strong connection to your intuition and the spiritual realm, master number 11 has given you the ability to heal others physically, mentally, and spiritually and assist them towards awakening.

It is essential that knowing these abilities you have within you, you have to maintain the balance and stability in your life and not let the potential of master number 11 overpower the fire within you.

Learn to acknowledge your body's needs. Take care of yourself so that you can continue helping others. For what good can you do if your body is also burdened with negative energies?

I hope that the meaning of Master number 11 is clear to you now. It is now up to you how you will use this knowledge to your advantage. Know that the Universe is always guiding you. Have faith and be joyful for the gift of life it has given you every day.

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