May 18 Zodiac - Personality, Compatibility, Birthday Element, Ruling Planet, Career & Health -

May 18 Zodiac – Personality, Compatibility, Birthday Element, Ruling Planet, Career & Health

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Is May 18 your birthday? Get some information about your traits, lucky number, compatibility, and get the best advice about love, career, and more for people born on May 18.

May 18 Zodiac Sign Taurus
May 18 Birthday ElementEarth
May 18 Ruling PlanetVenus
May 18 BirthstoneEmerald
May 18 Lucky Number9
May 18 Lucky MetalCopper
May 18 CompatibilityCompatible with Pisces

The Personality of May 18 Zodiac

Born on May 18, your zodiac sign is Taurus. Being a Taurus implies that your personality is a diplomatic and enthusiastic person. You give excellent advice to people who are facing difficulties in life. Most of your friends come to you whenever they need some help with making decisions.

Whenever there are conflicts in your surroundings, you help people deal with them. Your broad knowledge helps you come up with great tactics. You use it not only to put yourself in advantage but also to help others.

As a Taurus, you are a great listener. This zodiac sign means that your mind is open to opinions. So, you don’t take negative feedbacks in a bad way. Instead of getting emotionally hurt, you use it as motivation. You try to understand the feedbacks and improve yourself. When you hear lousy comments about you that don’t have a basis, you ignore it. You don’t take it seriously because you know yourself better.

Another positive trait that you possess is having long patience. You have high standards and ambitions in life. Despite that, you don’t hurry and overwork. Success may not come quickly for you but just keep up your excellent patience. With your hard work, it will come at the right time.

To your family and closest friends, you are not a secretive person. You like sharing thoughts with them. Even though you are a great adviser, you still need the support of others. It keeps you motivated and encourages you to go on.

One of the negative traits that you have as a Taurus is being lazy at times. Since you are less likely to worry about things, you sometimes don’t make a move at all. You chose not to do some tasks and chores on time. Because of this, your surrounding tends to be not organized. Working on this attitude will benefit you a lot. It’s okay to relax sometimes but success won’t come if you don’t take a step.

You also need to pay attention to the way you act and speak. Due to your wide knowledge, you sometimes become arrogant. Just stay humble regardless of what you have achieved.

Birthday Element – Earth

Earth is your May 18 birthday element, represents stability. You are fixed on your passions in life. Once you have decided on something, you don’t easily change your mind. At times, you also tend to be hard to convince.

This element also suggests that you are a practical and materialistic person. You often reward yourself each time you accomplish something. Material things make you happy so you strive to be financially stable to get them.

As a Taurus under the earth element, its influence makes you artistic and reliable. People depend on you because of your great tactics. On the other hand, you are also indulgent. You tend to give too much to others making them too dependent on you.

Being generous to others is a good trait. However, you have to let them stand on their own. Giving unnecessary help will make things difficult for them in the future.

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May 18 Zodiac Ruling Planet – Venus

Venus is your ruling planet as a Taurus,  followed by Mercury which is the ruling planet for people born on May 23rd. Referred as a “benefic” planet, Venus is a symbol of beauty and kindness. This planet as your ruler implies that you have a beautiful soul. You are always kind to everyone around you. Your strong sense of equality makes you treat people with fairness. You don’t just stand when you see someone who is being abused.

This planet also influences you with prosperity. So, you are less likely to suffer from any financial difficulties as long as you work. In business, you quickly come up with innovations. These ideas along with your luck can make your business expand.

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Named after Aphrodite, Venus influences you with great love. You are caring, understanding, and loving to your family, friends, and others. You are also empathetic when it comes to the people you see.

Like your earth element, your ruling planet is associated with indulgence too. As a result, you become more indulgent and people take advantage of you.

May 18 Zodiac Birthstone – Emerald

Your official birthstone as a Taurus is Emerald. As a symbol of fertility, this gem promotes rebirth in humans and in agricultural animals. Emerald also represents peace and growth. Having it as your birthstone implies that you are a peaceful person who wants to settle arguments quickly. It also means that your mind has a lot of room for growth.

In ancient times, some people dedicated this stone to the Goddess of love and beauty. Until now, this Emerald is still used in pieces of jewelry. Wearing this gem as a pendant, earrings, or bracelet will bring calmness, healing, and good fortune to you.

Lucky Number for May 18 Zodiac

Individuals with lucky number 9 tend to have a harmonious atmosphere. They also bring positivity to people in their surroundings. As your lucky number, it is predicted that you will have a lot of extraordinary achievements. You will be able to achieve your goals no matter how high they are as long as you take a step.

Another strong characteristic that you possess because of number 9 is having a sharp intellect. You are quick to come up with ideas and solutions to your problems. However, you sometimes doubt yourself. With the help of your family, you boost your self-esteem and move forward.

Lucky Metal for May 18 Zodiac

Copper is your lucky metal as a person born on May 18. Being born on April 22nd and May 18th, you are ruled by Venus, this metal gives you twice the influence of your ruling planet. It is associated with love, beauty, balance, and wealth. These representations make you a person who values a beautiful heart and attract prosperity.

This metal serves as the conductor of your spiritual energies. It directs these energies to where you need them the most. Displaying this metal at home will give protection, promote healing, and get rid of the negative energies.

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May 18 Zodiac Relationships and Compatibility

Being a Taurus, having a Pisces match will lead to a warm and balanced relationship. On the other hand, a match with Sagittarius can result in extreme arguments.

Because of your charisma and extraordinary personality, you’ve got plenty of admirers. You are most likely attracted to the one who has the same energy as yours. Aside from that, you also prefer a romantic and affectionate person who’ll spoil you with love. You like an individual who has a strong passion and great goals in life too.

When you commit, you make your relationship a priority. You are willing to make sacrifices to make your intimate partner happy. No matter how difficult the situation gets, you find ways to hold on to your relationship.

Considered a caring and loving partner, you are not prone to cheating. You always make sure that your partner feels valued and loved. The loyalty and understanding that you have can help strengthen your relationship.

May 18 Zodiac Career

Your broad knowledge of tactics will be a great help for businesses. You can always come up with excellent innovations that will make your small business grow. The uniqueness of your ideas tends to attract more clients.

You want to be financially stable when you commit to having a family. So, you work hard and focus on making your dreams come true. The organization skills that you possess make you able to finish tasks quickly. You are also capable of doing multiple things at the same time. As a result, your work is always proficient and you can finish more goals.

When it comes to handling your money, you are diligent about where you spend it. You are materialistic at times especially, when you want to reward yourself. However, you still make sure that you have savings for the future.   

May 18 Zodiac Health

Due to excessive work performance, you have less time to take care of your health. This attitude makes you at risk of developing health issues. Having exercise is recommended to keep your body physically fit. You should also avoid overthinking. Give yourself some time to relax and cool down your mind. Stressing too much at work can create a big impact on your health condition.

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