Mercury Conjunct Ascendant: Ready For A Mind-stimulating Transit? -

Mercury Conjunct Ascendant: Ready For A Mind-stimulating Transit?

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Mercury Traits

Mercury is the cunning and quick-witted messenger of the gods. He carries his duties with the help of these winged sandals and helmets personally gifted by the gods. He moves like a thief in the night because of his swiftness and agility. The fastest-revolving planet's name came from him. Mercury has a significant role in maintaining the bonds of mortals and gods, for he acts as their mediator.

Mercury deals with communication and its delivery in astrology. Mercury knows if we are comfortable in expressing our thoughts or we reserve our opinions to ourselves. Do we use formal words even if we talk with our friends? Are we comfortable using informal words? Mercury knows the answer to these questions.

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Mercury concerns itself with our mind. But unlike the Sun, which is in charge of our consciousness and rationality, Mercury oversees how our mind works. It rules our thought processes and memories. How do we process the information we receive? Is our memory sharp enough that we can easily conjure up memories? The fastest planet knows if our thought process involves only our consciousness or the subconscious joins too. Mercury governs our perception of life in general.

Transportation falls under Mercury's domain. For this reason, Mercury governs quick trips as well. And short trips encompass those walks that you take in the morning. It includes weekend getaways and travels from work or school to home. The fastest planet favors physical activities as well, especially those that enhance your speed and agility. These activities include running, martial arts, and even working out.

Ascendants Traits

We all know about first impressions. And we all have experienced how people get the wrong impression about us. Do you ever wonder why they get the false impression of us? Have you ever thought that maybe it's not bad after all?

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When one looks at their birth chart, one would not only see their planetary aspects and their house placements. There are also four angles in our birth charts. One of these four angles is the ascendant. Our time of birth determines the ascendant. Whatever sign is on the horizon during the time of our delivery is our ascendant sign.

The ascendant works on our “personal face.” This aspect is also what we call “the front door” of our personality. Just like what the Pluto-Ascendant aspects say, Ascendant is the first layer of our character, and it's the first thing that people notice about us. Whenever you encounter someone in the hallway, and you feel that they are shy, that's their Ascendant at work.

People's first impression of us, and our first impression of them, is not wrong. They get a different vibe from us because of our ascendant. And it does not mean that Ascendant equates to our Sun, the traits that define us as a whole. Furthermore, Ascendant is our sort of defense mechanism. When we are in a new environment or new people, the Ascendant is at work since the “personal face” allows us to deal with the new environment. It's our stimulus to new surroundings.

Mercury Conjunct Ascendant Natal

Similar to the Mars-Ascendant aspects, people born under Mercury conjunct ascendant get excited over a fast-paced environment. Their thoughts run fast, and their actions and surroundings run fast too. They love this, and they feel energized. Mercury conjunct ascendant people have a sharp memory. They take on mind-challenging jobs. These people suit the mechanical or technical positions.

But because these people are innately good at communicating, the fields of communication, journalism, or broadcasting may interest them. They will thrive in those fields. They can also gravitate to the areas of sales and finance because these people are persuasive. People who have Mercury conjunct Ascendant in their birth charts are expressive. You will wonder if these people ever run out of stories to tell. We don't know the answer to this either, but you'll also want to talk with them for sure.

These people are bubbly and lively and would love for you to know everything going on in their minds. Because these people's minds work round the clock, they are flexible to changes. When you put them in a different environment, they can quickly adapt to it. However, because these people's minds are always active, they are prone to exhaustion. These people will quickly get tired. Additionally, these people get nervous and anxious because their minds always work.

These people highly value learning. For this reason, they excel in academics and would even want to know more about everything. But when these people are focused on learning, they do not entertain anything else. Hence, they rarely get sidetracked when it comes to their studies. These people are also curious. As a result, they value learning. Their curious minds are always thirsty for knowledge.

Since these people are bubbly, you can expect them to be a little childish as well. They may be naughty and playful. But instead of people getting irritated around them, they will ride along with your tricks. You are always full of energy, and people around you like that about you.

These people are friendly, but not for the same reason that people socialize. Many of us like to socialize for our friend circle to grow or gain popularity. For Mercury conjunct ascendant natal people, they socialize so they can get different perspectives from people. They think that when they socialize, their minds get stimulated.

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Mercury Conjunct Ascendant Transit

This transit will shower you with quick wit, sharp memory, and curiosity. With Mercury's conjunct ascendant transit, you may feel like you are craving knowledge. Quench your thirst for learning by reading books that interest you. Take online classes or watch videos related to your field of interest.

This transit is also an excellent time to socialize. Take advantage of this transit by mingling with the people around you. It's like hitting two birds with a stone: you gain knowledge, and this socialization will stir your mind. This event is also a great time to enter sales or close business deals. With the excellent communication skills that this transit guarantees, you will speak clearly and get across the point.

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