Mercury Conjunct Mars: How To Stay Calm During A Fiery Aspect? -

Mercury Conjunct Mars: How To Stay Calm During A Fiery Aspect?

Mercury Traits

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. He has a winged sandal to move around freely and quickly. Inferring from this, we can say that Mercury governs the aspect of communication and verbal expression. Do we communicate straightforwardly, or do we use sugar-coated words? It is concerned with our communication style.

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Mercury is also responsible for our choice of words. Do we tend to change our tone when we talk to our closest friends? Mercury has the answer for it. Mercury also represents our processes and opinions. In addition, this planet is concerned with quick wit and thinking. It involves our thought and information process. How do we analyze things before saying them? It can also answer this question: how do our ideas come together to form a statement? Do we tend to consult our subconscious as well?

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When you look at one's Mercury, it will reveal what fields this person likes. What do they usually think about and speak? Mercury also shows if this person likes an exchange of information. Does this person like to talk? How often does this person want to chat? Mercury is also associated with short trips: your trip from school or work to home. It also encompasses commuting, daily transportation, or weekend getaways.

When Mercury's influence is in the air, persons tend to be talkative and curious. It's like people are coming out of their shells. However, when the Mercury air stinks, people tend to be nervous and tense.

Mars Traits

Mars is the Roman God of War. This God thrives on violence, blood, chaos, and destruction. But although he is a symbol of destruction, he is an icon of peace and authority in war. In correlation to this, in astrology, Mars rules over aggression and anger. When there is aggression, there is war. With this correlation, Mars also rules over conflict, war, and chaos. How do we act on our anger? How do we tend to show it?

But Mars is not always all about the damaging aspects. Mars is associated with willpower, determination, ambitions, persistence, and motivation. This planet can reveal how do you take charge. How do you achieve your goals? People born under the influence of Mars often exude a fiery and intense aura. You can smell their bravery at the outset. Most often than not, they seem intimidating. And rightfully so! Their powerful atmosphere is not only on the surface but lies deep within them as well.

Mars people are typically hot-tempered. They can burst out in anger over minor things. because of this trait, it is not surprising that Mars people tend to get many enemies. People would always rub them off the wrong way. But Mars people are often admired. Because of their unyielding motivation, these people achieve their goals. Once they got their eyes locked on the target goal, expect that they would not get sidetracked. These people are hardworking and determined. Their fiery attitude is evident when they are achieving their goals.

Mars people are all about dominance and taking charge. These traits are why these people often become leaders. But unlike the leaders that inspire you, Mars leaders are bossy and authoritarian. Do not test this leader because things will get messy when you stepped on the wrong foot.

Mercury Conjunct Mars

Mercury Conjunct Mars Natal

With Mercury in conjunction with Mars in their birth chart, you do not want to mess with these people. They are quick-witted and sharp-tongued. These people are also quick in their movements. Hence, these people are quick in making decisions. Because they are rapid in their movements, these people like to be physically active. Since these people love change, these physical movements are not limited to jogging or working out. Mercury conjunct Mars people can also be involved in cycling, trekking, or even Zumba lessons!

With the fusion of ambition and intellect, these people are highly energetic and creative too. They are always overwhelmed by the desire to achieve their goals too. Their minds are always working round the clock. They have high moral fiber. Mercury conjunct Mars people would stand up for what they believe in and will fight it to death. When in a debate, these people will not back down. They will make every point straight across their opponent.

These people are straightforward. They do not like to go around the bush. Because of these skills, Mercury conjunct Mars people gravitate to the fields of business, politics, and the military. They thrive in their area. Most likely, these people may not be fruitful when it comes to personal relationships.

Since people born under the influence of Mercury conjunct Mars are argumentative, everyone tends to shy away from them. Similar to the Mercury-Venus aspects, people get the sense that Mercury-Mars people are unfriendly and intimidating. True enough, Mercury-Mars conjunct people think they are always right.

It is also possible that others view Mercury-Mars conjunct people are always angry because they are intense in talking things out. If Mercury conjunct Mars people want their vibe to be like this, then there is no need for change. But if they're going to turn around things, try not to cross people's opinions and turn it into a debate. Try to hear them out. Even if they turn out to be wrong in your perception, hold your opinions in and act to acknowledge them.

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Mercury Conjunct Mars Transit

Just like the Sun-Mars aspects, Mercury conjunct Mars transit brings about quick and deep thinking. Hence, this is the best time to sharpen your wits. It is also likely that you will get the urge to debate with someone. It is best to take advantage of this transit by defending the people you think need it the most.

Expect that there is heightened aggression on everyone. You might get into arguments now and then. It is also possible that you will be hot-headed. This aggression will be unhealthy to your relationships. Your aggressiveness will come off as rudeness, hostility.

If people cannot contain this aggression, they may lose some important relationships. Try to calm yourself down when this urge comes. Do an activity to release the tension. You can try to jog or cycle. It is also helpful to focus on other things so you can be attentive. This transit reminds us to choose our battles carefully. Fight what you have to fight. And stray away from the fights that do not deserve your energy.

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