Mercury Conjunct Neptune: The Truth In A Transit Full Of Illusion -

Mercury Conjunct Neptune: The Truth In A Transit Full Of Illusion

Mercury Traits

Historians describe Mercury, the messenger of the gods, as a prankster, agile, swift, and cunning. To discharge his duties, the gods gave him a winged sandal and winged cap. Because of this god's swiftness, historians dub him as a thief too. Mercury is the protector of merchants and commerce as well.

We now move on to the planet Mercury in astronomy. Mercury is the smallest in the Solar System, albeit the fastest to revolve around the Sun. We correlate all these Mercury facts in astrology. In astrology, Mercury concerns itself with communication and its delivery. Do we tend to be open book when we communicate? Do we filter and limit the things we say? Mercury answers these questions.

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In terms of delivery, how do we say the things in our heads? Do we do it straight to the point or beat around the bush? Mercury answers the question also on how often do we want to talk to other people? What is our preferred way to communicate? Mercury governs our internal processes, as well. The smallest planet concerns itself in our information and thought process. Do we rely only on our consciousness? Do our emotions guide us when we communicate, or it's all rationality?

Mercury, being the swift god and planet, rules over short trips as well. These trips include quick trips from a friend across town or weekend travels. Mercury also signifies curiosity and knowledge. This planet empowers us to search for knowledge and always quenches our thirst for it.

Neptune Traits

In Roman mythology, Neptune's dominion is freshwater and sea. He is the protector of horses and cherishes them too. In astronomy, Neptune lies on the frontier of our solar system. This cold and lifeless planet has the strongest winds in the solar system. Sometimes, the dwarf planet Pluto seems to be closer to us (because of its elliptical orbit) than Neptune.

Like how the planet Neptune's distance to us is an illusion, in astrology, Neptune rules over illusion. It also expands to dreams, confusion, psychic abilities, and fantasy. Where there is a thin line dividing reality and illusion, there lies Neptune. Neptune also signifies escapism. How often do we dream about escaping our lives? What do we do to escape reality for a while? Neptune has answers to this. While reality seems to be exhausting, Neptune reminds us to take a break and dive into our dreams for a bit.

However, if Neptune's influence is taken advantage of to the extreme, this may lead to delusion. Some people are lost in their dreams, that they forget that they exist in the real plane. Neptune rules over spirituality as well. This planet reminds us to be in touch with our spirituality and nourish it. This planet does not distinguish between a private spiritual practice or a religious practice. What's vital with this planet is that your spirit is enlightened and well-fed.

This ice giant does not concern itself with reality, worldly possessions, and materiality. What matters is the abstract things not found in our reality plane: spirituality, dreams, and illusion.

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Mercury Conjunct Neptune Natal

People who are born under Mercury conjunct Neptune transit are sensitive. No, they are not easily hurt. But their senses are on a different level.

Psychic abilities also fall under Neptune's realm, and these people have these psychic abilities. They may experience seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there. They might call it illusion or something that just passed their eyes. But for some, they are real. The elements or things they saw cannot deceive their eyes.

These people ooze creative juices. Similar to Mars-Neptune aspects, Mercury conjunct Neptune person is imaginative, and expect that they are good at arts. You may find them making literary pieces or looking for inspiration for their next artwork. These people are excellent at expressing themselves through visual, literary, or performing arts. We are not surprised if they can do it all.

Although they are incredible in expressing themselves through art, these people hesitate in communicating. This hesitation may stem from an event during childhood, where people do not tend to believe them. Adults may have downplayed their feelings or limited them to speak. But despite this, many still find Mercury-Neptune people fascinating when they communicate.

These people are open to every perception. They always keep their minds open. Like the colorful art these people make, Mercury conjunct Neptune people's imagination is full of color. And because your mind is full of colors, you know how other's perceptions add color to your mind too.

Just like the Mercury-Venus aspects, Mercury-Neptune conjunct people's minds should always run wild. Mediocrity and routines bore them. They want something that will stimulate their minds and imagination. And when these people are in a state of mediocrity, they tend to escape to their fantasies. These fantasies include a grand scheme that will lead to a greater or higher purpose.

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Mercury Conjunct Neptune Transit

This transit may open your mind's curious area. You have the urge to unlock mysteries and discover what is in the realm beyond. You will feel the inclination to dive into conspiracy theories, mysteries, and crime. Satisfy your craving by diving into these fields. Your creativity will also run wild during this event. Try to make use of this extra ounce of creativity by immersing yourself in the art that suits you.

You will also feel that you need to be in touch with your spirit during this aspect. Best to delve into your spirituality and find how to nourish it best. It is best to meditate and cleanse your soul during this transit. Keep an open mind and an open heart with the things that you do concerning your spirituality.

But since Neptune is also influencing this transit, you need to discern which are real or fake. Deception and misconception are all over the place. There would be people twisting your thoughts, circumstances that will turn your mind. It would be best if you took all necessary care to avoid this from happening. Be on the lookout for those people who want to taint you.

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