Mercury Conjunct Venus: Will There Be An Imbalance In The Relationship? -

Mercury Conjunct Venus: Will There Be An Imbalance In The Relationship?

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In synastry, both Mercury and Venus are important planets. The planet Mercury rules one's communication and all that is happening in mind. Venus, of course, as you might have guessed, rules pleasure and beauty. Venus indicates how the person is in a relationship and towards whom do they gravitate. Joining these two persons, who seem to be opposites, will there be an imbalance?

How will I know if Mercury is conjunct with Venus synastry?

If you have the same signs on those planets, you are conjunct.

To know if you have strong conjunction with each other, look at the degrees of the orbs. Each planet has what we call an “orb.” This orb serves as a margin of error when judging the strength of the aspects.

Venus and Mercury allow a seven-degree orb.

Within seven degrees of each other, Mercury conjunct Venus aspect is strong. It is much more vital if they are closer. 

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A view on your romantic relationship

No, there wouldn't be an imbalance. You actually complement each other.

There would even be a harmonious relationship. Both of you are in for a joyous ride. Since Mercury governs communication and Venus governs pleasure, expect that there will be pleasant communication in your relationship. We all know that excellent communication is a cornerstone of every healthy romantic relationship. 

The Venus person inspires the Mercury to speak what's on their mind. Venus person can induce this Mercury's confidence in speaking his mind. The Mercury then feels appreciated by the devotion that this Venus gives them. You will both have endless conversations. That's what makes this relationship a fun one.

Venus person may expand Mercury's knowledge of the arts and pleasure. The Venuses may induce Mercury’s creative juices to flow. In addition, Mercury person can discover mind-stimulating things in the field of literature and arts. Also, they can find themselves knowing more about their emotions and sensitivities. All thanks to this Venus person by their side.

Expect that Mercury person will always know what to say to make the Venus person pleasured. In return, the Venus person will get charmed by this Mercury since this Mercury knows what this Venus wants to hear. Having superb communication skills, this Mercury will most likely do all the talking. Venus might appear to be listening, but they pay attention to the pleasure that they feel. 

These things might be good at the start of the relationship since the two of them are most attracted to each other. Venus’ attention is charming to Mercury’s. It doesn't end there. The Mercury person will also be attracted to the way this Venus adores them. Venus will always like to hear Mercury talk. The way this Mercury talks or thinks amazes the Venus person.

Here's the stinging truth

The attraction between these two is a great starting point for the couple. But I hate to break it to you. It wouldn't be good in the long run. Since Venus is more focused on making themselves pleasured, they might appear to be self-centered. There might be times when they will appear to be nonchalant when the Mercury person talks. And although Mercury likes to talk, they will take the nonchalance as if Venus is uninterested. 

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On the one hand, Venus might have a hard time saying no to Mercury. Being charmed by this, Venus can have a hard time disagreeing with Mercury. It's no sweat for this Mercury to convince this Venus to let them have their way. And what happens when you keep on giving them what you want? It can result in resentment. 

Venus, in time, will get tired of always letting Mercury having their way. Venus would harbor hate in a relationship that doesn't give them what they want. This growing resentment can also lead to poor communication between the two. Poor communication would eventually lead to the road of separation. We all know that all too well, don't we?

Having so many things to talk about can also pose a threat in the long run. While in the middle of the conversation, the other may try to cut off the other's story. Beware because there might be misinterpretations along the way.  It might come off as rude. The enthusiasm could pass as being selfish. Worse, it may come off as stealing someone's thunder. It might feel as though the other doesn't want to listen at all.

Being so charmed by each other, it might be easy to deceive each other as well. You might not see or even feel what the other is thinking or feeling. Since both of their adoration may mask their real feelings, it will be difficult to see what the other is hiding underneath. That poses a threat to the relationship as well.

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You cannot avoid this along the way, but you can certainly move past it.

You both complement each other.

Your chemistry is over the roof.

Everything is going smoothly at first.

But there will arise some problems, especially on the aspect of your communication.

Trying to feel each other's energies is one of the most apparent solutions here. When you think or feel that your partner is trying to tell you something, try to listen. Better yet, take turns in talking. When the Mercury partner is trying to tell you something, Venus should pay its full attention. Venus should also learn to speak up. 

A relationship is a two-way street. It should cater to the partners' pleasure and not just one of them,

You can also try to encourage each other to be more creative in speaking your mind. Try to add gestures. Make your tone more exciting. You can do this to stimulate the other person's mind. They can add their thoughts right after. 

Give each other a taste of the spotlight. Right after one's story, you can give your insight right after. Expand the conversation. Tickle each other's minds. Try to ask questions relating to the topic. 

To sum, both the Venus person and the Mercury person should be willing to communicate deeper. Both of them should be willing to work it out. After all, you're conjunct.

How about friendships?

Mercury conjunct Venus is a lovely friendship dynamic!

Like those in a relationship, you will find that both of you have numerous things to say. You have a lot of things to share. You will have limitless topics to choose from. You can relate to each other.

You will feel that you two click. Just like a key in the lock, you fit. 

But this friendship will not blossom into something more than that.

You can say that the relationship will remain platonic despite having a great dynamic.

But fret not! Someone whose Mercury conjuncts to your Venus helps give out romantic advice. You will find yourself seeking this friend's insight on anything romantic. This person will open your eyes so you could see the things you want and need. 

This Mercury friend will be level-headed since their mind is ruling them. Expect that their advice would all be objective. Emotions would not lead their advice. They are rational people and like to give advice that is rational as well.

If you’re curious about the synastry of Mercury with Venus, read it in this article on Mercury Conjunct Venus Synastry.

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