Mercury-Venus Aspects in Synastry Chart: How your intellect brings you closer to each other? -

Mercury-Venus Aspects in Synastry Chart: How your intellect brings you closer to each other?

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Mercury in Conjunction with Venus in Synastry Chart

There is a lot of intellectual interaction within the relationship between Mercury and Venus. Their attraction to each other is intensified by the intelligence each one possesses. The relationship between Mercury and Venus in conjunction is mentally stimulating.

Communication is the strongest edge of the connection between Mercury and Venus. Their ability to communicate to each other openly and just talk about anything makes every moment they're together blissful. This creates a healthy and positive atmosphere within their relationship. Their ability to be open and vulnerable with their partner is what brings them closer together.

Their openness to talk about failures, things that hurt them, and everything in between create a healthy relationship for the Mercury and Venus person in this aspect. 

Both planets enjoy exchanging ideas, talking about profound things about life and the Universe. Both crave mental stimulation and gaining new knowledge. There exist an air of naughtiness and playful attraction when these two planets are together. 

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Everything your partner shares with you amazes you. The interest and fascination you have with your partner furthermore intensify as you get to know each other deeply. The more they get to know each other, the more they crave to be with their partner. However, both planets need to be careful not to smother their partner with too much affection as it can become suffocating for the other. 

The relationship between Mercury and Venus in conjunction has a lot of common grounds. Both partners share a common interest in arts, music, romance, and beauty. Their likeness is what maintains the freshness in their connection. Both planets love to do the things they love together. Because of their shared interest, they feel that they truly belong to one another. 

Mercury and Venus also think alike. Just by looking at their partner or observing their facial expression, they can exactly say what the other person thinks. They have this telepathic connection that only they can understand. In a sea of people, they can easily find one another. 

The natural attraction you have with each other makes your communication flows smoothly. You can settle problems in your relationship quickly. Your openness with each other allows you to tackle the root of the problem in your relationship.

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Mercury in soft aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Venus in Synastry Chart

The way you communicate is not superficial. Both partners challenge each other mentally. Both want to delve deep into the unexplored places of their mind and soul. The exchange of ideas and concepts is their way of bonding.

The relationship between Mercury and Venus in a soft aspect is full of playfulness and intellectual exchange.

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Others people may view their debates as fighting. But the truth is that this is their way of connecting. Both planets crave mental stimulation, and sharing ideas is their way of being intimate with one another. Sharing of new knowledge and wisdom from your experiences leaves both planets in awe of each other. 

Be warned though, although communicating is the strongest aspect of your relationship, this could also be the reason for conflict in your relationship. There's a tendency that both planets may compete since everybody wants to talk and no one wants to listen. One or both of the planets may feel that their partner is too self-absorbed. 

Learn to truly listen and just enjoy each other's company. Don't get too excited and talk about everything. Instead, cherish each moment that you are together and just enjoy your conversation without feeling that everything needs to be rushed. 

But above all, Mercury and Venus have a harmonious and balanced relationship in the soft aspect. Both planets can express and openly share their experiences and burdens in life. Both are not afraid to be vulnerable, for they know that their partner loves and accepts them truly.

Mercury and Venus respect each other’s ideas. They are willing to listen to their partner without judgment and in turn, will share their point of view on the subject matter. The mutual understanding you have with each other is tender and nurturing.

If you're curious about the trine aspect of Mercury with Venus, read it in Mercury Trine Venus Synastry.

Mercury in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Venus in Synastry Chart

Many disagreements and arguments will happen in the relationship between Mercury and Venus in the hard aspect. The sharing of ideas will be the source of strife in the relationship. Both planets have their own understanding of a situation, and this could trigger an argument.

One or both planets may sometimes feel that their partner's ideas and rubbish. Thus, one may pretend that they are listening but actually not. This could make the other feel unappreciated and devalued. Because of this, it would imprint on the other planet's mind and will soon be hesitant to share his/her thoughts.

The challenge for Mercury and Venus is that both planets need to encourage each other to spice up their conversation and make it more engaging. Add your ideas and own concept to widen your partner's perspective and keep the flow of thoughts consistently. 

The smooth flowing of communication mentioned above will turn negatively here in the hard aspect. It would be difficult to make a conversation without breaking into petty arguments and fights.

The Venus person seeks emotional stability, while the Mercury person is more on the intellectual side. their contrasting traits would clash and both will have a hard time finding common ground.

The Mercury person sees Venus as too vulnerable and sensitive. Because of this, the Mars person has the tendency to lash out on the Venus person hurting his/her feelings. The Mars person cant stand the neediness and emotional side of the Venus person making it hard for the Mars person to be open-minded. Mars person will often shut Venus person ideas without giving it a chance.

The Venus person, on the other hand, will feel neglected, and that the Mercury person does take his/her feelings seriously.

Mercury Conjunct Venus Synastry is a good place to start if you're interested in learning more about Mercury's relationship with Venus.

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