Moon Conjunct Jupiter: 'tis The Season To Be Jolly! -

Moon Conjunct Jupiter: ’tis The Season To Be Jolly!

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Moon is generally concerned with our emotions. It signifies our deep thoughts, feelings, and sometimes desires. The Moon knows our secrets, mysteries, and the things we do not like anyone to see. It represents our motherly affection and is also associated with our unconscious and intuition. The Moon sees your soul and everything connected to it.

While the Moon is about darkness, Jupiter is all about joy. It is the planet that rules over contentment and happiness. Jupiter governs philanthropy, generosity, and satisfaction. A favorable planet, Jupiter represents merriment and enjoyment.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter Natal

Those people who are Moon-Jupiter conjunct in their birth charts are the most likable of persons, along with Venus Conjunct Ascendant peopleThese people are forgiving, generous, and bubbly. A Moon-Jupiter conjunct person is open-minded. They are generally jolly persons and will always greet you with a smile. A Moon-Jupiter person is appreciative and will gain joy even in the smallest of things.

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But this doesn't mean that these people are always joyous. They are not. When confronted with ill feelings and mood swings, they come out of it unscathed. These people worm their way out of the depressive episodes because Jupiter helps their Moon to gain perspective in these emotions.

Ruled also by Jupiter, these people are warmhearted. They gain a lot of friends because of their giving and kind heart. There is a high possibility that these people will become famous one day. Having big social circles and being acclaimed for their personality, they are likely to be big names.

Wanting the best welfare and well-being of everyone around you, you have a reasonably good heart. You always believe that there is goodness even in the evilest of persons. You rarely have enemies, and if you do, you still see the good in them. If ever these enemies ask for your forgiveness, you will give it to them, no questions asked.

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They have a strong sense of justice. Moon-Jupiter people believe that everything should be fair. Because of this, they are highly opinionated. These opinions are weighed based on their strong sense of justice. Since they highly value fairness and justice, they sympathize with the marginalized and underprivileged. You will often see this Moon-Jupiter person participating in charities. They will most likely organize events for humanitarian causes and spearhead welfare organizations. They aim big, especially for the people who are in need.

This notion is why they get this ambition in their heads to make the world a better place. They want real justice and fairness to rule. Because of this, they are perfect in the field of law and medicine. Craving for everyone's welfare, this kind of people will be good in those fields. Moon conjunct Jupiter people are optimists. And their optimism is susceptible. You may find yourself thinking and believing in positive things like them. These people are childlike; hence, they are always idealists and inclined to focus only on the good vibes.

Since they appear to be childlike, their imagination runs wild too. That is the reason why Moon-Jupiter conjunct people are great storytellers as well. Their creative juices flow in their veins. Because of this, they have the skill to become good authors and storytellers. With their optimism, everything they attract is positive as well. These Moon-Jupiter conjunct people are magnets to all good things.

But this doesn't mean that they refuse to acknowledge the other side of the coin. Moon-Jupiter persons recognize that bad things are bound to happen. That is natural. But they are firm in their belief that things will be alright in the end. The innate optimism in them makes them believe that the bad times will pass too. It is only a phase. And everything will fall back into place.

Being ruled by the Moon, too, they are flexible. They can change their positions and is never in one place. Being open-minded, these people can quickly adapt to change. These people are like tides on the ocean, free moving and free-flowing. They welcome change with an open heart and open mind.

Moon-Jupiter conjunct people's lucky streak does not end there. These people are also most likely to gain wealth in their life. It can be through inheritance or heirlooms. But there is a high chance that it will come from something that this person has worked hard. Having connected with their higher sense, these Moon-Jupiter people are very intuitive. This streak cements their reputation of being “lucky.” Their guts would turn out to be always right. They have gained an understanding in life, and thus their perceptions towards everything turn out to be correct.

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Moon Conjunct Jupiter Transit

This aspect in astrology will induce feelings of contentment and joy. It will bring a lot of good fortune and warm feelings. With this transit, people who are thinking of venturing into risky plans or businesses are sure to succeed. Since there is a lot of luck coming, it is also time to start friendships or romantic relationships this season.

This season will bring supportive feelings and good energies to a majority of people. They might even become kinder and gentler to people. Everyone will feel optimistic and will see the good in any situation. This time is a great time to socialize, with Jupiter guarantees that people will be friendlier and have more positive feelings.

This season will not only bring out the best in everyone in terms of social and financial aspects. But will also bring out everyone's desire to improve themselves. Hence, this is the perfect time to look deep into yourself and determine the things that need development. Is it spiritual development? It can also be a mental and emotional improvement.

Since this is a good time for improvement, you might feel the urge to fix relationships that are long-thought gone. Moon conjunct Jupiter transit encourages you to forget about ill feelings and grudges. That phase is long gone. And now, you need to turn your focus into making the relationship worthwhile again.

After all, Moon-Jupiter transit reminds us that everyone is entitled to a fresh start. It's time to let go of the things holding you back and face the present with a bright smile on your face.

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