Moon Conjunct Pluto Transit: Getting Through This Confusing Event -

Moon Conjunct Pluto Transit: Getting Through This Confusing Event

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This transit can also bring different emotions to you. You can be moody, and emotions are on a high during this event. 

The Moon conjunct Pluto transit, there may be an outpour of emotions and psychic ability. You may be overwhelmed with a lot that is happening in your mind and heart. 

Everything seems to move fast, and you cannot keep up. 

Moon Traits

The Moon has an essential role in our ecosystem. This celestial body regulates the tides, which make it possible for the aquatic species to survive. 

The waves serve not only marine animals but also humans, especially surfers and water sports maniacs. The Moon also serves as our brightest light during the night.

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Have you ever heard of people saying that the Moon makes you more emotional or moody? This statement holds in astrology because the Moon governs our emotions. 

But one should know that this celestial body is not all about the feelings others see in us. The Moon knows our deepest emotions, darkest craving, and heartfelt thoughts.

What will make us feel acknowledged? What should we do to remove the fears festering in our being? 

The Moon knows the answer to this. This celestial body can see right through us, especially those hidden from the Sun. The Moon is the total opposite of the Sun, they say. 

This statement is true, especially in astrology. In contrast with the Sun that rules reason and consciousness, the Moon rules our emotions and subconscious. 

The Moon's rule expands to our intuition as well.

It is not surprising that although the Sun is what defines us, the Moon defines some personalities. This moon influence is especially apparent to emotional and moody people. 

Like how the Moon controls the tide, the Moon controls these people's personalities.

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Sometimes, we let the Moon rule us during decision-making. We often consult and follow our hearts instead of our minds. 

The Moon's influence is also evident when we choose to follow our instincts instead of our minds. The Moon is apparent in all of us, even if we are not moody or emotional. 

Pluto Traits

Looking at Roman mythology, Pluto is the cold and lonely god of the Underworld. This god likes to hide in the dark. 

He always wears his invisibility helmet when he ascends the mortal world. They say he's a fair judge of the dead, but some describe him as a cruel and heartless god.

We view the planet, Pluto, as the farthest in our Solar System. Like its eponym, the planet lies on the cold and lonely frontier of our Solar System. It seems like the Sun's rays are too far away to reach this dark planet. 

But in reality, it does reach Pluto! However, it takes five hours for the sunrays to reach this dwarf planet.

Pluto also symbolizes the dark and unconventional things in us. These dark things can range from unresolved issues to childhood trauma and mental illness. 

Pluto shrouds our darkness and keeps it together with our ugly parts. Unfortunately, the time will come that these dark things will reemerge in the shadows.

When it resurfaces, we can either run away from it or face it head-on. When we finally address it, there will be life-changing events coming together in your life. 

For this reason, Pluto rules over transformation, rebirth, and regeneration as well.

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Moon Conjunct Pluto Transit

A piece of advice: try not to make any life-changing decisions during this transit. Different emotions may cloud your mind that is hindering you from seeing things. 

It is best to let this transit pass before deciding on anything.

Try to channel your energy into improving yourself. Your intuition will be much more robust during this transit. 

You may be having dreams that are weird but meaningful. Try to talk to the women in your family.

 Sit down and have a chat about life, love, politics, or just anything. You might find their insights to be helpful in your situation.

When it comes to relationships, this event will bring about intense affection for the two. This passionate affection is a good thing for a monotonous relationship. 

This transit can rekindle the burning flame, and the relationship can jumpstart. This event is especially tricky for the partner who dislikes intimacy. 

They will not show any affection and will seem to avoid you when you're showing appreciation.

Because everything is happening all at once, it is best to channel these energies in meditating. Let us look deep into ourselves and ask the essential questions. 

How can we change for the better? What negativity can we let go of to achieve the best versions of ourselves? 

It's time to tap in your spirituality as well and nurture ourselves.

A spiritual bath is one technique to meditate. If you're wondering about how it's done, check out my article on spiritual bathing.

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