Moon Conjunct Uranus: Persons Embodying "You Only Live Once." -

Moon Conjunct Uranus: Persons Embodying “You Only Live Once.”

The Moon is in touch with our feminine energy. Hence, this celestial body rules over emotions and the soul. On the dark side, the Moon governs the non-heavy things we keep in the dark. These things include but are not limited to secrets, mysteries, and repressed feelings. The Moon is also associated with the subconscious, unconscious, and intuition.

People ruled by the Moon are often very emotional and sensitive. Since the Moon governs them, these people repress their feelings. And they hold on to it for so long that they will start hurting themselves too. These people embody “forgiving but not forgetting.” These people are empaths. Hence, Moon people like helping people out to ease other people's burdens. They do not like to see people around them suffering.

The Moon people are silent ones and will instead be at the back of the row than be the center of attention. Uranus in astrology and its influence. Uranus is not a personal planet, unlike Mercury or Venus. But do not underestimate this gas giant because this still influences our personalities! Uranus derived its name from the God of the Sky. Just like the kingdom that this God rules, the planet rules over boundlessness. Uranus governs free-spiritedness and breaking away. This gas giant is all about revolution, rebellion, and destroying traditions.

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Uranus is called “awakener” in astrology. This planet is the bringer of unexpected changes. It is the mastermind of turning your life upside down. People who Uranus influence refused to be labeled. They believe that personality is an illusion because it restricts a person. These are liberated people. Because these people value freedom, you rarely see them get into relationships. They view relationships as a restraint. They think that relationships will demand so much of your time and will cage you. They put utmost importance on independence and individuality.

Moon Conjunct Uranus

Moon Conjunct Uranus Natal

At the outset, this combination seems to be bad news. Emotions and vulnerability govern the Moon person. Uranus, however, is all about free-spiritedness and intellect. Mixing them both would be very conflicting. And expect that this creates conflict for persons born under this transit. People born under the influence of Moon-Uranus are prone to mood swings. These mood swings are due to the Moon and Uranus clash inside of them. There may be a battle of heart vs. head—emotion vs. intellect.

These people can appear impulsive, reckless, and unpredictable. This is because they cannot sort out the battle inside them. But what do they know? More often than not, you will feel the “lunar energy” flows in your veins. With this energy leading you, you might be a sulking, sensitive creature. And when the “Uranus energy” takes the wheel, you will feel the need to be spontaneous and unrestrained. The planets would appear to be seeking harmony within you. And you do not know how to balance them.

But when these planets finally find common ground to coexist, expect that metamorphosis will happen. Your breaking away from a cocooned pupa to a colorful butterfly will be one for the books. Your first instinct would be breaking the norm. It can be through your family tradition or the societal culture. These people might have a desire to dress weirdly and out of style. You might even have the urge to dye your hair neon green or electric blue. There can even be a weird impulse to wear something that will cause cardiac arrest for your closest friends and elders.

And you will do it because these people would not care. They love expressing themselves. Surprising people and living outside of the boundaries are their things. Moon-Uranus conjunct people do not like routines and habits. They would always find something to flip. Because of this, these people are also flexible to change. Moon-Uranus conjunct people view change in life as a flowing river. The journey is worth it, and a lot of hurdles will be on the way. But it's enthralling to them.

People who have Moon-Uranus conjunct in their birth chart are friendly. Their friend circles are enormous. Because these people are strange and free-spirited, they are pretty popular! You are quirky, funny, and bubbly. These traits are the reason why people love being around you. You bring color to their lives, just like the bright color of your personality. These people are artistic—arts and literature interest Moon-Uranus person. You will find them inclined to make poetry, sketches, paintings, singing, and dancing. It can be anything that can help them express themselves.

Moon-Uranus conjunct people highly value innovation and technology. This interest is why these people spend a lot of time on the internet, reading conspiracy theories. When these people get into a relationship, expect that this would not last long. Because they do not like to be chained, they will most likely not have stability in relationships. You will often find these people getting to breakups or divorces. Moon-Uranus conjunct people will not settle for one person for so long because it will dissatisfy them.

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Moon Conjunct Uranus Transit

This transit will induce impulsiveness and impulses. Your intuition and psychic traits are on a different level during this transit. Hence, it is best to trust your instincts and guts instead of using your brain and think things through. You may feel the urge to isolate yourself and trying to be in touch with yourself. This feeling is normal because you are evaluating your individuality. It is best to take advantage of this transit. Try to meditate and look deep within yourself. This event is helpful to assess yourself and your goals.

Because you feel like yourself, it would not be surprising to do weird things to express your individuality. Try to take advantage of this transit by welcoming these changes. Dye your hair with the color you want, change your style, and pamper yourself. You can also feel the urge to distance yourself from your family, friends, and loved ones. Don't worry because it will help you focus your energy on yourself.

This event is also a great time to be involved with the arts. If you feel the urge to learn how to play an instrument or take up dance lessons, do it. Immerse yourself in art and literature. It is the best time to expand your knowledge during this aspect. Expect that you will crave understanding with regards to technology and innovation.

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