Moon Conjunct Venus: The People And Season Of Tenderness -

Moon Conjunct Venus: The People And Season Of Tenderness

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Moon represents our unconscious, emotions, and sensitivities. Sometimes, it is also associated with the things we hide: secrets, dark pasts, and traumas. It can also signify our actions to our family and home. Venus is all about beauty and love. It is associated with art, literature, and aesthetics. It is widely known as the planet in touch with our feminine side. Venus can also indicate how we tend to act in a relationship. It can also show you the people you are most likely to attract.

How Will I Know If Moon and Venus Conjunct?

To know if they are in conjunction, look into your natal chart if those celestial bodies are in the same square or triangle. You can also see if Moon and Venus are within 10-12 degrees of each other. If they are, then they are conjunct! The conjunction of the planets is influential in someone's birth chart or even in transits! This joining of planets in the event where two planets will work together. Two planets, and the things they govern, will blend into one person.

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With the Moon and Venus conjunct, how will this affect a person? How will this affect everyone when it is in transit?

Moon Conjunct Venus Natal

Suppose one would describe persons whose Moon conjunct Venus; we can do it in one word. Sensitive. These people are sensitive. With the Moon that rules sensitivities and Venus that rules emotions, expect a lot of sensitivity going on. But don't take this the wrong way! Their sensitivity is good because these people are highly emphatic. They would always sympathize with people. It is easy for them to put their shoes on another person.

Because of this, Moon conjunct Venus people are great at giving out advice. Since they know exactly how you feel and want you to overcome it, they would provide advice that will make your situation more manageable. Moon-Venus conjunct people appear to be accessible ones. They seem to be always there for you. You can label this friend as the “one-call-away-person.” Rest assured that they are sincerely helping you out. And they like to be that friend for you.

Being that caring and loving person, your peers may even label you as the “mom friend.” You will see to it that your friends receive the adequate care they need. Your encouragement and support mean a lot to your friends. If you can only feed your friends and make them a home, you can! That's how gentle and caring you are.

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Being empathic, these people only want the best for you. That is why it is great to have a Moon-Venus person in your life. They always like helping people out and easing out the burden to other people. And this trait leads to them gaining a lot of genuine friendships.

Being ruled by Venus, too, these people are obsessed with all things pretty. You would often see them shopping for extravagant clothes. They make a lot of effort in making themselves look gorgeous. This attitude is also one of the reasons why charm a lot of potential friends and partners. It is not surprising that their friends would come for fashion advice. These people will extend a helping hand!

Moon conjunct Venus people are generally loving and caring. Expect that all they want in life is a harmonious and balanced relationship. They shy away from conflict and always ensure that their environment is smooth-sailing. To make a Moon-Venus conjunct person hate you, bring them into a toxic and unhealthy relationship. Expect that a Moon-Venus conjunct person in a relationship will give you tender loving care. They are born like that.

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All traits seem to be lovely. What's the catch?

Here's the catch, or instead, here are the traps: they do not take hurtful words lightly, and they can be manipulative. Moon conjunct Venus people like to please everyone. They are satisfied if things around them are at peace. One sign of chaos will turn their world upside down. That is why they take rejections to heart. They are easily hurt.

Since these people like to keep all things neat, expect that they are clueless about arising challenges. Some people view Moon-Venus people as those who do not want to grow. They would always keep themselves in their comfort zones, where they can keep everything in control. Similar to the Moon-Moon aspects, they would rather stay in their quiet, safe zones than deal with obstacles that would help them grow.

These people can also be prone to manipulation and even become manipulative themselves. Moon conjunct Venus people can come off as selfish people. They always like to make themselves fulfilled and satisfied. For this reason, there's a chance that they might manipulate other people into fulfilling their needs.

If this person is in a relationship, they will most likely avoid any form of conflict. This person will dismiss any arising confrontations. And if they can't prevent it, the relationship will be on the rocks for a while.

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Moon Conjunct Venus Transit

This season will bring peaceful and harmonious feelings to you and your surroundings. The energy of being well-liked is up in the air, making this a perfect time to make new friends and socialize. This transit is also a great time to find and form romantic relationships. With Moon-Venus in conjunction, it's an excellent time to focus your eye on fashion and accessories. This event is the season to shop until you drop! You will find pleasure in renovating your home or your room. Expect to feel immense satisfaction in pampering yourself. This season is an excellent time to self-care!

Expect that this transit will also give you heightened emotions. Feelings of gentleness, love, and care will induce you. You may feel like you are craving balance and harmony. But beware of the extreme sensitivity that may also come to you.

In Conclusion

People with Moon-Venus conjunction are beautiful inside and out. They are passionate and calm creatures, and they take pride in their physical appearance. But there's a horror lurking inside of them too. When the Moon-Venus conjunction happens, try to take extra care of yourself and others. You will find joy in doing so.

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