Moon In 7th House Synastry: Marriage Chart In The Marriage House -

Moon In 7th House Synastry: Marriage Chart In The Marriage House

Moon Traits

Many believe that the Moon can see our souls. It is opposed to the sun seeing our physical bodies. And rightfully so! In astrology, the Moon signifies our emotions, unconscious and even subconscious. It deals with the things that we do not want anyone to see. The Moon can see through us. Since it can see through us, this celestial body knows our secrets and mysteries. Hidden with it are our haunting pasts, mental illnesses, fears, and unresolved traumas.

Many people believe that the Moon is somehow linked to our psyche. The Moon deals with our emotions, unconscious and subconscious. It deals with the parts that we don't reveal to others. Since no one can read our mind but our own, this celestial body deals with secrets and insight into peoples' ancient pasts. The Moon is the gateway to mysteries that are filed in obscurity.

The Moon sees and knows all. Your emotional and subconscious energies are exposed without any defense. Whether those things are hidden or uncovered, the Moon knows your secrets and mysteries. Understand yourself with moon traits.

The Moon Traits tells you about your unconscious mind. It reveals the traits of the Moon's energy. This includes your worries, anxieties, fears, hopes, doubts, anger, joys, sadness, etc. It also points out the things you are afraid to reveal.

When the Moon appears in a tarot reading, this serves as a warning to prepare. Something unrevealed will show itself. It will depend on the query, however, on what might get revealed. It can be something within yourself. This “moon” can also be something you refuse to see but make itself known.

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The tarot card Moon is a warning of something about to arise. When this happens in a reading, you must be prepared to see what will become of this situation. The Moon represents the unforeseen. It may be a secret of yours that is revealed or a problem surrounding you that you did not believe was there.

This can be a personal aspect of yourself that you were unaware of. Which makes its appearance clear for all to see. It can also be a part of your life that you have been avoiding and have now been forced to face. In this case, the Moon also tells you not to try to escape from what has been making itself known as you will not succeed.

The Moon embodies intuition, dreams, sensitive emotions, and the soul. It represents our receptive side. So, when you draw the Moon in a reading, be sure to consider all these qualities that it embodies.

The revelation of something hidden is what the moon card means. The time has come for something to emerge from the shadows. Those people ruled by the Moon are emotional. They are gentle and sensitive creatures. Expect that they are easily hurt, and they cling to the pain. These people can go on for so long, harboring the pain in their hearts. These people believe in the saying, “I will forgive, but I won't forget.”

The moon card means to emphasize one's feelings, worries, and fears. Inside the essence of the Moon are emotions so powerful that they can impact the moods of those around them. When the Moon rules your world, there is little you can do but go with the tide of feelings that ebb and flow.

People ruled by the Moon are in touch with their emotions. They are absorbed in their thoughts. They know how to understand others. They will become involved when someone is in danger. They can be trusted when they make a promise.

Intuitive, emotional, and intuitive, people ruled by the Moon are kind and gentle creatures. They can be hurt easily and go on for a long time, harboring the wound in their hearts. For them, it is easy to forgive others but hard to forget.

Although they can be sensitive and easily hurt, these people can also show compassion to others. It's just that sometimes, their injuries have drowned out these qualities in them. These people are proud of themselves, though. They won't let anyone mock them, and instead, they become mockers of others as devices for their safety.

But their sensitivity is not all that bad. When Moon people see others getting burdened, expect that they will extend a helping hand. These people go beyond incredible depths to help those people that they love. Moon people are typically reserved and timid. True enough, these people will not forget. And Moon people would always instill the lessons in their brains. They do not let people in their lives quickly. Because of previous experiences, these reservations have been a form of defense mechanism for them.

Moon people are typically reserved. Gained from their experiences, especially during childhood, they have learned to have some form of reservation straight away. One of these reservations is about letting people in their lives. These people are skeptics. Instead of letting you pass quickly through their defense mechanisms, they straight away put up some walls not to let you go beyond what they want to know about you. Moon people would always instill the lessons in their brains. Because of previous experiences, they have always seen this world as a place that is not very safe for them.

But somehow, they still encounter people and can help them out by sharing what they can to make their lives easier. Therefore, the Moon people are like a light in the dark, guiding others along the way because of their sensitivity and generosity.

As a person born under the influence of the Moon, you are naturally sensitive to others' feelings. You quickly sense anger or hostility coming from another person. You are sympathetic with everyone, even strangers. You hold your responsibilities in life and complete them with diligence. Moon people are reserved, but they are very loyal to those close to them. They can be quick to forgive and forget but never easily trust anyone again once they have been betrayed.

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Moon people are often wary, but their great caring attitudes are no denying. Moon types are sensitive to other people's feelings and problems. These folks always know how to lend a helping hand, even if they aren't looking for any help themselves. Moon traits never seem to go unnoticed either. Almost everyone will acknowledge the amazing things that Moon types do for others.

It is hard to break a Moon person's walls. It has been built like a fort, strong enough to hold their feelings and resentment. But when they do open up to you, it is because they trust you. That is why it is not good to mess with a Moon person.

Even though it's hard to break a Moon person's walls, once they open up to you, you realize that they trust you more than anyone else. Not everyone can gain a Moon person's trust. This means that a Moon person does not give their trust quickly. That is what makes a Moon person special and unique from the rest.

People born on the Moon tend to be quiet and composed. They aren't shy, but they aren't immediately friendly either. You will never know how much depths of a Moon person's heart until you break one of their walls by being sincere. They are built inside out to be hard enough to protect themselves from the world, making it almost impossible for them to open up at first encounter. Although they are challenging to crack, they trust you that they are ready to open up to you.

Houses In Astrology

When we were born, the celestial bodies are in one of the 12 houses. Their placement is crucial in how the planets will influence us. Each house corresponds to every aspect of our personality. These aspects include family relationships, romantic relationships, and even your relationship with yourself. The houses can also indicate work habits, travel plans, and even transformation.

The 7th House

Astrologers call the 7th house “the house of marriage” just like Saturn in the 7th house, but this house is not all about love and relationships. Generally, it is all about how you tend to find “your partner.” The term “partner” does not revolve only on romantic relationships. The term “partner” can also include friendships, work partners, and business partners. You will be surprised by this fact: the seventh house also sees how you see one person as an enemy.

This house can is similar to the first house. The first house is our identity as an individual. Looking at the seventh house, this establishes our identity in the relationships. What are we as a friend? As a lover? How are we as a business partner? But mostly, this house is all about romantic relationships. How will your marriages turn out? Will your relationship last for the long term?

Moon In 7th House

Similar to having North Node in the 7th house, with the Moon in the 7th house, expect that this person is always emotionally needy. They always feel the need to be involved in a relationship. These people crave warmth and affection. The Moon people look at romantic relationships as something where they can gain self-worth and validation. This mentality came from their issues of self-worth and lack of acknowledgment.

The Moon people will always be emotionally needy. They always feel the need to be involved in a relationship. These people crave warmth and affection. People with Moon in the 7th House seek out security in their relationships, and they want to feel comforted by their romantic partners.

The Moon is all about ‘needs.' This person looks at romance as a validation of their self-worth. They developed this mentality because they were focused on gaining love and affection after growing up with aloof or distant parents. They do not feel they are worthy enough unless someone else is willing to give it to them. These people are generally insecure.

The Moon in the seventh house people tends to be very emotional and needy. So, this person may misbehave to make the other person feel sorry for them and say, “Oh, how could you do this to me? Let's fix things.” These people also hold onto grudges that they've built against self-worth and validation issues. They never move on from such relationships because having such partners makes them feel worthy and boosts their ego.

Moon people will focus solely on their partners. These people tend to crave approval and validation from their partners. Additionally, they may also want their full attention to their partners reciprocated. Worse, they can be demanding their partner's attention. They can even be clingy.

Moon people can be a tad demanding, especially in a relationship where they expect a lot of attention. They tend to go after their opposite people, as they crave their approval and validation. Moon people can be clingy to their partners. They tend to focus on their partner's needs rather than themselves. In a romantic relationship, their partner will feel as though they possessed them as they tend to put the other person as their top priority.

They can be some of the most loyal and loving people you've ever met. They will constantly seek approvals from partners and constantly want their attention. While they crave affection, they might not always accept romantic gestures as such. It can be easy to understand these people as the neediest and clingy people around.

At first, their neediness would come off as adorable to their partners. Their partners will be overwhelmed by affection, and this person strongly needs them. But as time goes by, the good feelings will wear off. The partner will see this needy trait as annoying and irritating. These traits of the Moon person are a turn-off to a person who values individualism and personal space.

The Moon person is adorable, playful, and utterly unaware of their partner's boundaries. They are so attached to their partner that it can feel suffocating at times. They are likely to complain about their partner's actions or ask for more help. Eventually, they will be seen as needy and irritating.

They need affection, but they can wear out their partners. Long-term relationships are not easy for the Moon person. The strongest can show independence, separateness, personal space, individuality. They have a strong need for togetherness by regularly being in each other's space.

They will constantly want to show their affection and be very concerned about the state of their relationship. If you continuously have to deal with a talkative and clingy Moon person, this may distract you from certain things you need to work on in your life. As time goes by, their partner may grow resentful of how they consume them every waking moment.

The Moon represents our feminine and motherly side. It is possible that Moon people, in a relationship, will tend and care for their partners like mothers. Expect that these people will nurture their partners. But a Moon in 7th house partner is not all that bad. These people are loving, protective, and caring. When these people date, expect that they are in for a serious relationship.

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Moon In 7th House Synastry

I hear wedding bells! In fact, this chart is common to married couples. The house person and moon person complement each other. This couple is well aware of each other's feelings. In short, they are soulmates. Both of them will feel a strong emotional bond connecting them. They will find each other opening up naturally without the fear of being rejected. Being ideal mates, these people exactly know how to comfort each other.

Moon In 7th House Synastry suggests a solid emotional bond connecting the couple. The native will enjoy being ideal mates to each other. They will have a knack for knowing how to comfort each other without much effort. Both of them will find it easier to open up to each other despite knowing each other much better than a typical acquaintance or a friend.

This couple lives in an intense and warm world. They will have a lot of strong feelings for each other. Together they create an intensely romantic environment. It is impossible not to talk about love and devotion when they are together.

They can open up their minds and hearts easily since they feel safe and secure with each other. They will give each other the silent reassurance to be themselves and not fear rejection. Such a relationship can develop into a close and trusting partnership where both lovers freely express their feelings and desires. Just like in Neptune in Cancer, both have a solid emotional bond, sharing precisely what they feel and think about each other.

When these people get together, they know from the start that they are meant to be and meant for a long-term relationship. The house person will adore the moon person's way of expressing their feelings. Instead of being irritated, the house person is tolerant of the moon person's mood swings. These partners accept the Moon persons as they are, and they wouldn't have them any other way.

The house partner will provide the Moon with great emotional support and leeway. But don't expect that this relationship will not have disagreements. Conflicts will surface, but this partnership will always get through it. Since they both know what each other feel and need, they can get through the bumps quickly. Because they can express their thoughts, this couple will not find it hard to resolve their arguments. The relationship will likely end up in marriage.

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