Are You Born With The Moon in Libra?: Look At This! -

Are You Born With The Moon in Libra?: Look At This!

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People who are born with Moon in Libra are natural peacemakers. They persistently crave balance and order. They're always on spies for things that need fixing. Their innate behavior is to constantly think that every dilemma needs a one-hand solution; and tries to be that person who can mend the imbalances.

Moon in Libra's personality has many good qualities. They are charming, intelligent, and charismatic. They are natural diplomats and can handle most situations according to their proper judgment. They are great conversationalists; no dead air when you're with them, for they never run out of topics.

Most of the time, they are the center of the parade. They like to mingle with other people, and they love socializing. They have this enigmatic aura that makes them more attractive to people. Lunar Libras' can dive into any social circle due to their charming natural side. They are well-loved by crowds, and they’re at their happiest when the vibe is harmonious.

They tend to get along even with the new set of people around them. They like building networks and creating mental rapport with everyone. They are also fond of jamming with people that have the same wavelength as them.

They are a firm believer that understanding and balancing every emotion of an individual could change the unstable state of the world we live in now, which is similar to having Saturn return in Aquarius. They are more of an optimist than a realist. Sometimes, Lunar Libras think they can iron out all the problems they see through their optimism, but the truth is, in reality, they can't.

They are like the chameleon type of all the zodiacs. They naturally blend in with people. Their extrovert side is more abundant than their introvert one. Lunar Librans love hanging around with many folks, engaging and interacting with them while they read and analyze their behaviors.

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Romantic Librans

Relationships, love, and romance are the center of the equilibrium for the Lunar Librans. They long for life partners and prefer to have companions in everything that they do. Romantics by nature, Moon in Libra are ideal relationship partners.

You can consider them as one of the best conversationalists on all the zodiacs as well. Moon in Libra loves being in a relationship, but they are not the aggressive or jealous type. They enjoy good company, and they love resolving conflicts.

Not only are they good at keeping conversations up, but they are also skilled listeners. One of the many perks of being with a Lunar Libran: you have an adviser, a friend, and a partner all in one person! They can comprehend most of the people they talk to, thus somehow leads to others' misinterpretation.

Given the fact that Lunar Librans are friendly and are social butterflies, some assume this to flirting. But don’t get them wrong; they can be fun and goofy to be around, and they try to please every person in the circle, but that doesn’t mean they want to have deeper intimate relationships with everyone.

Moon in Libra desires partners to tag along on mundane places, eat common foods, and the like. They tend to find strength when they have someone to share and do things with, and they feel more comfortable. They are compassionate and thoughtful; one of the reasons why we can say that being in an intimate relationship with a Lunar Libra is like really hitting sweepstakes winning numbers.

This Libra Moon has a strong sense of feeling, and most of the time knows what will work and what won't. Funny as they may say, Moon in Libra is like a fortune-teller, for they probably know what will happen next. When things are getting a bit sloppy, and the Lunar Libra finds it, they will, for sure, calculate the possible outcomes and how to handle or change it into something more harmonious and balance.

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Moon in Libra as Friends

Born with their nature, Moon in Libra doesn’t run out of friends. Everywhere they go, and what situation they may be in, they always gain newfound mates. They are the darling of the crowd due to their instinct of being great entertainers. They are warm & generous, and people love being inside their clusters.

Moon in Libra is pretty in love with balance and harmony, and it's rather unusual for them to create conflicts or at least be in one. Librans are forgivers, and they are easy to forget as well. They have this strong sense of understanding and will dig deeper unto other people's emotions to know where they are coming from most of the time.

Lunar Librans hates being alone. They work in packs of people and are more creative when there are people who push them through. One of the many gains from being friends with a Moon in Libra person is that they will find what you're good at and support you in becoming better on that particular aspect.

They are your big supporters; they can be your backbone when you feel like giving up or burnout from your work. Sympathetic and considerate of others’ feelings, they will know the right words to say to boost you in anything that you opt to do. They constantly check on their colleagues if they are doing are well and think of ways to help them when they are not.

Lunar Librans hate arguments and conflicts. They have a tranquil aura and have this inner magic of calming aggressive people. They are harmony-loving and would push their limits when things are getting rough for others. They love to compromise and will always be the bigger person to prevent disagreements.

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If you are looking for a long-time and loyal friend, find a Lunar Libran. They are striving for the best and somehow will push you as well to do the same. They dislike talking behind other peoples’ back; they despise knowing other peoples' flaws, for they will not stop thinking about how to straighten that person up.

They are loyal as you are to them. Lunar Librans' passion for maintaining peace in every situation is out-of-bound. Peacemaker is such an understatement to describe these types of people. They don't give a verdict with only hearing one side of the story—they always provide benefits of the doubt. They have this beautiful way of connecting with the world around them. They target interpersonal harmony more than physical connections.

Librans are Defenders

As crazy as it may sound, Lunar Librans act as heroes sometimes. They will try to avoid misunderstanding, but they will make a stand when there are aggravated people. They want the world to be as perfect and balanced as possible and will not tolerate any injustice they will notice.

Lunar Librans will act as the defender of the underdogs. They take the side of the people that they think can't defend themselves. They don't tolerate inequality and won't hesitate to do what they feel is right to maintain the evenness in the circle. They don't like confrontations but will debate with anyone who crashes in the balance of the world they’re trying to build.

These people see the perspective of others from another point of view and weigh everything in the name of harmony. They can be both avid listeners and excellent advisors as well. They judge situations with ease based on their innate instincts.

They are rational in assessing all sides of the situation with grace. They evaluate every story, and they dissect all the possible reasons why the parties involved have come up with the conflict. But since the Librans are defenders, they won't put their foot down when heated in a debate unless they made their point. Often, they are somehow defending your point too, so that you can understand their side of the story.

Pretty good as it may seem, but Lunar Librans should figure out that some glitch can't be mended and should stay the way they should be to avoid more miscalculations and conflicts in the future.

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Career Paths for Moon in Libra

Since Lunar Librans are excellent in communicating and negotiating skills, they may do well in careers that require finding common grounds. Counselors, life advisers, teachers, coaches, mentors, and the like. They are best working in groups and packs to use and apply their leadership and assessing skills.

Moon in Libra people glorifies fairness and equality. They are reasonable and have a fair-mindset approach in life. Working with them, expect that they will be somehow disturbed when something unfair arises up. Conflict may emerge on their involvement from time to time, but through proper judgment, they will find everyone's middle-ground and what will solve the kindling issue after.

Lunar Librans are future managers and business owners. Partnership ventures take a great appeal to this type of zodiac. They are exemplary in negotiating contracts and legal issues due to their strong judgment and analysis and respectable in the gift of diplomacy. They feel valued when they are held accountable for things. They can showcase their best skills when they are teaming up with duos or more.

As a leader, Lunar Libras promotes teamwork and gives each and everyone credit, even on the employees just sitting on the bench. They value harmonious work relationships and place as the peacekeeper in the circle. Lunar Librans feel most secured when they flock with groups of individuals having the same goal. Lunar Libras like to rely on other people to make decisions for them. They love obeying the majority and can't decide on their own.

People-loving Moon Zodiac

Lunar Librans are always on the lookout for something they can fix in the life of people near their hearts. Caring and sympathetic as you can imagine them to be, they always put other people’s feelings on top of theirs. They want themselves and those around them to have good, stress-free, and satisfying lives.

They see the flaws and weaknesses of other people and think of possible approaches to convert these into strengths. That’s how the Lunar Librans maintain their groups on top.

Lunar Librans can be people-loving zodiacs; that's why they do whatever that's necessary not to disappoint their acquaintances. They are people-pleaser and sometimes make a negative impact on them. They tend to be selfish with themselves and opt to care for other people’s feelings more than their own. Sometimes, Moon in Libra pushes themselves on to things they are not comfortable about to uphold their substantial value for harmony.

They disdain people getting upset or disappointed in them. They seldom say “no” to others, even at times they never meant it. Some people may also find them annoying due to their tendency to please other people when unnecessary.

Moon in Libras’ Indecisiveness

Contrary to the appealing traits of the Moon in Libra people, there are some disadvantages of being a balance-loving type. They are indecisive when it comes to decision-making. Pictured in their minds are tons of possible options. Since they are constant in weighing all the potential solutions to a specific problem, they can sometimes be slow to act out of their indecisiveness.

They like to see results in an instant that somehow triggers their anxiousness. There are countless times that this moon sign is uncertain of things and can somehow be draining and exhausting for them. They sometimes zone out of the current situation and get caught up in the scenarios they have in their minds.

Given that Moon in Libra people have evaluated both sides of the pole, they have this urge to fix both parties, leading to indecisiveness. It can be pretty tricky to make a wise decision, giving them a more challenging time to give the verdict of what is needed.

Aesthetics for Lunar Libra

Moon in Libra isn't that analytical. They judge things through their eyes and not based on feelings. They adore beauty, simplicity, and aesthetics. They are the zodiacs governed by art and fashion—and their standards on elegance are high.

Born with the art of design in their being, Lunar Libras’ most likely to become models, designers, decorators, and so on. They are sophisticated and refined; they feel like everything should be complementary to others. An excellent example of this is where they live. They like to see their homes and apartments’ interior pleasing to the eyes. They want balance and harmony, which they also apply to their environment.

Moon in Libra likes to see everything in exact proportions. They have a keen eye for detail, and artistry is paramount to them. Lunar Libras is the best fit for luxurious events and gatherings, and their fashion statement never goes out of style. They like to mix and match simplicity and elegance, which looks graceful in totality.

They are at their best state of mind when stuff is complementary with each other, or the people they're with are well-groomed. One good way to catch a Lunar Libra woman’s attention is to look good. Shallow may sound to other zodiacs, but Lunar Librans' take aesthetic to a higher level. Just sitting on a bench behind a small park, seeing beautiful sceneries, walking inside a bookstore, and seeing all the books piled up in a coordinated manner would make this Librans’ heart skip a beat.

Arts and symmetry excite them. Often you can them in art museums just staring at those beautiful frames on a white wall. They like their outfits in coordinates, too. Earth and nude tones can be pretty much appealing to their eyes.

A small clutter-free space, with calm and monotone colors as a backdrop, and a small scented candle lightened near the newly-cleaned bedsheets can be considered as their sanctuary or, sometimes, even zen.

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How Do You Handle A Lunar Libra?

The truth is, you don't. Just let these Lunar Librans do what they have to do. Lunar Libras' have already programmed their minds to see the imbalances of the world and the people in it and to identify possible answers and solutions. They will always defend and uphold their values for justice and harmony without anyone telling them to.

There are times that you need to keep an eye on them, especially when it comes to decision-making. If you have a friend that you know is a Lunar Libra, you'd understand that sometimes they are bound to get lost in their little balanced world and forget the moment where they are. From time to time, they need someone to keep them back on track when they're at a loss with their decisions. So be the person who brings them back to reality and helps them decide what is best and suitable.

These Lunar Librans’ can easily be disturbed when they have lost a partner, so be careful in dealing with them when they are in agony. A good walk in the forest or a cup of coffee topped with whipped cream can help you in calming them. Talking things out with a Moon in Libra person can make a good rapport.

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