How It's Like To Be Born With The Moon in Pisces? -

How It’s Like To Be Born With The Moon in Pisces?

Getting to know yourself goes beyond looking at your sun sign. This is the sign that we give as a response to the question “What’s your sign?”. A lot of times, people do not resonate and connect with the zodiac signs they know of. This is because some of us are not aware of our astrological profile or our natal or birth chart. 

Our natal or birth chart gives us a glimpse of the placement of the sun, the moon, and the planets the moment we were born. It is like some sort of a photograph of the sky when you entered Earth. This chart does not change throughout an entire lifetime. But there will be influences that may affect our personalities.

Our sun sign shapes our core identity and the way we see and feel confident. On the other hand, our moon sign describes our emotional makeup or energies and the way we connect to people. This also reveals the material things that make us feel secure. Understanding your moon sign will help you figure out how you connect and bond with people.

The Moon serves as our inner mother and child. You can remember how the moon orbits the sun like it’s protecting it. Our Moon sign shows how we protect ourselves and how we make ourselves feel comfortable and safe. 

Characteristics Of A Pisces Moon: 


You, as a person with Pisces Moon, can step into the shoes of another person. You seek and understand the perspectives of a particular person before you reach out to help. Helping others actually gives you emotional fulfillment. 

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But, because of this trait, you are prone to get overstimulated by what you sense around you. Being an empath is not like a switch that you can turn on or off. It can cause you to get overwhelmed by the different thoughts and emotions you feel.


Since you have the Piscean energy, it can sometimes be hard for you to express yourself through words. You thrive at conveying your message through music, painting, film, photography, drama, dance, or poetry instead.  This is also because of how imaginative you are.

Some famous people in the music industry are born with the moon in Pisces. Some of them are Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Prince, Michael Jackson, Jhene Aiko, Kehlani, and Wiz Khalifa. Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo are painters who also have Pisces Moon in their astrological profile.

If you are not an artist of any sort, you may have a deep understanding and connection with art. You feel emotionally fulfilled when something visually and/ or emotionally stimulates your imagination.


As a person who was born under a Pisces Moon, you have been gifted with psychic abilities. Your mind is highly connected to the vibrational frequencies of those around you. This is due to your empathetic abilities as well. And because you can sense what they see or feel, you get to rectify your actions towards them.

Your intuition allows you to load whatever you create with unique points of view. This allows you to be creative and imaginative. Getting inspiration to use for your art is easy and does not require conscious efforts. With intuition partnered with creativity, you now reflect the highest forms of intelligence.


You are spiritual in nature because of how you were born with a Pisces moon. Being spiritual means, you hold a strong connection with something greater than yourself. You are also eager to live that experience out.


Since sensitivity is the basis of empathy, you also possess this trait. This does not necessarily mean that you’re high-strung in any way. It actually means that you are caring enough to make people feel better about an unfortunate situation. Being sensitive helps with how you interact with people and the environment. This trait aids you in building and maintaining personal and professional relationships. This also means that you consider how others will react to a thing you are about to do.

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You In Romance, And What You Need:

Have you thought of what type of girlfriend or boyfriend you are as someone with a Pisces Moon? Well, take a look at the list below to find out if they resonate with you.

  1. Sometimes you feel responsible for your partner’s emotions. Sometimes you feel like you’re the reason he or she is sad without even considering other factors. It has something to do with the fact that you are extremely sensitive. With this said, you need a partner who is open to talking about how they feel to give you the assurance you need.
  2. You are a giving and compassionate person. This gives off a soothing presence that may be comforting to others. As a person with a Pisces Moon, it is in your nature to be romantic. You love expressing your love, and so you need someone as loving as you are.
  3. You can lose control when you’re distressed because you sometimes find it hard to get a drift off the situation. Your initial reaction to the confusion is panic. A very patient partner would be a perfect match for you.
  4. You love “Love”. You put your relationship on a pedestal and look at love through rose-colored glasses. You sometimes do not consider the reality of what is really happening. You love being affectionate towards your partner, but you require the same level of affection in return. With this, you need a partner who is willing to give their all to make you feel loved. You need someone who can match the intensity of your concept of love.
  5. On the bright side, you are open to compromise for the good of the situation. You are very adaptable and are all-ears with the best decision to solve the problem.
  6. A person should also be romantic to attract you. It has to do with how emotionally high maintenance you are and how you require a lot to feel secure and fulfilled. You need someone willing to reciprocate the same level of love and affection you give.

Other Moon Signs With Yours In A Relationship

Pisces Moon with Aries Moon 

These two signs are opposites since Pisces Moon is clingy and Aries Moon is independent. If you want to keep this kind of relationship, you need to find common ground and find balance. Aries Moon will more likely end this relationship. This may be because he or she got annoyed by your clinginess.

Pisces Moon with Taurus Moon 

You and Taurus complement each other because of your love for nature and music. These signs create stability and harmony in each other’s lives. You also might start a business that will be successful. The stable Taurus Moon helps you to do well in your career and/or education.

Pisces Moon with Gemini Moon 

You with Gemini Moon can get confused when both of you are upset. Your passive and intuitive personality may or may not compliment the vocal Gemini Moon. You two can end up hurting each other when Gemini Moon makes fun of something you’re insecure about.

Pisces Moon with Cancer Moon 

Both of these signs are emotional and in tune with their feelings and to others’ feelings. This makes you very compatible with each other because you know each others’ emotional needs. You may both lose track of time living in a fantasy world. And, in due course, have to go back to reality to accomplish earthly responsibilities.

Pisces Moon with Leo Moon 

This relationship has a strong physical attraction but a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunications. This can go really bad if no one invests an effort to try and understand one’s feelings. You, with Pisces Moon, can somehow not keep up with Leo Moon with desires of your own. This leads to you constantly worrying if you are good enough to stay in this relationship.

Pisces Moon with Virgo Moon 

Your relationship with Virgo moon can go entirely uphill or entirely downhill. You, too, can be damaging and moody at times. Virgo Moon is reliable with physical things. You, on the other hand, deals with the more metaphysical. If both of you focus on being pessimists, this relationship will not work the way you want it to work.

Pisces Moon with Libra Moon 

A person with a Libra Moon always tries to balance the scale and look at both ends. As a Pisces Moon, you tend to do things on extremes, especially in relationships. This causes you to do a lot for love, while Libra moon always looks out for how much is received and how much is given. But if the both of you will look at love at a deeper level, this relationship can work.

Pisces Moon with Scorpio Moon 

With this relationship, everything can go well since both of you tend to be emotional. You both seem to be extreme with your feelings and can understand each other. You, as a Pisces Moon, want to help the other end heal from the resentments the Scorpio Moon holds. This relationship is very tuneful.

Pisces Moon with Sagittarius Moon 

The enthusiasm of Sagittarius Moon can overwhelm you sometimes. You are both big dreamers, but Sagittarius Moon tends to have thick skin. You, however, when things go downhill, can escape into drugs and alcohol. But, if one end is willing to make sacrifices, then this relationship can work.

Pisces Moon with Capricorn Moo

Your relationship with Capricorn Moon can be beneficial or can be downright toxic. While you are very sensitive, Capricorn Moon can be very insensitive, which can hurt you over time. When we look at the bright side, though, you can actually be of help to one another. You can learn how to be pragmatic from the Capricorn Moon. The other end can learn how to be more sensitive and empathetic from you.

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Pisces Moon with Aquarius Moon 

It is in your nature to want to escape from the real world. Aquarius Moon wants to involve himself/herself with the issues and trends of the world. This means that this is a relationship with two completely different people. You like interacting with people emotionally, while Aquarius Moon approaches things rationally.

Pisces Moon with Pisces Moon 

Being in a relationship with one like yourself can be a lot of fun. You both tend to have the same interests and approach to things. You understand the emotional needs of each other and know how to make each other happy. However, when things get ugly, you both can lose control.

With these information, we can conclude that you are most compatible with people born under Cancer Moon, Scorpio Moon, and Pisces Moon.

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What’s My Career Like?

Because you’re empathetic in nature, you will thrive at careers that line with helping someone heal holistically. You can pursue a career as a therapist, a Reiki healer, or a medium because of your psychic abilities. You can thrive with organizations like charities, service groups, and educational venues as well.

We cannot forget how creative you are. You will enjoy freelancing as a music artist, a painter, an actor or actress, a poet, and the like. And because you sometimes like escaping from reality, you tend to enjoy work that gives you space.

Zoning out, however, can cause you problems. This can be due to the delay of the work you are told to do or how irrational you can get with things. Yet, people like you because you are kind and understanding to everyone.

When Can I Make My Power Wish?

You can make your power wish during Pisces New Moon. This happens between late February and late March. And Pisces Full Moon that happens between late August and late September. These are the only two days that you can make your power wish, so make sure you take note of these dates!

When You’re A Pisces Woman…

You can be easily misunderstood, and you think the only way to survive this is to adapt to your environment. You are very adaptable in nature, so changing lifestyles is not a challenge for you. At first, you may not have the best time, but you will eventually thrive when you get a hold of things.

You have an almost childlike personality and tend to be smiling a lot. However, compared to your male counterpart, you are more able to show your strong side. With a love life, you are not always lucky with it.

Because of how you put love on a pedestal, you have the tendency to look at your partner’s toxic side behind. You can be easily gaslighted and manipulated. Although you have unmatched intuition, you tend to overpower it with your emotions. You might think that your partner is doing what he or she is doing out of love.

When You’re A Pisces Man…

Your emotions scare the hell out of you! Being emotionally secure is nearly impossible for you. You can’t seem to find where and how to get your emotional security from. Yet, because of how intuitive you are, you can guess what your partner wants, but you can get quite scared to act on it.

Pisces is actually one of the most feminine signs out there. With that, you are more comfortable with female energy. These can be your sisters and your mom at home and/ or female friends outside. This is somehow because you find masculine energy to be too harsh for you.

Because of how comfortable you are with the feminine energy; people may tend to look at you as a womanizer. This depends, though, whether you depend on your happiness on women. But with your nature, you are actually very deep with your emotions. You prefer a partner who is cheerful and optimistic. You want someone who is loving, strong, and compassionate all at the same time.

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The Downsides Of Being Born With A Pisces Moon:

You are prone to melancholia. You can easily absorb negative energies from the people around you because you’re an empath. This leads you to feel sad or gloomy. This can also be due to how pessimistic you are with life. You immediately think of the worst-case scenario. One way to get past this is by creating something meaningful and expressive through art. 

You can be self-indulgent. Abusing alcohol and drugs can be one of the solutions you see to run away from a problem. To avoid this, you have to be cautious when taking drugs and limit the amount of alcohol you drink.

You have the urge to escape. You have to spend time alone to replenish your emotional system to cope with the demands of life. If this does not happen, you can lose control. 

You offer selfless acts to those in need. Although this characteristic may be a good thing, it can be dangerous for you. You sometimes do not know how to set boundaries and can be taken advantage of.

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