Are You Born With The Moon in Scorpio?: Let Me Tell You! -

Are You Born With The Moon in Scorpio?: Let Me Tell You!

The Moon sign is one of the essential parts of your birth chart.

They are your inner emotions that many people don't know, and most of the time, even the one bearing it is unaware. Moon sign shows you how you think or how you react to things.

Sense of Power

A Moon in Scorpio is on the water element, so intuition is their strong suit.

A Scorpio Moon gets many traits from a Scorpio sign, but its highlight is the sense of power and control. You like to be in force or achieve power in some way. You are a very secretive and deep person, and not many people know the real you.

You like to portray yourself as powerful, impressive, and independent. People may think that you are just a tough, independent person, but diving deeper into your personality, they will see that you are more than just the surface of what you portray.

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Lunar Scorpio is not the type that reveals his emotions all at once. You like to maintain that powerful impression they see on you. You feel like if you open up a little bit to people, they will try to manipulate you, which is one of the top things that get on your nerve.

Someone with a Scorpio on their moon sign knows that they have great self-control. They can have a mix of feelings inside them. Happy, sad, angry, jealous—name all the possible feelings you can think of, and no one would identify the true feelings of a Lunar Scorpio feels.

Out of all the zodiacs, only a Moon in Scorpio can hide their emotions that well to the point that people won’t know how you’re feeling at the exact moment. This secretive attitude of you is one of the many good reasons for people to be thankful when a Moon Scorpio lets them see your true feelings. It takes many guts for you to open up to people, and they should not assume that lightly.

People cannot manipulate you. When someone tries to, you will know for sure. You are brilliant, and many people get intimated by your aura. These people crave intimacy and depth—and they won’t stay in a shallow conversation.

Lunas Scorpio has emotional walls. We may see you as emotionless or aloof when it comes to your feelings, but you long for someone with depth and who is willing to swim in the deepness of your personalities. The truth is, you have intense emotions.

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A Need to Process Their Emotions

Since Scorpios has intense feelings and emotions, it sometimes can be overwhelming for you. You take responsibility for your feelings and learn to handle them in a usual manner other than repressing yourself and setting up a high wall for yourself. You dislike being vulnerable, for it doesn't suit your impression as an uncontrollable person.

You don’t want to recognize your emotional and vulnerable self, so you try to cover it up with an apathetic attitude. You’re attempting to create a small safe space where you can freely let go of all of your emotions without having the thought of being weak or soft in the eyes of people around you. It would be easier for you to explore your feelings when you’re alone.

You have this feeling of detachment when you have felt a little uncomfortable with your emotions, and as much as possible, you tend to avoid events and circumstances that would make you genuinely think things. You can come off as a cold person as well.

You bottle up all your emotions, and you do not want to express them because your depth and intensity will frighten people, and you instinctively know that. It can be quite a burden for you—and possible that it will manifest unto your brain, to your physical body, and you will get physically ill. One good example of this is a headache, heartburn, or, most frequently—stomach discomfort.

Unlike Leo Moon, Lunar Scorpios doesn’t have dramatic displays of emotion, but they have this drastic attitude in handling their feelings. When things get rough for you, you don’t abruptly react to it. The thing with Lunar Scorpio is that they are subtle, and they read their cards well before deciding what to act next. They don’t get bursts of emotions because that would make them weak, at least in their perspective.

Born with Magnetism

You may not know, but Lunar Scorpio is naturally born with magnetism in its blood without even realizing it. People are fond of mysteriousness, and you are a great example of it. Since you like keeping things to yourself, people from your circle find you quite interesting and wish to get a glimpse of what you indeed are.

Having the thought of getting to know you more, people will keep in close with you without realizing they are captivated by your mystifying aura. People you bump into sure recognize that there is more of you, rather than just your surface. Lucky are the people like you.

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Passionate for Love and Friendship

Moon Scorpio loves intimacy and soul bonding. You long for deep talks and conversations that make a lot of sense. You despise small shallow discussions, and you don’t reveal your full potential when you don’t vibe with people. When in a love affair, you like your partners to be soul-engaged with you.

You have incredible intuition, and you know that. You can easily connect with your interpersonal feelings. You like to keep things accurate, and you see through lies due to your strong sense of gut feeling.

It takes a while for you to trust people. Making you trust other people can be a challenging task for them; it’s not that you don’t want to trust them, but because you hate the idea of being vulnerable to the eyes of people around you.

The good thing is, once you trust people and let them see your natural world, they will have you for a lifetime. You are a faithful friend—you value loyalty more than anyone else in the room. Intimacy is also on top of the list for you, and you seek commitment in return.

You’re a keeper. When someone enters your life and lets them, may it be a partner of a friend—you have no intention of ditching them. But of course, there are exemptions. Once someone destroys your trust, it would only take a snap of a finger for you to cut them off of your life.

The flip side of this trait that you have is that some people take a lot of time to trust you. You know that you can be secretive in the information you say, some are real, and some are flops, and people would not believe everything you say.

Loyal as you may say, people like you—born with a Moon in Scorpio stays honest with what you say. When you compliment someone, there is no sugar-coating intended for them to feel good. What you say is true, just like criticisms from you. You dislike liars that you don't want to be.

Often misunderstood are these moon zodiacs. Usually, you will hear from other people that you like playing with people and relationships. But one big secret of your zodiac is that you are spiritually profound, and you are very much mature in a relationship. You are very loving and are intimate with your partner.

People may see you as a cold and bold person, but only a few know how you are when you truly love a person. It's hard for some people to imagine you being severe in love stuff, but that is the beauty of you. You are not an open book. Those who are only brave enough to drown in your deepness are the ones you can let in. and most zodiacs, sadly, do not get it.

When in a debate or argument, people should think twice if they want to know your opinion. Chances are, you either say the positive point of each party or negative things that would lead to more profound arguments. You are blunt and voice your absolute opinion on something, even if it would sting. You are not the type to romanticize stuff for it only to be pleasing in the ears of people who hears it.

You are persistent. When you put your feeling into something you desire—be that a thing, a person, or a scenario you want to happen—you never stop until you get the outcome you want. It may even take time, days, or even years, but that won't be the reason for you to give up and forget the thing you desire.

You are unwilling to let go of your fixed ideas, and you would do anything to get the prize you want, even if it costs you everything. You are focused when you program your mind to achieve whatever goal you may have set for yourself.

When you are in a relationship with a Lunar Scorpio, and you see they have targeted a particular goal for themselves, best not to contradict them. You can help them by supporting and behind them until they reach the goal, they put themselves to achieve.

Lunar Scorpio, like you, also has a keen eye for detail. Anything and everything inside your immediate surroundings will be seen and observed by you, which is a fact. You’ll know when people talk behind your back, and you will not let that slip away.

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How to Please a Scorpio Moon?

You being a straightforward person, it is either you like a person or not. For you, there is no in-between—your intuition steps in when figuring out a specific person. Right off the bait, you’ll know when a person is okay with you. You are precise. You make quick and accurate judgments, which makes it easier for you to filter which people can be in your life.

When a persons’ aura doesn’t vibe with you, you stay as far away as you can from them. You are well confident in your judgments and assessments, and more likely, that will never change for you. Guess it’s safe to say that the first impression lasts for you.

The best way to please a Moon in the Scorpio sign is to stay honest and authentic as possible with them. You like to keep things clear, and that would make them much more attractive to you. The great thing about Scorpio Moons is that t you are honest and direct with your opinions.

Also, being patient with you increases the odds of getting in connection with your deeper feelings. It may take a while for you to let them see your genuine emotions, and the fact that you are exposed can be a bit overwhelming for you. But the truth is, t you are just big babies hiding inside a man’s form.

When a person came into an argument with a Scorpio Moon, they should know that does not let them feel guilty about what they have felt. Water signs can be sensitive at times, and Scorpio falls in water signs, so that makes sense. Open the conversation by claiming that the person is at fault and what you have felt is valid and reasonable.

Take good note that people have to be sincere and honest. You know that Water Signs value and believes their intuitions reasonably, and you’ll know for sure when you are just bluffing with their apology. The next thing they should do is make up for the things they have said and committed and what they should do to make you feel better.

Often you are an egoist, and you tell people nothing they can do to make you feel okay. But sometimes, you are just occupied with your anger, and all you can think of is how to get revenge. You want someone to be more patient with you, and they see that they care enough for you. You can be stubborn at times, but you can compromise as well.

Water signs might forgive, but they don’t forget. Keep in mind that when things can feel shaky for you and a Scorpio Moon, some past mistakes, for sure, will be brought back to life. So be careful in committing mistakes with a Moon in Scorpio sign.

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When A Moon in Scorpio Likes You?

Just like your emotions, Moon in Scorpio values your home a lot. Where you live is your lair or sanctuary. Many Moons in Scorpio have experienced difficulties in dealing with relationships; that's why they don't easily open their hearts to people. So, when a Scorpio Moon lets people into their homes, you would know for sure that they admire you.

For you to let people in, that's a fantastic hint that they have the chance to give and receive love from you. They should take it as once in a lifetime chance and should treasure and maintain the bond they have with you. When you also tell them what you genuinely feel—be it a petty or a tremendous feeling—they should know that you like them.

You don’t like other people seeing you getting upset, disappointed, or jealous. But when you open up, even if it's just a tiny fraction of your emotion, they can say it’s positive that you adore them.

What Should You Do?

You are a secretive person, and you hide everything well. But for you to create harmony with your clusters, you have to open up. Release your genuine emotions. Burn down the wall you have built-in for yourself. You may know yourself a little more when you try to be honest with your feelings.

You have let people in; that way, you will have the opportunity to be more understood by many and to know to manage your feelings well. You are limiting the potential of people around you to make you feel what absolute trust feels. Sometimes you have to take your armors down and be vulnerable and soft. It’s nice to know that people accept you just the way you are, and not only because of your impression you created in their minds.

Lastly, trust people a bit more. Give them the chance to prove what they can do with you and not just manipulate and control them. Save them free space in your life. Don’t be afraid to be defenseless from time to time. Portraying yourself as a composed and strong person doesn't make you a “strong person.” Sometimes being brave means, you have to be weak and accept that we all have vulnerabilities inside of us. It’s on us how to manage and handle this.

Combining your great sense of intuition, decisive judgment, desire for goals to be achieved, and passion for soul-binding love and friendship—things can go a long way for you. These are your true strengths. Focus on managing and nurturing these aspects; that way, you can be most comfortable and best with your most authentic and deepest self.

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