Are You Born With The Moon in Virgo?: Let's Find Out! -

Are You Born With The Moon in Virgo?: Let’s Find Out!

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In Astrology, it is significant to know the sign position of the moon. It indicates and reveals the “inner self” of a person. It concerns our habits primarily, and we manage to deal with our emotions.

The good thing about knowing what zodiac moon are you in is that you can navigate and understand more pieces of yourselves you didn't think you possess before you know of it. You also change your habits into something more positive where you can practically use them in your daily life!

The placement of our moon shows how we behave on different things that make us tick—and we have our individuality in dealing with them. The moon portrays our inner self, our deepest feelings, and where we back off when we feel threatened. 

Virgo is an Earth sign. Born with it, they are practically a humanitarian inside. They want to see the people around them outgrow themselves for the better, and pour their selfless service to help them achieve their desired goal.

The Low-Maintenance Sign

The Moon in Virgos are unique of things: organized, and their attention to detail is rigorous. People like them are good at day-to-day routine and can be beneficial in someone’s life. They are low-maintenance, do even the simplest things wholeheartedly, and are happiest when they feel convenient and appreciated.

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Since Lunar Virgos enjoys living the “common” life, they are easily bound to get overwhelmed when exposed to too much attention from the people around them. They are practical and are not fond of ravishing recognitions and sometimes get pressured when things don't go how they have plotted it in their minds.

They are often the Underachievers. It’s not because they lack talent and skills, but because they choose their life that way. They like living behind the limelight and enjoy themselves to the non-extravagant thing life offers.

Self-Criticisms Are from Themselves

Virgo babies can often be harsh on themselves. Once something has triggered them, they create self-doubts and quite times can affect their energy and behavior. They love taking care of other people but forget quite often to take care of themselves, too.

They also have tendencies of nagging and complaining, and freak out when something inconvenient happens to them. They like being productive by helping others around. Mistakenly assume by most, Moon in Virgo doesn’t want to be manipulated and needs their own space to do what they want.

They can be very self-critical to themselves when things are way out of line. Lunar Virgo despises mistakes, and when they do commit, that's when they start to get out of focus. The good thing about them is they know how to get back up the scene but still work with perfection.

Anxiety is their twin. Lunar Virgos are prone to depression. Being a Moon in Virgo means you have a bomb inside you waiting to detonate. They can easily find wrong things and forgets to focus on their achievements. It's hard for them to recognize their self-worth and merely sees their lack of something.

Not only about themselves, but Lunar Virgo is also critical to others. They like doing things according to their plan and often judge people that don't play along with want they want. Their words are not sharp, but it would sting if you don’t find criticisms acceptable.

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Lunar Virgo as Relationship Partners

Lunar Virgos have built a high wall. They do not share their trouble unless someone patient enough to wait for them to open up asked. But they are attracted to sensible people and have a high level of self-discipline.

You may see that Lunar Virgos are tough, but they are soft on the inside. These people are shy at first but can be goofy once you get to know them. They don’t deny love possibilities; they guard their emotions quite strongly.

One effective way to get a ticket in getting to know them is to give them petty recognition in most of the things they do. Their love language is the Act of Service. If you don't look on the deeper level of their behavior, you won't figure out that they are fascinated by you.

Also, they are not emotional people. When a Lunar Virgo shows care and affection for you, they do these differently. You don't ask for things; they already know what you need. They foresee and recognize it ahead of time. They won’t often give physical affection, but they would make your life easier by doing convenient things for you.

Please take note that they are not adventurous. Lunar Virgo often stays inside their comfort zones but slowly learns the trade tricks and almost perfects them. They are not risk-takers, and they don't do things spontaneously.

Lunar Virgo is quite stubborn in relationships because they like to be the ones who manage the flow. It would be pretty hard to tame a person born with this sign, but it is possible to gain.

Tip when going on a date with a Lunar Virgo: Plan the date ahead of time!

Moon in Virgo Friend is A Must-Have in Life!

There are many positive qualities a Lunar Virgo characterizes, and one of them is being trustworthy. They are like human diaries—such great listeners. They are gentle companions, and they manage to find the words you need to hear without being bleak on you. Lunar Virgos find their purpose when they give bits of advice to people.

They are like pay-free Psychologists due to their instincts. Their intuitions are often accurate, and they analyze the problem carefully to give you the proper judgment on the scenario you're in at the moment. These people have this trait wherein they dissect every person's personality they talk to unconsciously, only because they love to understand the person more. They are keen on finding cracks and edges of people seeking pieces of advice, what makes them tick—and what has brought them to the situation they ask the advice.

It's rare for you to come up with an argument with them. Lunar Virgos are calm and composed and don't like getting bad blood from other people. They don't quickly get bursts of emotions and will try to dig where you’re coming from so you won’t crash.

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Lunar Virgos are also givers. They like giving stuff to people around their circle as they want to see everyone happy. They don’t weigh what they have given; they don’t ask for anything in return.

A person can make up for the things and stuff a Moon in Virgo person has given is to appreciate and value them. Give them the credits that they deserve, and constantly thank them for being your friend. And that, undoubtedly, would make Lunar Virgos feel acknowledged and valued.

How Are Lunar Virgo At Work?

Since they are meticulous and well-organized, Lunar Virgos are reliable at work, which is relevant in having Saturn in Virgo! Especially on analytical, you can count on them. You can bet that they can be a powerful asset inside a business setting. They are emotionally stable when things are well-planned and flows accordingly.

Frequently, they are the ones given the credit of being the “Most Productive,” and they live up to it. Thus, they have a strong sense of responsibility, and their dedication to work is on top.

They are service-oriented, and their instinct is to help. Lunar Virgos are decision-makers as well but decides carefully, especially when they are unsure. They are a blessing in disguise for a company because they love routine work and do things by rules.

They feel most bored when they think Lunar Virgos aren't productive in the surroundings they work in. Lunar Virgos' fuel at work is their passion for finishing their workloads in a short period, with a quality that is on point.

Workaholic as it may sound, but Lunar Virgos doesn't stop working unless they finish their tasks. They hate backlogs and half-finished jobs. They don't rest when they are tired, and Moon in Virgo only rests once they have done their work.

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Lunar Virgos are perfectionists, and this is their pitfall. Although it may sound okay, quite often, this hinders them from achieving the outcome they want. They like getting things done perfectly as what they plot in their head. Thus, when the output doesn’t go their way, they lose control of the things they do.

They are very focused on their tasks and get easily annoyed and distracted when someone goofs around. A minor inconvenience in their workplace will unquestionably affect their behavior and work output.

In addition to this, they tend to get hurt when they are unappreciated. These people don't ask for anything in return but acknowledge their efforts, no matter how big or small. So be careful in dealing with an agitated Lunar Virgo.

Given the fact that Lunar Virgo loves making routine habits, sometimes it impacts negatively on them. When they love what they do, they become restless. And it corresponds with this, you become stressed and hectic when things don't work and flow the way according to plan.

There would be times when they want to perfect things, and they tend to oversee the bigger picture. Small opportunities in life will come and go, and they would often miss it looking at the more minor details.

Inside a room, when a Lunar Virgo has done something and doesn't get the attention they expect, they go grumpy and mostly flip over the vibe inside. Emotions can be challenging for them to handle when these people are upset.

Healthy Living, Happy Life

“Healthy living, happy life” is probably the mantra for people born with Virgo signs. Not only at the workplace, but these people are also well-disciplined, hence, in public life! They value a healthy lifestyle more than any other zodiac sign.

Lunar Virgos' can be a life guru when it comes to health. They maintain their living as simple as possible; and get too conscious about what they eat and buy.

Not only on the food they intake, but they also take good note of their daily activities. They are reading books, for example, or jogging around on the street in the mornings. They do yoga, and they don't forget their green, healthy foods. They have trained their minds to love the simplicity of life. They find security in the uncomplicated things.

You can say that lunar Virgos are one with nature. You can find these people easily in rural places, or the countrysides. They highly appreciate small, simple things. Contentment is around them when things are well-managed, and life is in order.

They are clean and meticulous, and they have a strong admiration for people who loves living a healthy lifestyle like them. They get fussy over small dirt, and they get irritated about unorganized things.


Moon in Virgo is never hasty. Manipulation doesn't work for them. They know when they are being played at or tricked. But sometimes, Lunar Virgos tend to be micro-managing people. Given that they are perfectionists, they like to lead their rules and instructions to prevent other people from ruining their plans.

These people have already created worst-case scenarios in their heads and have plotted solutions for every circumstance they may have possibly been. Other zodiacs may find them bossy or authoritarian due to this trait.

What Career Are Lunar Virgos Compatible?

Since Lunar Virgos has a strong gut feeling and intuition, they are best suitable to become Psychologists or teachers. They see the world's imbalance and have the urge to straighten the imperfections, even though sometimes it's pretty impossible. Thus, they can also be lawyers or detectives.

Running away from the world's noisiness, these peacemakers can also be advocates mainly for peace and health. Above all this, maintaining balance and orderliness is a bucket of happiness for them.

Worst Career for Lunar Virgo

You are neat and organized; that's why dealing with a clerical and administrative job works for you. But don't go in the direction of creative jobs and others related to it that need your mind to get a bit messy.

Don’t also head in the industry where it requires fast output, such as waiters and cashiers. You, being a perfectionist, may affect your work. The rush of life inside restaurants may put you on the edge of anxiousness.

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How Are Moon in Virgo as Parents?

As parents, Moon in Virgo generally strives for their children to be humble and caring about the people around them. They have already imagined and planned their child’s future ahead of time. They look up to their children to demonstrate the same honesty and integrity that they expect from themselves.

A Lunar Virgo parent is more understanding than the rest of the zodiacs but will set a high expectation from her offspring. There would be cases wherein the child will not meet her parent's standards, and a lot of times, this will make her feel like she is letting down her parents.

The Virgo parent will find that imbalance as an uneasy feeling. Ironically, even though the parent is very critical of others, she will never be hard on her offspring. The Lunar Virgo parent will accept that mistakes and imperfections are necessary for her child to grow and learn.

What Differs Lunar Virgo from the Others?

Lunar Virgos do not get contented with how things are, especially when they see imbalances; that's why they always like to change things, make them proper and align with their values. They add up a little touch of themselves in everything they do. And that’s what makes them unique and exciting.

These people are often the successful ones due to their workaholic attitude. They seldom relax and never run out of stuff to do. They find fulfillment when they transmit their energy into work.

Since they live a simple life, success and happiness are easy for them to reach.  They don’t seek and desire anything luxurious; they want their places and stuff to be clean, neatly organized, and less complicated.


Moon in Virgo requires a lot of patience to be understood. It may look as if they are unemotional and cold, but those who know them in a more profound sense that their only desire is to help people.

Many talented zodiacs exist globally, and most are creatives such as artists, engineers, lawyers, and the like. We often forget we need healers and givers, too. And that’s what the Lunar Virgos' purpose is.

The world is noisy and chaotic, and we need people to weigh and balance things. You can always count on them to be there for you—may it be in any aspect of life. They make good leaders based on their sympathy and compassion for people; they make good counselors because they are good listeners and give heartfelt bits of advice.

Lunar Virgos are indeed a must-have in our daily lives. If you have at least one Lunar Virgo in your circle, try to keep and value them as much as possible.

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