Moon-Mars Aspects in Synastry Chart: Will the opposing characters of Moon and Mars have a chance for a romantic connection? -

Moon-Mars Aspects in Synastry Chart: Will the opposing characters of Moon and Mars have a chance for a romantic connection?

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Moon Conjunct Mars Synastry

The attraction of the Moon and Mars is influenced by the physical and emotional connection that they have towards each other. Both planets understand each other on an instinctive level. The level of mutual understanding they have is so profound that only they can understand.

The strong physical and emotional connection they have with each other makes their intimate moments blissful. Mars understands the needs of the Moon person and wishes to fulfill them. Moon person, on the other hand, is flattered with the affection of the Mars person gives.

The energies of Moon and Mars joined together to create energetic and vibrant energy. Both planets are excited to try new things and venture into new experiences. As their relationship deepens, there are a lot of new learnings they can incorporate into each other.

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The union of Moon and Mars in conjunction is like the yin and the yang. Both have opposing characters but still balances each other.

With the emotional side of the Moon, their relationship will surely be an emotional one. There would be a lot of intense emotions that will be felt and experienced by both partners. Both will experience a roller coaster ride of emotion that can be felt all at once.

Mars being the planet that represents aggressions, desire, passion, and sex will bring direction to their relationship. The Mars person can tame the overly emotional side of the Moon person. On the other hand, the temperamental nature of the Moon will smooth out the strong edges of the Mars person.

Mars person tend to be overly aggressive towards the Moon person because of his/her strong desires. Moon person on the other hand would want some slow loving and taking the time to build the intimacy within their relationship. If both planets cannot control and balance this out, it will be disaster. However, the union of Moon and Mars in conjunction brings assurance that in some way both planets will find a way to compromise. 

The challenge for both of the planets is to adjust and be more receptive of their partners needs. It best that both should have an open conversation to talk about things that they don't like and would want to improve in their relationship. In that way, each would know the things their partner wants and adjust themselves to avoid issues. 

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Moon in soft aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Mars in Synastry Chart

The relationship between Moon and Mars in the soft aspect is full of intimacy and tenderness. The moon person's emotional side allows it to become caring and loving towards the Mars person. On the other hand, Mars person is also willing to reciprocate with a fervent passion for the love of the Moon person. The love the Moon and Mars people have with each other is fulfilling and life-changing. 

Mars person loves to be with the Moon, for he can be himself with he's with her. The loving nature of the Moon person makes the Mars person feel at ease. Mars's person can be vulnerable with the Moon person for she knows that the Moon person loves and accepts him no matter what.

The emotional side of the Moon person allows him/her to be more understanding with the Mars person. This is because it takes a lot of patience to love a Mars person. Their independent nature and strong traits would be challenging to handle at times. As for the Moon person, he/she knows that the Mars person only needs someone to listen to him/he and provide assurance that they would never leave him/her alone.

The Mars person has been used to failed relationships and always ended up being the one left alone. Since they are sometimes hard to handle, people often get confuse why they act and speak in a harsh manner. However, the Mars person cannot notice this for it has become an instinctive nature and trait. The Moon person understands the Mars person on a much deeper level than other people.

Mars person has a hard time trusting another person because of his/her past experiences. But when he/she is around the Moon person, the Moon person has this way of making the Mars person feel that he/she is not alone. This give an assurance to the Moon person and in turn will change his/her negative traits to keep the Moon person.

Mars person, on the other hand, gives the Moon person a boost of confidence and encourages her to toughen up.

There are unity and consideration in this aspect of the Moon and Mars person. Their teamwork makes their relationship in a soft aspect suitable for a long-term relationship. Both understand each other instinctively and able to sense their partner's true feelings and needs.

If both planets work together, they can achieve great things and know more about themselves. They nurture each other and help each other to grow in all aspects of their selves.

Moon in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Mars in Synastry Chart

The differences between the Moon and Mars person will be the cause of conflict and tension within the relationship. Its as if these planets are indeed on the opposite poles, and it would be hard to form a harmonious relationship. There would be a lot of misunderstandings and arguments in this aspect.

Mars person will see the Moon person as too sensitive and tends to overreact sometimes. Mars person may feel constrained by the needy attitude of the Moon person. This will cause the Mars person to lash out on the Moon person and hurt his/her feelings. 

Moon person, on the other hand, may view Mars person as too egotistical and narcissistic. Moon person may feel too lonely, for she thinks that the Moon person is no longer interested in her.

Both planets have a problem controlling the intense emotions they feel towards each other. Bursts of anger and petty fights will continuously happen. The habits and traits each planet possesses irritate the other.

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