Moon Conjunct Moon Synastry: The emotional and instinctive connection of the two Moon person -

Moon Conjunct Moon Synastry: The emotional and instinctive connection of the two Moon person

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Moon Conjunct Moon Synastry

When two Moon persons meet, it's as if both knew each other for a long time. You have this instinctive and mutual understanding that only both of you can understand. Both have strong family ties that your values stem from.

Moon Conjunct Moon synastry is a positive and supportive astrological aspect. While there's a sense of familiarity, it's deeper than that. It's because each understands the other on an emotional level. These folks share the same family values and are respectful of one another.

When two Moon people are involved with each other, they feel like they've known one another for years. This type of familiarity is created from similar family backgrounds. Also, from values that stem from the family unit.

Both partners can appreciate each other's strong family ties. The support structure is built into both of you. You are in sync with each other on a holistic level. The feeling of being familiar to your partner is easy for both of you to feel. Mutual understandings arise pretty naturally between the two of you.

The Moon conjunct Moon person understands one another on a profound level. They usually always agree on most issues and concerns. As a team, they can communicate their feelings with ease. They often do so without words needing to be said as if they know what each other is thinking/feeling.

Both planets are comfortable with each other. You are both open with anything, for you know that you accept each other without judgment.

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The relationship of two Moon people in conjunction allows both partners to flourish and attain personal growth within the relationship. Both planets can freely express their emotions and show their emotional side to their partner. Because both are the same, they are not afraid to show their weakness in front of their partner. 

When the Moon aspects another planet, there is an opportunity to develop a more mature way of dealing with life. And figure out a more balanced way to deal with our emotions. When the Moon conjuncts another person's Moon, it is said that both partners can flourish. They could meet personal growth within a relationship.

Moon/Moon mutual conjunction is a powerful aspect between two people in a relationship. Moon is the planet that represents our emotions. With it conjuncting its sign, it allows both partners to express their feelings freely. That is without the fear of ridicule from their partner. Due to the similar nature of Moon and Moon (both are feminine, receptive, intuitive, subjective, and imaginative), such pair of lovers tend to seek out each other's company because they are alike and can relate easily.

There is assurance and a feeling of comfort and safety instilled by both Moon people in their relationship. The way they interact with each other is full of tenderness always taking into consideration of their partner's feelings. 

When the Moon people are in synastry, it is a relationship full of tenderness, considering each other's feelings. There is an assurance that there will be no betrayal, and both can rely on each other in all matters.

The couple will understand each other's feelings and emotions, even without words. There is an emotional bond between them that creates a comforting safety. They have mutual support and cooperation with each other. Also, this aspect makes both of them concerned about the other's welfare and fate.

This is a beautiful relationship where each individual fulfills the other's emotional needs. They are very devoted and loving toward one another. They can easily overlook any differences.

Fondness, gentleness, and compassion are the energy that makes up your relationship. Both partners are not afraid to be vulnerable with each other.

Both planets crave each other's presence. Moon people always want to spend time with their partner, Often, these two will decide to move in and live together even their relationship has just started. Both planets function better when they are together. Both draw their energy and motivation from their partner and long-distance relationships don't work for them. 

When two Moons are involved in a relationship or merge, it's as if these two are meant to be. And so, they tend to get together quickly and focus on the long term without having to deal with all the other worries that come up along the way.

Two Moons in a Synastry will bring an instant sense of being “meant to be together” and that there is no way for them to walk away from each other. These two may pick up where they left off in their past lives, with feelings of deep love still lingering. There will be an immediate connection between them. As if they have never been apart so that the relationship can progress rapidly.

However, both planets have a sensitive and very emotional side. Moon people have a tendency to become overcritical and overreact to certain situations. This oversensitive attitude can be the cause of conflict and fights in your relationship.

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At first glance, you will likely find each other interesting and attractive. But, be aware that the conjunction of the Moon is neither a stable nor compatible configuration. Due to the intense sensitivity of both moon people, they tend to overthink and exaggerate situations, including their relationship. Moreover, emotions frequently run high. This can cause conflict and fights in your relationship.

Being over-critical in some things can cause constant arguments and disagreement in your relationship. The challenge for both Moon people is that you need not let your mind clouded by anger. It will help if you think before saying something not to hurt the feeling of your partner.

A Moon Conjunct Moon synastry problem is that both of you are extremely sensitive to each other's moods. You don't want to be hurting or argue. Thus, the best solution for this is not to say something straight away if there is an issue at hand. Think about it and analyze it before saying something to or about your partner.

It is essential to avoid bickering as it could break this relationship if you cannot avoid being over-critical. To help one another overcome the challenge, you should think before saying something. The key to making this relationship work lies in one's tolerance, sensitivity, and willingness to adjust. Creating smooth communication between two partners is required communication skills with an ability to listen, compromise, empathy, and understand.

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Moon in soft aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Moon in Synastry Chart

Both Moon persons are sensitive towards the feeling of each other. Both planets are cozy and caring towards each other.

When these two planets meet for the first time, both will instantly feel the deep connection they have towards each other. As their relationship progress, both planets feel as if they have found their other half. Both planets feel as if they are connected on a deep emotional level. 

They relate to each other's struggles and burdens in life. Moon people often feel lonely because of their emotional side that only a few can understand and put up to. This makes the two Moon persons feel a little less lonely, and together they find solace in the presence of the other. They feel at peace being together, it creates a safe space and nurturing bubble for the two Moon people to be their true selves. 

Even though the two are alone in the world, it doesn't seem so with the other person in their lives. The Moon creates a safe place for both of them to be themselves. They will feel close despite the multitude of troubles and burdens they struggle through. The Moon person finds the other a good listener, thoughtful and often sympathetic. They can be someone to lean on when needed, even if it is just for emotional support.

Both planets are sympathetic to what the other person is feeling. You comfort and give support to your partner if he/she is having a problem. You face every challenge in your relationship hand in hand. Your strong bond makes you overcome all challenges and problems that come your way. 

The two persons involved face every problem together, feeling and thinking the same way. This understanding between the two persons makes them even stronger while making their relationship more stable. There is a softness, poetry, and creativity in the relationship. You are loyal and very dedicated to your partner.

As your relationship gets more in-depth, you will discover that both of you have so many things in common. You enjoy being together and enjoy doing even the most mundane things.

You both appreciate both structure and spontaneity, making schedules not so important. Each of you will bring out the best in the other, complementing each other in whatever is needed. You find yourselves so compatible and can be yourself. Your relationship has gotten in-depth enough that you can share any details.

Also, there is a lot of humor between you. You both tend to see the ridiculous in many situations. You like and respect each other. You have this soft kind of energy that you both share, making each other feel loved. You are willing to be patient with each other and work long hours on projects together.

Because both planets are family-oriented, your families will undoubtedly have a significant impact on your relationship. You know that a Moon person is serious about their partner is when they introduce them to their family members. For the Moon person, their family is the most important thing for them, and when they truly love someone he/she will make sure that they also feel belong to the people he/she cared the most.

Your family might have a significant impact on your relationship. The Moon person is serious about their partner, and when they fall in love, they will introduce them to their family members.

For the Moon person, their family is of great importance, and they care the most about their family when they truly love someone. The Moon person will care about their families as well as yours. They are always there when you need them, no matter how big or small the problems may be.

The same goes for the aspects of the Moon and Jupiter. Your fondness for each other makes you want to give everything to your partner. Be careful, though, as you both have the tendency to become too available towards the other person that you may neglect your own needs. Another thing that the two Moon people should not overlook is to take care of their own self. 

Work together in creating a healthy balance within your relationship. Instill independence and create healthy boundaries to avoid being overburdened by your relationship.

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Moon in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Moon in Synastry Chart

The emotion of the Moon persons in the hard aspect is not aligned. Your emotional side will be further intensified in this aspect. It would be hard for both Moon people to unite in this aspect. 

Both planets can become over-critical and may act in an irrational way. Misunderstanding will likely resurface, and you will surely irritate each other.

When something upsets you, you tend to show it in a passive-aggressive manner. If come a time that your oversensitive side came at once, then it would cause an epic fight.

You become unconscious of what you're saying because your anger has destroyed your rationality. Keep in mind that hurtful words could significantly impact your relationship. Once a Moon person is hurt, it will surely be imprinted in their mind making it hard for them to trust again. 

The challenge for both Moon people in the hard aspect is that both need to learn how to manage their emotions appropriately. Don't let your emotions overpower your logical thinking. Be careful of the words that go out your mouth when you're angry, for you can never take them back.

If you both find yourself in a heated argument, just take the initiative to break the fight and cool off for a moment. Discussing the issue when both of you are angry would only make matters worse. Talk and address the problems in your relationship when both of you have already calmed down. In that way, both can avoid lashing out at each other. 

Be more kind towards each other and calmly express your feelings. Be more open towards each other, and let your love be the driving force for you to survive in this hard aspect.

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