Moon-Neptune Aspects in Synastry Chart: The spiritual and compassionate connection of Moon and Neptune -

Moon-Neptune Aspects in Synastry Chart: The spiritual and compassionate connection of Moon and Neptune

Moon in Conjunction with Neptune in Synastry Chart

Moon and Neptune are both attracted by the tender and compassionate nature each of them possesses. You are both oozing with creativity and share a common interest in art and music. Moon and Neptune have an instinctive connection towards each other. You sense each other emotions and thoughts quickly. 

When Moon and Neptune first meet, both planets will feel this undeniable strong connection they have with each other. Both are good at communicating and making their conversation light and easy. Soon both planets will find out that they have so many things in common and would further deepen their connection. Without knowing it, both planets have already succumbed to the intense desire and passion they have for each other. 

Being naturally compassionate, you both feel and understand each other's suffering and burdens in life. Moon and Neptune have this deep bond and understanding towards each other. Both planets are not afraid to be vulnerable towards their partner. There is openness in their relationship for both planets know that their partner accepts them for who they are. 

Moon and Neptune are honest with their thoughts and emotions toward each other. Both planets are not hesitant to share their past and traumatic experiences. They are open to showcase their authentic self with no mask and pretensions. Both planets have created this safe space for both of them where they can be true to their partner and also to themselves. 

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Moon and Neptune share the same spiritual and personal values. They both have this desire to extend help to those in need. Their similarities keep their bond strong that allows them both to grow personally and spiritually within the relationship. Their likeness is also their strong asset which allows both planets to be successful in their own endeavor. Both planets assist and support each other to reach their dreams. 

Neptune has the tendency to live in the illusion of its dreams. This can be challenging to maintain a long-term relationship, for there is a lack of maturity and rationality. Moon person on the other hand is very emotional. However, when both worked together, they could turn their weak points into their advantage and make this relationship succeed. 

Both planets are sensitive, and this can make the Moon person feel that Neptune can't provide him/her with the stability he/she needs in a relationship. Neptune person on the other hand would be further depressed oh how the Moon person is making him/her feel. 

Neptune loves the Moon person deeply but is always caught up and distracted by its illusions towards life. If the Moon person can tolerate the Neptune person's absent-minded attitude, their relationship still stands a chance.

Both have the tendency to become withdrawn and distant if hurt and offended. Neither wants to initiate to fix the problem, which can cause the relationship to deteriorate.

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Moon in Soft Aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Neptune in Synastry Chart

Kindness, compassion, and humility are qualities that both Moon and Neptune possess. This is what magnetized these two planets together in a soft aspect. You understand each other on a deep level. Your strong intuitive connection with each other is further magnified in this aspect. 

Both planets are caring and kind towards each other. They support one another and help each other reach their dreams and goals. The positive aspect the Moon and Neptune have in the soft aspect is what makes their relationship strong. They easily solve issues and remove roadblocks that come their way as their relationship progress.

Moon and Neptune are strongly connected to their intuition. Both are spiritually enlightened, and there is an awareness of their actions, words, and thoughts. Their willingness to support and help their partner allows both of these planets to discover their true self and real purpose. Together as a team, they can achieve self-actualization with the help of each other.

Moon and Neptune avoid confrontations and challenging circumstances. Because of this, they may feel like their relationship is getting dull and lacking excitement. Thus, the challenge for both planets is that they need to communicate often and be honest with their true emotions. Doing so will end the guessing game and provide direction to their relationship.

Having open communication will eliminate misunderstandings and petty fights. This will make your relationship be grounded and centered on personal growth and compromise.

Both need to work on their spirituality and help each other become more spiritually aware and enlightened.

Your love for each other is so intense that it is almost on a spiritual level. Both partners are very understanding and empathetic with their partner's needs and emotions. 

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Moon in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Neptune in Synastry Chart

Both planets share the same interest in spirituality and mystical knowledge. 

The Neptune person tends to live in an illusion and being deceptive towards facing the challenges in life. This makes the Moon person feel that the Neptune person is not serious in their relationship. The avoidance of Neptune person in facing problems could feel like a burden to the Moon person. The Moon person feels that the Neptune person lacks direction and motivation in life.

The Moon person on the other hand feels unhappy and discontented with the Neptune person. This makes the Moon person feel more alone being the only one shouldering all the problems in the relationship. 

The relationship between the Moon and Neptune in a hard aspect can be very challenging. It would be very hard to establish a harmonious relationship between the Moon and Neptune in this aspect. Misunderstanding, immature acts, and disappointments can be the source of conflict in the relationship.

There could also be the case of one-sided love in this aspect. One person feels deeply towards the other, but the other person is not mutually feeling the connection.

When Moon and Neptune have a fight, they resort to silent treatment and withdraw themselves from the relationship. This can cause a gap between their emotional connection with each other.

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