Moon Opposite Mars Synastry: How Will These Two Find Harmony? -

Moon Opposite Mars Synastry: How Will These Two Find Harmony?

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Moon traits

In astrology, the Moon is in touch with our emotions. Like how the Moon appears in the dark, the Moon also keeps our secrets. Together with the secrets that the Moon keeps, it also hides our mysteries, our darkest thoughts, and deepest desires.

The Moon is what makes us vulnerable and crave what we want in life. If the sun sees who we are in a general sense, the Moon sees what we are. And what we are lies in the darkest part of ourselves. The Moon sees our weakness and the things that we hide underneath the sun's rays.

The Moon also represents our mother figures. It governs our motherly affection. With this information in our hands, we can say that Moon represents our motherly affection. It rules over intuition as well.

The moon people are sensitive. This sensitivity is like a coin with two sides: the good and the bad. The good is that these people are emphatic. With this empathy in their veins, these people find it easy to wear another person's shoes. They feel what you're going through, and they want to help you out.

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Expect that the moon people will always go out of their way to help the ones they love. They would go the extra mile for these people. What's more, is that they do not want the people around them suffering. This trait is why they are always willing to extend a helping hand when someone is in need.

Here's the bad: since they are sensitive, the Moon people get offended easily. When these people are hurt, expect that they will bring this for the rest of their lives.

The Moon people tend to hold on to the pain. Like the innate motherly instinct in them, they nurture these negative feelings. And the lessons from their painful experiences will also always be there. They are reserved people, and they rarely let anyone in. they are afraid for the past to happen again.

Mars traits

Mars is the infamous brutal and violent-loving Roman god of chaos. He is the revered icon of war, and soldiers look up to him. Careful not to cross this god's wrong side, or you'll end up in his bloody hands.

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Like the red fury of the god, Mars, in astrology, rules over aggression and anger. It complements the red appearance of the planet itself because Mars governs bloodshed and chaos. This planet is viewed mainly as a bad omen because it is the bringer of chaos and unrest.

But Mars is not all about the negatives. Mars governs sexual desires and aggression. What are your deepest sexual desires? Mars knows the answer to this.

Just like in the Mars-Uranus synastry, Mars is also the planet of dominance, ambition, persistence, and drive. Are you willing to do every means to achieve your goals? Will you do everything to get your goals, even to the point of hurting a person?

Hence, expect that Mars people will always take charge. They always take matters into their own hands. For this reason, expect that people might feel intimidated when they are around. They also tend to gain a lot of enemies because they are hot-headed. Mars people would burst into anger over the minor things.

Since these people like to take charge, they would always assert themselves to lead. Hence, Mars people are born to be leaders. But bear in mind that when these people become leaders, they are the authoritarian ones. These people lead the bossy way. They are strict and may say the harshest words when their people commit mistakes.

Despite the way they lead, others still admire Mars people. Their drive to achieve their goals is desirable. They think of the plan, and they get things done to achieve it. These people dream high, and rightfully so! When they desire, they make it a reality.

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Moon Opposite Mars synastry

With the sensitive Moon and aggressive Mars, expect a clash between these two. With an opposition aspect, there's bloodshed.

People dread opposition because the planets sit on the opposite poles of a chart. And when they sit on the opposite sides, the planets will find it hard to coexist harmoniously. And when these planets would not find balance, they will pull each other creating chaos and power struggle.

With these total opposite planets finding grounds to coexist, expect an intense relationship between these two.

The sexual intimacy is off the roofs. You will find that you both satisfy each other's carnal desires. And you are both open to trying things that may spice up the action even more. You both connect when it comes to sex. Moon opposite Mars synastry shows that the couple will become addicted to pleasuring each other's bodies.

But that's the only takeaway for this relationship.

The Mars person will find the Moon very sensitive, and they will get annoyed by this. They would burst in anger and direct it towards the Moon. The Moon, on the other hand, will not sit idly and take the rage. They will find ways to know that Mars has hurt them.

These people would always find themselves fighting over the slightest things. Mars would more often than not hurt the moon person. The Moon, then, will be hot and cold towards the mars. But mostly cold, because the Moon will tend to hide their true feelings underneath their façade.

But despite all the fighting, you two will remain together. Why? Because all the bad feelings disintegrate when these two put their armors down and sit side by side. Because at the end of the day, what matters for them is that they are side by side. They still go home to each other's arms.

If both like to overcome this never-ending cycle of fights, the couple should be willing to work on their communication skills. Work on how Mars' tolerance with the Moon. The Moon should work on opening up its feelings with Mars. With their affection for each other, there's nothing they can’t do to make the relationship work.

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