Moon Square Mars Synastry: Do Opposites Attract? -

Moon Square Mars Synastry: Do Opposites Attract?

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“The sun sees your body; the moon sees your soul.” True enough, in astrology, the Moon is what represents our emotions. The Moon is in touch with our feminine side. Like how the Moon appears only at night, it also signifies the emotions we repress in the dark. It can be your secrets and mysteries.

Moon is associated with intuition and the unconscious. It is also related to our subconscious and habits. This satellite also reveals our relationship with our family and home. Mars derived its name from the God of War. In line with this, the Red Planet rules over chaos and destruction. Mars governs anger and aggression. But this is not all there is to this planet. Mars is also about willpower, motivation, and persistence. It also represents sexual aggressions and tension.

Moon In An Individual

Moon persons are sensitive. They are easily hurt. And because of the pain, these people can't help but hold on to grudges. Moon people will forgive but never forget. Once they get broken, expect that they will carry it for the rest of their lives. Because these people are sensitive, Moon-ruled people can change moods easily. They are prone to mood swings. That is how they are.

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Their sensitiveness also has a positive side. Moon people are emphatic. Because of their empathy, they can quickly put their shoes on others. These people do not want others to feel burdened. Hence, they will always extend a helping hand. These people often go out of their way to help the person in need.

Mars As An Individual

Being ruled by Mars, expect that this person is domineering. They always like to be in charge. These people are born leaders. You can expect that the way they lead is different. They could come off as a harsh and strict leader. As opposed to the Moon that represents feminine energy, Mars is the masculine side.

Because these people are authoritarians, chances are they will shove their beliefs in your throat. Hence, the people they lead on could expect that the Mars leader will push them into doing something that is not okay. Best believe that those qualities are the only ways they know in leading people.

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These people are ambitious. And since they are ambitious, they are also persistent. Expect that when Mars people eyed their goal, they rarely get sidetracked. They would do everything to cross the finish line. But the thing is, these people would not care if they get hurt others in the process.

Because they are ambitious, Mars people intimidate others. People can sense their fiery and robust aura even miles away. It is not surprising that these people get a lot of enemies. You do not want to cross a Mars person. These people are hot-tempered. When angry, they will likely resort to violence. If not, these persons will destroy you by their words. Since aggression rules them, it is not surprising that these people are impatient.

Square In Astrology

Square connotes an undesirable vibe in astrology. Astrologers believe that the square is the bringer of tension. Hence, squares can induce disagreements and conflicts. These battles can happen inside you. It may manifest in your relationships, too. Square can also evolve into destruction and devastation.

This aspect in astrology is something scary. But best believe that this will be all worth it. When the battle is over, the aftermath will be worth it. It may not be the aftermath that we want, but it is what needs to happen.

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Synastry In Astrology

Synastry looks into the natal charts of two people. Synastry will determine the couple's compatibility. How will they find common ground with their difference? What are the potential challenges that may arise based on their natal charts?

Synastry helps the couple understand the flow of the relationship, just like with Sun-Moon aspects in synastry. It also helps the couple to prepare for the obstacles that may arise in the connection. When this happens, this couple can better identify the root of the problem and talk it out. But it is important to note that synastry does not show the future. Everything is bound to change, like the flow of the relationship. What synastry shows is the possibility of the relationship.

Moon Square Mars Synastry

Be prepared for a lot of sexual tension that will come this couple’s way. Expect that these people have a magnetic pull on each other. Just what the Moon-Mars aspects show, they will find that they are head-over-heels in love. This magnetic pull is why despite the heavy conflicts that may arise, these people will have a hard time getting rid of each other.

Despite the magnetic pull, this couple has opposite natures. Their opposite is the Moon is on the feminine side and Mars, masculine. This nature will be the root of some of the disagreements arising in the relationship. Knowing the Moon's sensitivity, Mars will not lash out to the Moon partner. Despite their hot temper, they will make their patience longer.

The Moon, on the other hand, will accept Mars' wild nature at first. They will find themselves accepting Mars' core wholeheartedly. However, as time passes by, these people will see Mars' personality as repulsive. Since the Moon is the overly sensitive one, Mars can perceive them as needy and weak creatures. The Moon, on the other hand, views Mars as a brutal and aggressive person.

This couple represses anger. Despite Mars person's ruling planet, these people will hold their anger for long periods. The same can be said to the Moon person. Since Moon people like to hold on to their feelings, they will also repress their anger. Their anger release can be healthy or unhealthy. It all depends on how they will handle these emotions.

Despite all the control in their emotions, this couple will fight over the slightest things. These disagreements often result in rash words and, worse, violence. The fights will not only revolve around minor things. There are also extreme feelings involved. These feelings can encompass intense jealousy, possessiveness, manipulative, and controlling ways.

If the Moon person's feelings get hurt, expect that they will take it silently. Mars, however, will have an outburst of anger and violence.

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To Summarize

If opposites do attract, this relationship is not the evidence of this fact. There is an intense pull with each other. They find it hard to get rid of each other. But this partnership is surrounded by toxic energy. These people cannot tolerate each other and will often get into fights that came out of nowhere. There is not much positive energy in this relationship. Sadly, the solution that is left for them to do is communicate, which, as we can see, isn't easy for them as well.

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