Moon Square Pluto Transit: The Transit That Gives Second Chances -

Moon Square Pluto Transit: The Transit That Gives Second Chances

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Moon Transit

The Moon is a celestial body that revolves around our home planet. Luna, another name for our Moon, illuminates our nights, and it is also associated with mystical activities. Many believe that the Moon sharpens our intuition and psychic abilities. For this reason, many astrologers do their rituals during the full moon, where the Moon's power is at its peak.

True enough, the Moon represents our intuition and subconscious. Whenever we use our gut feeling, that's the Moon at work. The Moon is in touch with our emotions too. It knows how much we crave emotional validation. This celestial body knows our deepest emotional needs.

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Like how the Moon pulls the tides and controls them, the Moon pulls our moods and emotions too. Whenever we feel moody or sensitive, it's the Moon's peak influence on us. It is no surprise that the Moon represents our childlike attitude too. We feel immature and childish whenever we get emotional.

Many believe that Sun is what rules many of us. Contrary to the Moon's dominion, the Sun rules our consciousness and rationality. But truthfully, Moon rules a lot of people. You will see people following what their heart wants instead of what their mind tells them. People usually follow their gut feelings instead of what their logic says.

Hence, we can infer that the Moon is as essential as the Sun. Although the Moon is somehow concerned with our weaker side, we all need a little vulnerability. The Moon is also in touch with our feminine side. In this case, the Moon looks after our nurturing and gentle selves.

The Moon encourages us to be vulnerable at times. Sure, being strong is admirable. But there are two sides to every person: the strong and the weak. Strength will not exist without weakness. The Moon reminds us to acknowledge that we all have our soft spots, albeit not evident.

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Pluto Transit

Pluto is a primal god in Roman mythology for ruling the land of the dead. When they ousted their father, Saturn, the three male siblings picked their dominion. Books tell us that Pluto didn't pick his kingdom; he had no other choice. This god learned how to live in the dark, and he likes it more than the light. Hence, he always wears his invisibility helmet when he rises to the mortal world.

The dwarf planet, like the god, dwells on the cold and dark boundary of our Solar System. In astrology, it resides on the darkest parts of ourselves too. Pluto knows the horrible scars that we try so hard to cover. These scars may include childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, self-harming, or trust issues. Pluto shelters whatever devastates our well-being and stability. For this reason, Pluto lurks on the murky sides of ourselves, waiting to spring and attack us.

And when the time comes for the attack, what do we do? Would we run away from our issues and repress them again? Or would we finally have the fortitude to step up and resolve it? If we chose to face it with determination and beat our monsters, a regeneration will follow.

The Roman god rules over the dead and rebirth as well. Unsurprisingly, the same thing is true in astrology. Pluto associates itself with transformation and revival. This cold planet encourages us to face our fears and beat them. It might be the scariest thing you will do in your life, but the results will be worth it. What follows is the metamorphosis that will lead you to the brighter side of life.

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Square In Astrology

When celestial bodies align with other planets, they sometimes form angles or aspects. For example, when Moon forms a 90-degree angle with Pluto, there's your Moon square Pluto. Square is not the most anticipated aspect of astrology. Practitioners of astrology called this aspect the bringer of tension. The square induces conflict and pressure not only to oneself but to its surrounding. The square may rock your relationships, bringing it to rough waters. The square will test whatever is stable when its influence is vital in the air.

How will Moon square Pluto transit wreak havoc in the steady flow of our lives?

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Moon Square Pluto Transit

This transit warns you that whatever you have repressed will resurface. With the Moon-Pluto aspects, Moon square Pluto transit will definitely bring about confusion and lasting pain to the people who have yet to confront Pluto. In hindsight, this transit smells trouble. But when you look at it, this is the time for us to heal from our wounds. This transit will remind us that we still have unresolved issues, and it's time to meet them. We cannot live our life to the fullest without settling these issues on ourselves.

One should also be careful, especially when you are in a relationship. There may be an urge where you want to control or manipulate your partner. Because Pluto represents power, power struggles may arise in your relationships. It is best to talk about these issues with your partner. And both should discuss what needs to change in the relationship.

The transit may even expose the embarrassing things that you have done. Or an issue that has been lurking for a long time will reveal itself to you. When these things happen, you have no choice but to face this. This transit will direct your eyes to the issue, and you cannot do anything nor escape from it.

Overall, this transit will inspire you to go out there and face your demons. It will not solve itself. Additionally, the monsters will not disappear, too, if you do not meet them. This season promotes a life-changing event that will start on you. And after changing yourself, your surroundings will surely follow.

This season gives us all a second chance at life. Sure, the mistakes that we made may get exposed. But what is essential is that we have learned from our mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while, and mistakes make us know the hard way. What's necessary is that we gained wisdom from our errors and swore not to do it again.

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