Moon Trine Mars Synastry: How To Keep Your Eternal Flame Burning? -

Moon Trine Mars Synastry: How To Keep Your Eternal Flame Burning?

Moon and Mars are both important planets in astrology. Both govern different aspects of our lives. Like its appearance during the night, Moon is concerned with the deepest part of you. It reveals your intense desire and your hidden emotions. The Moon can also mirror your secrets, dark pasts, and traumas. It shows the part of you that you don't want people to see.

In contrast to the secretive Moon, Mars is the bold planet. This planet rules over communication; it also governs anger and aggression. In addition, it signifies our intense energies, actions, and even assertion. This planet shows how you act on your anger and how you communicate. It reveals your sexual aggressions and desires.

What is synastry?

Synastry is concerned with the aspect of relationships. It looks on the partner's natal chart to determine how their relationship will flow. Will they have an intense relationship? Synastry will show what conflicts may arise in the romantic connection. It looks at the planet placements of the partners and determines their impact on each other. Synastry also looks into the couple's compatibility and differences. How will they overcome their differences and enhance their compatibility?

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Moon And Mars As Individuals

Moon people are typically shy. Being ruled by the Moon, they embody its secrecy. They would avoid the spotlight and is much more comfortable in the dark. They are often very emotional people. Moon people are usually very caring since the Moon induces motherly instincts. Hence, you can expect that they are highly intuitive people.

People ruled by the Moon are reserved. Since they are naturally shy, they would often drive people away and rarely open up to people. This trait comes as a form of defense mechanism to them. These people are also easily hurt. Because of this, they often hold on to grudges and experiences that break them. This attitude is the primary reason why they protect themselves. They do not want anyone to hurt them again and add any more grudges.

Mars people, on the other hand, have conflicting personalities. Since their planet rules on war, expect that there is also a war going on with them. It can be a conflict in their feelings. This conflict can also relate to battle on their heads. People ruled by Mars always like to take charge. They are natural leaders. Often, they want to take matters into their own hands. Mars people are known for their authoritarian traits. This dominance is not at all bad, but it can be pretty frustrating for some people.

Being ruled by Mars, expect that these people are persistent. They always work towards their goals, no matter how discouraging it may be. Most likely, these people are very active, easily angered, and loud.

What is a trine?

Trine usually highlights the positives in the relationship. How will the couple get along? Trine analyzes the harmony of the relationship. Are they compatible with each other? Will the relationship turn out for the better? Trine is associated with good luck and overall positive vibes.

Trine forms when the planets form a 120-degree angle in a birth chart. If the planets are similar in what they are governing, the best things will come along. But with the Moon and Mars' opposing personalities, what will come off of it?

Will Their Conflicting Personalities Get Along?

Sure, they can! And expect that there will be overwhelming chemistry between the two. There is a magnetic mutual attraction between them. And both of them know it. The couple feels it! Moon trine Mars couple will feel like there is an irresistible pull between the two of them. They feel like they cannot be apart from each other. Despite the contrasting personalities, they will undoubtedly create a fire. This fire will be hard to extinguish.

The sexual relationship is as intense as their attraction to each other. The partners will meet their physical needs. Both might even think that this kind of sexual satisfaction is rare. This is only found on their Moon or Mars partner. They believe that both of them can fill each other's sexual fantasies. Despite being opposite, the couple will feel that they balance each other. This couple complements each other.

Since Moon symbolizes feminine energy and Mars is the male energy, they appear to be yin-yang. They are the perfect definition of balance. They ignite each other's thirst for new things. With this, you can expect that the more the relationship lasts, the more they learn. They can learn about each other, about life in general, and about handling connections.

The Moon partner, being shy, will be encouraged by Mars. Mars partner will give their Moon partner the courage to get up and face the hardships. What's lovely is that Mars can help out their Moon overcome the painful things in their past. Meanwhile, the Moon partner can be Mars' pacifier. The Moon will be the one who will calm the Mars partner. Moon people are caring and gentle persons. They will care for their Mars partner and be gentle around them too.

With this, it is safe to say that they need each other. These lovebirds are each other's rock and safe zone.

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All Seems To Be In Good Hands. Do We Expect A Rollercoaster Ride?

Yes, expect a lot of twists and turns. Be ready for twisties and curlies. With your partner ruled by the Moon, the relationship may induce a lot of emotions. The Moon people are highly emotional and sensitive. And they will bring these intense emotions into the relationship. There may arise heated arguments and a lot of infuriation.

There is also the chance that as the relationship gets long-term, it might also get boring. This feeling may be a significant setback to Mars, which craves anything dangerous and exciting. And when it comes to this point, more fights may arise in the relationship.

If one of them decided to shy away from any sexual interaction, their partner might take it the wrong way. Since their sexual attraction is high up the roof, it is a part of their love language. And if someone doesn't like it, it can look like the interest is dwindling. Because of this, thoughts of unloyalty may arise. One of them would rekindle the burnt-out flame to another person instead of their partner.

To Summarize

With the Moon-Mars aspects, Moon trine Mars partnership is an all-consuming fire. They balance each other and cannot get enough of each other. There will be rocky times ahead. But with their undying passion for each other, they can overcome anything! Both should never forget the power of healthy communication. Misunderstandings may arise, but communication is helpful to resolve the arising issues. The key to healthy communication is sitting down, listening to it, and applying what you have learned.

With Mars' persistence and Moon's loving nature, I am sure their fire will keep burning for ages.

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