Moon-Venus Aspects in Synastry Chart: The dynamic and inspiring connection of Moon and Venus -

Moon-Venus Aspects in Synastry Chart: The dynamic and inspiring connection of Moon and Venus

Moon in Conjunction with Venus in Synastry Chart

Your affection towards each other is undeniable. Moon and Venus have this magnetic aura that draws people toward them. They both enjoy social activities together. Communication is a vital component of your relationship.

Moon and Venus love to talk just about anything they think of. This is their way of bonding, through exchanging ideas and connect through mental stimulation. Sharing each other experiences and life lessons is what makes these two planets closer together. The new learning their partner shares makes them want them more. 

Moon and Venus share a common interest in art and music. If Moon and Venus' energies are joined together, both can improve their social connections. Moon and Venus bonding moments often include going to concerts, art expos, and simply listening to music they both love. 

Tenderness, affection, kindness, and gentleness are abundant energies in your relationship. Every moment you spent together is pure bliss. Both of the planets thrive on the strength of the other. Similar to Moon-Neptune aspects, you are charging each other with positive energies.

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The positive energies that surround the relationship of Moon and Venus person allow them to withstand any problems that may come their way. Their ability to communicate openly towards each other allows them to settle issues in their relationship before it gets worse. b 0.hyujjj98 

Trivial issues don't bother these two. Thus, the union of Moon and Venus in conjunction is perfect for marriage and long-term relationships. Both planets enjoy each other's company. Both draw their strength from the presence of their partner. They work best when they are together rather than being apart. 

Both planets don't mind doing the same thing every day and fall into repetitive chores as long as they are together. The presence of their partner beside them is enough to fuel their day. It inspires them to do better in their career and provide for their partner. 

There is so much positive energy surrounding the relationship of the Moon and Venus in conjunction that even the people around them can also sense it. Together as a team, Moon and Venus can achieve a lot of things that have a significant impact on the world.

Not only they are good as being lovers, but they also function well as co-workers or business partners. Their wide network of assets and connections allows these two to flourish and succeed in their own endeavors.

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Moon in soft aspect (trine, sextile, semi-sextile) with Venus in Synastry Chart

Your fondness towards each other makes your bond even more robust. Your relationship has this openness that is initiated by your loving and affectionate manner towards each other. There is equality in the relationship between Moon and Venus in the soft aspect.

Moon and Venus share many things in common. You both enjoy doing things together. With the creativity of Venus and the driving force of the Moon to succeed, you both can achieve anything.

The positive energy that flows within the relationship of Moon and Venus makes it easy forthem to settle issues and problems within their relationship. Both planets have a natural way of cooling the tension between them. They have the ability to maintain the coolness and calm in their connection.

The energy of the Moon and Venus joined together will surely succeed in business. If they plan on something, undoubtedly, they will achieve it. The presence of each other is enough to empower both of them and dedicate further to their goals. Moon and Venus support each others endeavor allowing them to grow within their relationship. 

The Moon person looks after the Venus person, giving him/her all the love and attention he/she needs. On the other hand, Venus's person will motivate the Mars person and awaken the sensuality and sexiness that he/she hides within.

However, the negative side of this aspect of Moon and Venus is that both are too afraid of confrontations. Both tend to hide their real emotions for the fear that they may hurt their partner. Both planets need to learn to be honest with their feelings towards each other. 

Venus and Moon need to work their communication in the soft aspect. Keeping it all inside will later pile up and would feel a burden to both of you. Both planets need to learn how to delegate the responsibilities in their relationship and to not shoulder it all. Keep in mind that your partner cannot guess what you're thinking, you need to be more vocal so your partner may know also your needs. 

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Moon in Hard Aspect (opposition, square, semi-square) with Venus in Synastry Chart

The relationship between the Moon and Venus in hard aspect would face a lot of emotional imbalance. Your thoughts and feelings are not aligned in this aspect, and this can cause a lot of tension in your relationship.

The sensitive side of the Moon person will be magnified in this aspect. The Venus person will be left confused about how to manage the moods of the Moon person.

Moon person may become resentful of the egocentric and narcissistic attitude of the Venus person. Moon person may demand more time and affection towards the Venus person, wherein Venus person sees it as childish and too needy.

The constant fights would later make the Venus and Moon person feel suffocated of each other. Both needs to be more compassionate with your partner to bring back the harmony between you. 

One or both planets often have the tendecy to over-indulge on material things. This is because both planets are very conscious of their physical apperance, they often tend to spend above their means. This could lead them to have pile of debts and cause a strain in their relationship.

Despite the emotional imbalance between the Moon and Venus person, their love still overpowers these negative emotions. If both learn how to compromise and take time with one another, this relationship in the hard aspect will succeed.

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