Moonstone Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses -

Moonstone Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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The moon reflects the divine feminine in feng shui and many other cultural practices.  The Moonstone tells you that, as the moon cycles bind you to nature, your life flows as well. 

It improves psychic abilities and clairvoyance by assisting you in accessing your intuition. The Moonstone's serene and tranquil energy often encourages imagination. It also acts as a mirror, allowing you to see your reflection on whether you are doing good or bad in life.

History Of Moonstone

The Moonstone's magic enchants you with its brilliant feminine energy as it gleams a silver light. The moon has been a sign of the goddess spirit for millennia, hanging over your heads like an orb. The Moonstone is an albite mineral with bright streaks and an adularescence with its milky sheen. It has a stunning appearance because it is a feldspar mineral type.

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You can find Moonstone in many places in the world, from the tea terraces of Sri Lanka to the whimsical coasts of Madagascar.  There are also abundant moonstones in the Aurora lands of Norway and the wide expanses of Australia. The Moonstone has been around for several decades, much like the moon that hovers in the sky.

It has a long prominence background in India as a medium for bringing divine knowledge and clairvoyant abilities to individuals. People claim that the pearly sheen of the Moonstone is a shard of strong moonlight by the Romans. They claim that anyone who looks into the stone could see the Goddess Diana and that the bearer of this pearly talisman would receive a blessing with love and fortune.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Moonstone

  • Physical Healing

It's no wonder that the Moonstone connects to Goddess energy and the divine feminine.

It helps determine based on your symptoms and improve hormonal balance if you struggle with PMS. The Moonstone has a strong influence on the reproductive organs and allows your body to return to its natural cycle. The Moonstone will also assist those experiencing fertility problems in bringing these issues to a healthy outcome.

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Soon-to-be parents can benefit from Moonstone's strength and power. It will help alleviate a variety of physical discomforts commonly associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Ancient spirits believe that the waxing and waning of the moon link to women's fertility cycles. That is why it will help you struggle with hormonal and reproductive imbalances.

  • Emotional Healing

The Moonstone activates the feminine energy's intuitive strength. It can assist you in balancing and calming your emotional responses caused by stress. It can also bring you in line with your feminine and sensitive side.

Moonstone has yin energy that is reflective, sensitive, and connects with your sentiments. Moonstone will encourage you to show kindness and sympathy to others.

  • Mental Healing

The moon has a significant impact on your mental equilibrium. The Moonstone is here to illuminate the darkness and elevate all of your mental stress.

When you carry a piece of Moonstone and incorporate it into your life, it will connect you to the universe and put all those raging sentiments under control. It will be allowing you to move in sync with the constant changes in the world.

  • Manifesting Prosperity

The Moonstone is the ideal stone if you are hoping to have fresh starts in your business venture. The Moonstone reminds you to accept the ups and downs that might occur. It will protect you by dispelling any fear of turning the page and the possibility of difficulties. Rather than sulking with your worries, the Moonstone uses the balance of its natural healing abilities to help you succeed.

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Different Color Variations Of Moonstone

  • Cat's Eye / Blue Moonstone

The Cat's Eye or Blue Moonstone is all about recognizing negative patterns for you to start in letting go of these unnecessary connections. With that, you can ensure that you will be staying in a healthy state of consciousness. It's a bright energy balancer that is always ready to endure the removal of negativity while allowing the smooth flow of yin and yang energies.

  • Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is attractive to look at as it has all prisms of light. It ensures psychic security, and it's rich with divine energy. This stone is a cosmic connector. It is always ready to help you manifest with the spiritual realm that will gently purify your spirit.

  • Gray Moonstone

Like a full moon on a bright night light, the gray Moonstone is all about pulling back the curtain so you can see around even what is beyond the shadows. It is one example of Moonstone's that belongs to the mystical types.

  • White Moonstone

The White Moonstone, immersed in the purest bright sun, is full of hope and promise. This stone is an excellent magnifier that will heighten your feelings, but it does that without compromising your internal harmony.

  • Peach or Yellow Moonstone

The Peach or Yellow Moonstone emits a beautiful glow that illuminates the dark. It washes away worries and anxieties, like the stars that shine overhead in the summer months.

The Metaphysical Benefits Of Moonstone

The Moonstone is a mystical and elegant stone rich in psychic powers and an excellent chakra connector. This gleaming stone has a profoundly mystical quality to it. 

The Moonstone will be instilling in you a sense of wonder and peace similar to watching the moonbeams dance over the midnight shores.

The Moonstone harmonizes perfectly with the Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra. These two chakras are responsible for encouraging you to dig deep inside yourself to see well beyond your boundaries. When these chakras open, they will help you find your place in the universe. The Moonstone helps you to feel needed in this massive cosmic universe.


The Moonstone is a wise choice to have if you have a gemstone collection. The Moonstone will bring radiant light that cuts through the darkness that you might be dealing with or may arise. It would be more helpful if you desire to connect with higher beings.

The Moonstone would like you to see the broader picture of the issues you face.  It might help you to absorb positivity throughout your spiritual growth

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