Most Influential and Powerful Numbers in Numerology -

Most Influential and Powerful Numbers in Numerology

Numbers are the main essence of Numerology. Numbers are Numerology's source of power and the reason behind its existence. Each number in Numerology possess energies in various strength and magnitude. 

It's true that numbers in Numerology also have a hierarchy to who bears the most vital and most influential energy to the least. Hence, this article's primary goal is to guide you in discovering the most powerful Numerology numbers.

Most people wonder what this number could be. Knowing the most powerful number in Numerology can also help you once you encounter these numbers in your life. You can also use numerology to attract good things in your life.

What is the most powerful number in Numerology?

When looking for answers about the significance of numbers that we encounter in our everyday lives, we can always turn to Numerology. The study of Numerology gives light to the hidden messages and meaning behind these auspicious numbers. 

Each cardinal number in Numerology, such as the number 1-9, resonates on different energy and vibration level. Commonly these numbers possess a message of guidance, protection, motivation, and encouragement from our angels. 

When these cardinal numbers are repeated twice or thrice, their energy and vibration increase as well. In Numerology, we have these two-digit numbers that we call Master Numbers. Master Numbers includes numbers 11, 22, and 33. 

In Numerology, everything that has happened or will happen is dependent upon the mystical properties of numbers. Each number has a unique vibration which gives it a distinct set of properties.

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These three numbers are the most powerful and influential in Numerology. Master numbers have a strong influence on the people who encountered them. Because of the intense energy they possess, they are often tagged as blessings in disguise.

That's why people who have master numbers in their chart often experience great struggles in life. These challenging moments are all part of their journey towards mastering the gift of these two-digit numbers. Hence, people often testify that having a master number in their life feels like a burden. 

However, the benefits of mastering the gift and potential of these master numbers are so rewarding. This often happens later in life when a person has gained enough wisdom throughout their life experiences. 

Number 11 resonates with the energy of innovation, visionary ideas, intuition, personal power, and spiritual insight. 

Number 22, on the other hand, resonates with progress, creative ideas, and creation. In Numerology, the number 22 is known as the most powerful number. This is because the number has the power to make something out of nothing. 

People who have master number 22 in their charts are visionary and innovative builders. Often they become leaders because of their ability to envision something and manifest it into reality. These people are virtuous. They are the doers and always in action. Thus, making them successful in all their endeavor.

Lastly, we have the master number 33. People who have master number 33 in their chart have a soft spot in helping those in need. These people are humanitarian, full of love for their fellowmen, and motivated by their strong desire to raise awareness and consciousness to other people.  

Number 22

Number 22 is one of the Master Numbers, also known by many as the “Master Builder.”

Number 22 is the most influential and powerful number in Numerology. This is true to the fact that even famous people like Oprah Winfrey and the Dalai Lama have the number 22 in their chart. These people also have a significant impact on many people because of their way of life and vocation to their fellowmen. 

The number 22 is an extraordinary number, for it exudes the energy of power, dedication, steadfastness, efficiency, and devotion. 

Its name, Master Builder, implies its ability to make dreams and ideas into reality. Master number 22 can empower a person to achieve and manifest all of his/her heart's desire. The number possesses an unlimited potential to bring you the life and reality you have always envisioned. 

Number 22 can break walls of conformity and push through boundaries because of its steadfastness. Thus, leading the person under its influence to the path towards success. 

The strength and power of number 22 get stronger as time goes by. This is because of the experiences it has gone through, which gave the person wisdom and intelligence. Number 22 also strengthens further the person to face adversities and any challenges in life. 

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Another aspect of the number 22, which makes it the most powerful number in Numerology, is that you can dream big and plan out expansive ideas. When Master number 22 is around, you can guarantee that you can all attain it. 

People with master number 22 have high self-confidence and are goal-driven individuals. They aspire to greatness and perfection in everything they do. They possess out of this world and expansive plans for their future. However, despite how big their goal, they remain grounded and think practical thoughts on how to attain it. 

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Significance of Number 22

The powerful energy the number 22 possesses also comes with great responsibility to people who have it. It has something to do with the fact that this number can make anything you wish. Thus, its energy must be directed towards something positive that will result in something you will benefit from. If you're not careful, the power of number 22 can overwhelm you, and the result would be devastating. 

Hence, the challenge for people with master number 22 in their chart is how they will use the power of number 22 into the cause of goodness. Experts in Numerology warn people that the number 22 can become a curse to anyone who doesn't know how to harness its energy. 

Numerology experts suggest that you need to act according to your purpose and full potential. Do not be afraid to come out from the comforts of your bubble. Try new things and allow yourself to learn and acquire new skills in any field. 

The root number of master number 22 is the number 4. Therefore, you are the type of person who stands in the philosophy of pragmatism. You are practical and think in a rational and systematic process. You stand right for justice and order and aspire to build a solid foundation in all aspects of your life. 

You also have a strong sense of opinion. Hence, you do not quickly adapt to change. But this is only because you need to process and analyze all sides of a situation before settling down into a conclusion. You are goal-driven and is very patient and dedicated to achieving your aims.  

What number in Numerology possesses the strongest power?

Number 9 is the strongest number in Numerology. Of all cardinal numbers, 9 bears the most substantial energy. 

Number 9 in Numerology symbolizes spiritual enlightenment. The number also symbolizes universal love and represents fulfillment and completion. 

Number 9 is also the most mystical number in Numerology. This is true, for if you multiply any number except zero with nine, you will still get a sum of nine. Number 9 is unending, and it has the ability to complete itself and regain back to its natural form.

Numbers are everywhere. You are literally swimming in them. Phone numbers, addresses, license plates, pin codes, your date of birth.

Numbers touch every single thing we do. In fact, all energy carries a hidden numerical code and vibration.

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People who have number 9 in their chart possess the strongest willpower, which allows them to survive even in the most challenging moments of their lives. 

Most influential number in the whole universe

Number 1 is the most influential number. Hence, out of all numbers in Numerology, this is the first number you will notice. The same goes for the number 11:11. It is the most famous number combination in Numerology.

Number 1111 is the number that people often see precisely when they check the time. People also know that once seeing this number, is that you have to make a wish. In relevance to angel number 11111, the true meaning behind angel number 1111 is that you need to affirm the things that you want to happen in your life when you see it. The number 1111 also says that you are on the right track towards fulfilling your soul's purpose. 

Any number partnered with number 1 presents new beginnings and opportunities along the way. 

Number 1 is the number of new beginnings, enlightenment, creation, instinct, assertiveness, leadership, optimism, and excellence. 

Number 3 – the most influential and powerful number in the Bible

Number 3 is the most significant number in the Bible. Number 3 is very notable in the Bible, for it has been mentioned 467 times!

Number 3 in the Bible symbolizes completeness, perfection, and wholeness. Number 3 also represents the Holy Trinity – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

It is also very evident that God repeats what he's saying three times. This can be seen in some of the scriptures given below:

  • Revelation 8:13
  • Jeremiah 22:29
  • Isaiah 6:3

It is also on the third day after Jesus died that he rose from the dead. 

You should look out for number 3 or passages in the Bible mentioned thrice, for they could either have two meanings. One is that it could be emphasizing the significance of a thing or an event, or it could also be a signal of the completion of something. 

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Number 7 – the luckiest and most auspicious number in the Bible. 

Number 7 in the Bible represents perfection. It is also the luckiest number not only in the Bible but also in the whole universe. 

Number 7 in the Bible relates how God is the perfect being, the perfect representation of man, and the perfect example for each of us. His works and how he cared and loved us are enough to show that he is indeed powerful.

Number 7 is also significant in the Bible, for it is on the 7th day of God's creation, he took a rest. He then also instructed us to consider the 7th day of the week as the Sabbath day. A day to take care of our soul's needs and take time to reconnect with God. 

There are also seven colors of the rainbow and a total of seven continents in the world. Indeed number 7 is a highly significant number.

Does number 8 possess powerful energies based on Numerology?

Yes, number 8 also possesses and resonates vital energies. However, the number 8 is also unique in its form than other numbers in Numerology. 

When number 8 is around you, it brings abundance, prosperity, success, material wealth. Number 8 is an auspicious number, mostly on the material plane. 

Number 8 resonates with the attributes of good-judgment, responsibility, and harmony. Having number 8 in your chart means that you possess the skills and talent that allow you to succeed in any career you chose. 

People with the number 8 in their chart are strong people who can surpass anything in this world. Despite faced with problems and obstacles along the way, people with number 8 still persevere and push through adversities.

Number 8 also works on the principle of cause and effect. Thus, this number relates to karma. Having number 8 around you is a warning to be careful where your thoughts are headed, for they can all manifest into reality. Number 8 also tells you that the things that are happening around you are all a result of the choices you made. 

Hence, having number 8 around means that this is a crucial time to be mindful of your own thoughts. Whenever you caught yourself thinking negatively, shift your focus right away into something optimistic. 

What is the best number in Numerology?

All numbers in Numerology have their own set of unique traits and levels of energy. Hence there is no specific number that we can say that it is the best among the rest. 

However, you can also consider the numbers mentioned above as some of the best numbers in Numerology

Master numbers are great numbers, too, for they possess the highest level of frequency among all number combinations in Numerology. 

Numbers 1, 3, 7, 8, and 9 are also some of the most influential and powerful numbers in Numerology's cardinal numbers list. 

Your life path number can also be your lucky number. This is because your life path number has a direct relation to your personality. It can also give you an explanation of why you think and act in such a way. Moreover, your life path number can also give you insights into overcoming and improving your negative aspects.


Numbers have always been a part of our lives. God made numbers because it has a direct and close relation to us. Thus, we can easily perceive that it contains a hidden message that needs to be deciphered. 

However, keep in mind that all Numerology numbers are good numbers that bring good news to anyone who encounters them. Each person has their own unique experience with specific numbers. So no matter what numbers you may stumble upon your journey, know that it is significant in your life in finding your real purpose.

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