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Why Does My Twin Flame Not Recognize Me? Help!

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Have you already found your twin flame before reading this article? If not yet, read this article first on how to find your twin flame.

When you have the feeling that someone is your twin flame, it is not an automatic thing to be together. When we meet our twin flames, we are not meant to be together in an instant because there is so much more going on before it happens.

You may start being friends, being classmates, schoolmates, or there may be instant sexual tension and flirtation. However, when this happens, there will be some pulling apart again and again because we need to fully integrate our balanced state before the ultimate union.

Sometimes it is actually just about waiting because a twin flame journey is all about being together and then apart repeatedly until you reach the highest versions of yourselves. There will be a lot of growth that will be going on, which will instigate healing that will be very painful. With this, there are all sorts of possibilities of what your relationship is going to be, and you don’t necessarily need to get married to this person.

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Why Your Twin Flame Doesn’t Recognize You?

If you are reading this article, you may be the only one who is constantly trying the effort for your twin flame to recognize you. You may be the only one taking the effort of doing the inner work, and the thing is, you can attract your harmonious union just by focusing on the harmonious union energy.

In a nutshell, the reason why your twin flame does not recognize you is that you do not recognize yourself. Well, you might disagree with this idea because you know to yourself every detail of your life because it is your life, after all. But have you tried asking yourself these questions: “What exactly is my image?” and “What else do I need to recognize about myself?”

If your twin flame does not recognize you, there is a part in your life that you do not know well or recognize. Because not only do you have to recognize who you are physically, externally, and how people see you, you also have to look in the deeper aspect where you are connected to the divine.

You need to know yourself beyond your physical body because there is an energy that is ready to love, accept, and support you. In recognition of yourself, you have to understand the connection between this body and that energy. You may also read this article on Twin Flame Reunions Signs and Symptoms.

To put it simply, that energy is your higher self, and you have to learn to connect to your higher self to ground your divinity in this 3D planet called Earth. There is a specific standard process that most people follow in this world.

That is to study well, graduate college, find a job, find a partner, get married, own a house and a car, and have kids. But what most people don’t know is when you do all of these with your twin flame, you will experience maximum satisfaction.

When we talk about recognizing ourselves, we always understand ourselves the way people define us. During childhood, you may have experienced bullying, rejections, and even trauma instilled by your parents, and one way or another, you start believing what they defined you as. With all of these holding you back to become your greatest version, you start believing that you are not enough to do that particular thing that you want to do.

With this mindset, your twin flame will inevitably start reflecting the same mindset you have. But when you start feeling complete within yourself, it becomes natural that your twin flame will do the same, and the harmonious union becomes a natural process.

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What Do I Do?

A lot of people will see the flaws in us, and that is why when we have been defining ourselves by the people who never really loved us, we will never see ourselves as completely divine creatures. Doing all of these inner works will help us understand who our divine self truly is. You must connect with parts of your life that make you feel good and start expanding that.

Eventually, you will understand and recognize yourself, and when you finally do, you will start grounding yourself and expanding the parts that make you feel good. This way, all the criticisms and rejections that have been building up in your life will finally be released into your system. By doing this, you are slowly bringing all of the divine pieces into your life that will make you feel complete.

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Feeling complete will let you start connecting with your divine peace, and you will experience that undying love and support from yourself. When you recognize who you truly are, it becomes very easy to manifest your twin flame. When you shine your light rather than holding on to how people defined you, that is your divine self-building, and you are creating that with your higher self.

The moment that you achieve this state, you feel a deep sense of belongingness, and you will constantly experience that peace and love you have been yearning for. Will all these done, it becomes natural for your twin flame to feel that, and they, themselves, will be complete in themselves as well. All along, they have desired your true self, and deep in their hearts, they recognize you in their true forms.

The moment you embody your divine form, they recognize you immediately, and they recognize themselves also. You are actually supporting them to embody their divine selves, and both of you get attracted to each other, and in time, you will pursue your life purpose together. However, it is your choice if you want to embody your divine self and how you will let go of all these blockages for you to be your divine self.

I actually wrote a guide about the Ultimate Twin Flame Journey, something you might be interested in.

I also want to share my amazing journey with my twin flame. 

I used to be in a really bad place before I knew my twin flame. Working two jobs, struggling to pay bills and always so lonely.

After meeting him, everything magically turned so much better. I started a business and made $11,300 the first month, moved into a bigger home, and I’ve never looked back. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

How To Unlock Your Higher Self?

Becoming your higher self goes beyond yoga and meditation because it is actually a whole turn of your mindset and spirituality. For one, you should accept that the idea of “if the world isn’t perfect, it is not right” is indeed false on so many levels. 

You have to realize if you spend most of your time trying to make your life perfect, you’re actually decreasing your time to truly enjoy life. Learn to accept your flaws and forgive yourself for sabotaging your own mind into thinking that you are not good enough.

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Whether you believe it or not, everyone was born divine, but we never get to embrace it because of this matrix we are in. We spend most of our life trying to be “happy” and having the “I’ll be happy if I have this” mindset. This is not genuine happiness in any way because genuine happiness is looking within and acknowledging your own simple truth and your divinity.

If you still do not know this, you cannot control your thoughts; you can only control how you react and respond to them. So, it is important to look at your thoughts as seeds that grow within you because you live when you cultivate good thoughts. Rewiring your brain into being positive with all aspects of life will be hard because you have been doing the opposite way your whole life.

One misconception that people have about being happy is it’s all about being in a good mood all the time. However, most people do not know that real happiness is being contented with what you have and balanced.

It is all about living a productive, fulfilling, enjoyable life and letting go of all the things that do not serve you. You need to learn to let go of the things that upset your balance and change your point of view into a more positive one.

You might have read about expanding whatever it is that makes you feel good in this article. You can do this by doing the things you love the most, following your heart, your passions, and your dreams in life. Look for meaning in your actions and purpose and do the things that will lead you to the simple truth and become your higher self.

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