Nausea spiritual meaning: Is it part of spiritual awakening? -

Nausea spiritual meaning: Is it part of spiritual awakening?

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Do you feel nauseated at times? This queasy feeling is slightly uncomfortable, accompanied by sweaty skin and a lurching stomach.

Spiritually, nausea signifies the feeling of disgust or hatred to a person, thing, situation, or emotion. What causes the pain in the stomach could be rebellion, rage, frustration, or misunderstanding. 

Therefore, if you do not express yourself using words, it will manifest through nausea.

Nausea is not a disease but a symptom of many disorders related mainly to the digestive system. The symptoms are difficult to describe; however, these uncomfortable feelings are usually felt in the upper abdomen, chest, or at the back of the throat.

Nausea twin flame

One of the most common ascension symptoms of a twin flame journey is nausea. But before that, let's know first what ascension is?

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Ascension is putting the elevation energy levels to a higher frequency. In common spiritual jargon, ascension describes the final elevation of the energy frequencies into the higher dimensions of consciousness.

This ascension sickness arises when the body struggles to keep up with the rate of spiritual ascension. It's a natural response to a process that the human body is not good at.

Usually, it happens when the body tries to fix the effects of spiritual ascension.

There are several symptoms of ascension sickness, and one of these is nausea. It is a trapped suppressed energy that gets released, especially if you had a significant breakthrough working one on one with healers.

Aside from this symptom, there are other symptoms related to ascension. 

For instance, you have blurry vision. Do not fret because you're not losing your eyesight.

This symptom means that your third eye is awakening, reflecting your inner vision.

Another is burping; though it may sound as annoying as it can be, burping is extremely helpful when you're going through a major purge or release of pent-up energy. 

It comes from your Solar Plexus Chakra, the creative center, then just allow it to pass through. 

You could also experience insomnia. There are lots of reasons why it's happening. One of them is that you're taking too much energy, which changes the entire structure of your DNA.

Headache is another symptom. It occurs when the brain is developing to cope with the higher self.

There's a feeling of intense pressure in the forehead region or at the back of your head. You're receiving too much information in your pineal gland, which puts more stress on the head.

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The best thing to do is to do lots of rest and self-care. You may experience highs and lows affecting the eyes, ears, gums, and sinus.

You may also experience food cravings, the same as during pregnancy. Women often have food cravings and hunger cravings.

Be it salty snacks, exotic foods, or sugary foods. Like pregnant women, you're also birthing the new version of yourself.

Your solar plexus chakra will open and release your stored fear, hatred, and resentment.

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One of the most embarrassing symptoms is flatulence. Karmic and family issues will generate gas and farting.

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy will help in this issue because it can help in releasing trapped negative energy that's stored in your vibrational frequencies.

Or, there's a buildup of toxicity within your system. One cause of body pain is karmic cleansing and clearing of old energies that strain the physical body.

However, this cleansing process is necessary for the body to detoxify itself.

Feeling nauseous when praying

If you're praying, meditating, or doing some spiritual practice, then you suddenly feel sick to your stomach. It means that the negative energy inside of you is leaving.

Moreover, it could also be a sign that there are issues in your life that need to be addressed.

If the issue is too complicated, you may feel nauseous for weeks before it will go away. It would be better to talk to someone that can help you process whatever your mind wants to release.

If you're nauseous for more than a week now, it could indicate that these complicated mental problems will cause you stress.

Nausea spiritual awakening

During spiritual awakening, it's normal to feel sick and lethargic. Your body will take time to adjust to the changes during this process.

If you continue with your spiritual practices, you can speed up the adaptation process and aid your body to cleanse or detoxify itself faster.

Having a headache or nausea will only mean one thing – the time to clear the mess and let go of what's holding you back from developing into a higher level of consciousness.

It's necessary to work on your spiritual ascension with passion and dedication. Do not try to force it because everything happens at the right time.

Spiritual purging symptoms

When it comes to spiritual enlightenment, awakening is just an initial step. What comes next is purging, which is viewed as the most crucial part, but not always pleasant.

One of the initial signs of spiritual purging is weariness. There's a significant change going on that can change or swap your energy, leaving you feeling drained and worn out.

Therefore, if you notice that your body is tired, be patient with yourself and the process.

Another sign is your unease. You have to eliminate things once familiar to you, such as your thoughts and views of the world around you.

Once you start the spiritual awakening process, these things will dissolve. Uneasiness is one of the common signs of spiritual purging after awakening, so be mindful and listen to your body.

Shifting is a prevalent sign of spiritual purging. Everything is changing as you awaken to a new spirituality.

This sense of shifting can be positive or negative, and if everything feels like changing, it could put you on edge or uncomfortable. Remember that change is the only constant in life.

It's one of the many ways your body reacts to negative energies as they leave your consciousness. You store so much emotion, tension, anger, hate, resentment, and fear in your body.

Pay attention to yourself as it could be that you do have the flu, so take the proper caution. Hydrate yourself and stay at home to get complete rest.

Pay attention to the things that are happening inside you. Just allow yourself to feel and recognize your feelings as you awaken to a new spirituality.

This spiritual ascension can release toxic energy, leaving you to feel giddy. You can't stop smiling or laughing, and the release can be intense.

It could be a sign that you're purging all your old spiritual energy. You may even see yourself crying from extreme joy.

It could be painful to know that you need to let go, so if you're experiencing pain as you try to complete a spiritual purging, then remember that it's normal to feel this.

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