How to Calculate Numerology for a Newborn Baby? -

How to Calculate Numerology for a Newborn Baby?

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Are you about to have a baby soon or planning to have one? Do you care about what will happen to your baby and want to secure his or her future? You can name your baby any name you want, as long as you truly desire that. Your baby is a blessing and a gift for you and your intimate partner. As a parent, you get to decide what birth name you want to give your child.

However, as an intelligent parent, you'll take into consideration coming up with a meaningful name. Your child will carry that name until he or she grows, and it will serve as an identity. If you can make the name of your future baby significant and make things in favor of your baby, it would be beneficial and wise as a parent.

In Numerology, everything that has happened or will happen is dependent upon the mystical properties of numbers. Each number has a unique vibration which gives it a distinct set of properties.

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In numerology, there is a significant meaning behind names. For this reason, the name you will give your baby will affect the future that he or she will have. Therefore, coming up with a lucky name will be ideal and helpful for your child. This article will teach about how to calculate the best name you can give for your baby. If you have already given a name to your born child, you can still find out the numerology of his or her name.

What Does Numerology Mean?

Numerology is a branch of the study of numbers around us. Numbers are everywhere, and it is considered the universal language that most beings are aware of. When it comes to numerology, everything has a meaning. So, your birth name was fated to be your name for a significant reason. It will have an impact on how your future will be. Besides that, numerology will tell what the person's personality and life path will most likely be. You can also use numerology to manifest anything you want. 

Before having a baby, know the importance of numerology on your wedding dates.

Methods of Calculating Numerology for Newborn

There are different methods to find out the numerology of a specific name, and you don't have to be a professional to calculate that. So, if you want to find out what name will give a bright future for your baby, you can use the different methods below. They will provide you with the numerology of the name you want. With that, you can use the representations of numbers to find out if the name you want will help out your future baby.

Name Value Calculation

To find out an equivalent number of a particular name using the name-value calculation method, you have to use the table below and get the numbers corresponding to the letters of the name you want for your baby.


A, J, S


B, K, T


C, L, U


D, M, V


E, N, W


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F, O, X


G, P, Y


H, Q, Z


I, R

For instance, if the name you'll give your baby is Cindy Flare, you'll have to get its equivalent numbers and add them all. That name will result in Cindy (3+9+5+4+7) and Flare (6+3+1+9+5). Once you add them and result in a 2-digit number, you just have to add one digit to another digit. When you compute the first name (3+9+5+4+7), you will get an answer of 28. Since it is a two-digit number, you will have to add 2 to 8, giving you the solution of 10 that is still a 2-digit. When you add 1+0, you'll get the number 1 as the value of your first name.

For the second name Flare, if you add its numerology value (6+3+1+9+5), you'll get 24. When you add 2 and 4, you'll get 6 for the value of the last name. Now that you have computed the value of the name you want, which is 1 for the first name Cindy, and 6 for the last name flare, you have to add both of them. So, 1+7 will give you an answer 8. Therefore, number 8 is the name value of your chosen name. This number has a significant representation in numerology that can affect the traits and the future of a person with that name. The following meaning of numbers can be used to refer to when you get your child's name value.


Creative, Competitive, Positive, Strong-willed, Stubborn


Affectionate, Vigilant, Fast-learner, Imaginative, Sensitive


Sociable, Humorous, Fearless, Confident, Easy-going


Thoughtful, Caring, Organized, Motivated, Straight-forward


Peace-seeker, Charismatic, Unpredictable, Energetic


Adventurous, Loving, Freedom-seeker, Brave


Influential, Optimistic, Hardworking, Responsible, Selfless


Ambitious, Materialistic, Dedicated, Empathetic


Genuine, Friendly, Attention-seeker, Emotional

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Birth Star Calculation

Another method you can use to get the numerology of a name is the birth star calculation. This method applies to those who are already born. So, if you want to know your newborn baby's future, this method will help you out.

Numbers are everywhere. You are literally swimming in them. Phone numbers, addresses, license plates, pin codes, your date of birth.

Numbers touch every single thing we do. In fact, all energy carries a hidden numerical code and vibration.

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In numerology, even the sound of words matters, and names have important meanings. The birth star calculation method can be used by knowing what your baby's birth star is. Once you find it, you will see the best sounds that you can choose to use for the beginning of your child's name.

Purva PhalguniMoTaTiTu
Uttara PhalguniTeToPaPi
Purva AashadaBhuThaBha 
Uttara AashadaBheBhoJaJi
Purva BhadrapadaSeSoDhaDhi
Uttara BhadrapadaDhuJha  

When you find what birth star corresponds to your baby's birthdate, you can choose any sounds corresponding to it. For instance, if your baby's birth star is Mula, you can select a name that starts with the sound Ye, Yo, Ya, or Bhi. However, if you can't find a name you like from your baby's birth star, you can choose from the sounds on the birth star next to it.

Harmony Between Name and Birthdate

Numbers have a significant connection with people. So, a birthdate has a link to our names. If you choose a name that has a solid connection to the birth date number of a child, his or her life will be harmonious. Being a wise parent, if you can help your child, you will do it. Therefore, using the method of harmony between name and birth date will make you come up with a name that will balance the life of your born child. I

If your baby isn't born yet, you can base the name on your estimated due date. When you have already come up with a name, you can still check if it is compatible with your baby's birthdate. But, there are a few steps you have to take. First, you have to get the number corresponding to your baby's full name, not including the family name. You can use the chart below.


 When you find the equivalent number of the name you have come up with for your baby, add them all until you get a single digit. It's like what we did on the name-value calculation method, but with a different chart and without the last name.

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The next step you have to do is get your baby's birth date and add all the numbers together until you get a single-digit answer. When you are done getting the single-digit number for the name and the birthdate, you can now check if your child's birthday is compatible with his or her name. You can check the chart below and see if the name number you got is in harmony with your birth date number.

11 2 9 3
22 1 5
33 1 2 9
41 6 5
55 1 6
66 5
71 6 2
81 5 6
99 1 2 3


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