Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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Nine of Cups is part of the minor arcana group. It depicts a man sitting on a chair in a confident posture. 

Nine of Cups symbolize your feelings of accomplishment and fulfillment. You have come a long way, and finally, you are feeling genuine appreciation for yourself. 

The man’s garments are elegant and resemble those of a person with authority. He wears a full and red headdress. He looks content as he sits on the chair. 

A blue material that resembles a curtain is draped beautifully behind him.

In his background, on an elevated position, stand nine golden cups. The cups are arranged meticulously so that each one fits in the frame. 

In a general perspective, the Nine of Cups depict a pretty symmetrical image.

Nine of Cups Upright Keywords

  • Wishes and dreams coming true
  • Contentment
  • Satisfaction
  • Success
  • Gratitude
  • Recognitions
  • Achievements
  • Prosperity
  • Abundance
  • Joy
  • Triumph
  • Pleasure
  • Optimism
  • Fame
  • Pampering
  • Cheerfulness and happiness
  • Celebration

Nine of Cups Reversed Keywords

  • Unhappiness
  • Disappointment
  • Misery
  • Devastation
  • Lack of success
  • Underachievement
  • Arrogance
  • Snobbery
  • Materialism
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Indulgence
  • Pain
  • Sadness
  • Failure
  • Lack of fulfillment

Nine of Cups General Meaning

Nine of Cups exudes a message of satisfaction and realizing one's dream. As the man sits on a sturdy chair, he is adequately supported. 

He seems to be content with his journey and thankful for the opportunity to rest. It appears as though he finally won, and now it’s time to relax and bask in his victories.

The nine standing cups also give a message of emotional fulfillment. Not only that, but they are also gold cups.

 Gold has been a symbol of wealth and material success. The man sitting is proud of what he has accomplished. 

Life still has a lot to offer, including the challenges and struggles. You will get back to the fight again, and you will experience wins and losses again.

Nine of Cups (Upright) Meaning

Instead of drowning yourself in disappointment and negativities, you are now in a place of satisfaction. You are currently in a place of emotional fulfillment. 

The good emotions are giving you all the positive energy. You are ready to enjoy your triumphant rewards and all that you’ve worked so hard for.

Nine of Cups is also a wish card which means that the things you desire are coming your way. This card sends positive messages and brings positive emotions along with growth to you. 

It’s always okay to work hard and do the best you can to achieve your goals. However, you also deserve a break and spend time enjoying your achievements. 

Nine of Cups (Upright) in In Love and Relationship

The Nine of Cups is a positive card for a love reading. This is the sign that you finally have the love you deserve.

You once believed that love is black and white, but it’s definitely golden. Someone is finally treating you right this time.

You once thought that you wouldn’t meet the right person. But now you’re certain why others didn’t work out is for this person to enter.

This must be a celebration of your relationship. You and your partner are willing to grow and be the best version of yourselves.

Genuine and slow love still exists today.

If you are single, this card speaks of your mental stability and emotional strength. You are in a peaceful place right now. 

You gathered what you have learned from your past experiences and are now stronger than ever

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Nine of Cups (Upright) in Career and Finance

The Nine of Cups is a card that indicates victory and success. Therefore, for thisthe aspect of your career, you are going to face achievements and improvements. 

You will gain recognition for the amount of effort you exerted and for your success.

This is an excellent time to do what you always wanted to do in terms of your career. Perhaps you have been planning to put up your own business or promotion. 

Good results are coming your way. In the financial aspect, this cup represents abundance and wealth

You are also in a good place financially. If you have a business or if you invested or plan to invest in something, do not fret because you will probably reap good results.

This card speaks of financial security.

Nine of Cups (Upright) in Health

If you are in good condition, this card signifies that you will stay that way. This card is also a good sign when you are struggling with health issues. 

Nine of Cups brings news of healing and improvement. You will experience improvement and positive news for your health.

This card also encourages you to have time to relax. Perhaps you have always wanted to take yourself out for a date. 

This is a good time to unwind and improve your mental and emotional health. However, do not go overboard about doing things that may damage your health, like overdrinking or smoking.

The Nine of Wands can tell more about your health needs.

Nine of Cups (Upright) in Spirituality

Similar to Three of Cups, Nine of Cups brings you good news in regards to your spirituality. You are in a positive place right now. 

Fulfillment fills your whole being, and you are delighted. The positive energy and the love you have inside you will reach the people around you

Nine of Cups (Reversed) Meaning

This card in reverse can mean a couple of things. First, you might feel quite empty inside. 

It seems as though something is missing regardless of having almost everything. 

This can indicate that you are still searching for something out there. Your balance might be compromised, and the setup can be pretty messy.

Nine of Cups in reverse can speak of unhappiness and negativity. You may have a recent experience that disappointed you or so. Perhaps, you worked hard for something but ended up losing it. 

It’s normal to feel hurt and disappointed but do not dwell on it for too long. Acknowledge it and slowly let it go.

Nine of Cups can also point to your lack of confidence and low self-esteem. 

You may be holding back on things you want to do. It’s best to do activities that will help you regain your confidence.

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Nine of Cups (Reversed) in Love and Relationship

The Nine of Cups in reverse may show that something’s missing. This could possibly say that you feel incomplete in your relationship.

Perhaps you and your partner aren’t always on good terms. You tend to have disputes about your different goals and wants.

Perhaps your connection lacks genuine intentions and intimacy. It could be that you and your partner haven’t been really open to each other.

Maybe this is the time to realize that you need room for growth. It’s time to realize that you need to learn more from life’s perspectives.

Nine of Cups (Reversed) in Career and Finance

In the aspect of your career, a reversed Nine of Cups card can indicate disappointment. Perhaps your vision about your job hasn’t been coming true at all. 

If anything, it might even be the opposite of what you imagined. You might be in a state of turmoil as you feel yourself getting lost. 

The emotions you are feeling are bringing you to new places. The emptiness might be slowly getting the best of you. 

You might realize that the work you are doing does not make you happy.

This card in reverse can also signify a struggle in finding a job that you genuinely like. Perhaps your mind is full of doubts. 

You might even be looking down on yourself. Help yourself in regaining your confidence and know that you are capable.

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The expectations you have did not pan out as you wanted them to be. Despite all these, it’s important not to get stagnated. 

Better days are coming, so keep going.

Nine of Cups (Reversed) in Health

Nine of Cups in reverse can represent disorders that may come up. You might be suffering from eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, overeating, or addictions that are harmful to your health. 

You may be subjecting yourself to over-drinking or over smoking.

If you are suffering from any of the things mentioned or are suffering from other disorders unmentioned, it’s best to seek help. You will need to open up to a trusted person. 

However, if you feel like you can’t fight the fight without professional help, it’s time to get professional help. Considering that these are more severe conditions, professional help may be necessary. 

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Nine of Cups (Reversed) in Spirituality

This card, in reverse, can tell you that you do not feel fulfilled. Because of this, you resort to looking for other things to fill the void. 

However, you cannot find fulfillment somewhere else but inside you.

Nine of Cups: YES or NO?

Nine of Cups is a card of triumph and joy. The card brings good news of achieving your dreams and living a contented life. 

For these reasons, the answer to your yes or no question is a whopping YES.'

Nine of Cups Advice

The Nine of Cups advises you to trust your intuition. Think about what will bring you peace instead of relying on intense pressure.

You’re someone who is currently achieving your goals. And the universe wants you to know that you’re doing great every day.

But also, keep in mind that you can change your direction. If everything feels overwhelming for you, this may not be the one.

Nine of Cups Reversed Advice

The Nine of Cups, in reverse, may show negative energy. Maybe it’s telling you to hold on to the thought of sadness.

Maybe you keep on convincing yourself that you don’t deserve happiness. You feel like every little good thing is only an illusion.

You often feel content with the smallest things. Instead of asking for more, you keep on telling them that you’re okay with the bare minimum.

Nine of Cups as a Person

The Nine of Cups as a person is someone who is confident. They would do anything to improve and reach their dreams further.

You may be someone who chooses to look on the bright side. Your optimistic mindset leads you to explore extraordinary things.

Nine of Cups Reversed as a Person

The Nine of Cups, in reverse, is someone who drowns in anxiety. You may be someone who continues to rely on negative thoughts.

You believe that you can’t manifest the life you want to have. This is because you continue to plant yourself with negativity.

You’re someone who has too much to give. You believe you’re passionate about the things you do.

Nine of Cups Present

In the present, you’re currently working hard to reach a goal. You’re confident that everything you desire will make its way to you.

You’re someone who is consistent in being hardworking. You’re not stopping until you get what you want.

Because of your positive mindset, you believe that everything will work out. You believe that you deserve to have good things.

Nine of Cups Past

In the past, you both had your triumphs and failures. These situations only made you stronger and wiser today.

You used to be hard on yourself for overworking. You once believed that being hard on yourself would achieve your goals.

You used to experience a lot of stress and burnout. But you still continued to finish the tasks that were assigned to you.

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Nine of Cups Future

In the future, you’ll encounter challenges and opportunities. This will only be beneficial for your personal growth.

Perhaps you’ll start to work on a new project. This will enhance your skills and broaden your ideas to put in more effort.

You may receive another job offer that will make you succeed. But evaluate first if you think that this job is really for you.

Nine of Cups as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels happy whenever they’re around you. This is because you make their life less exhausting and less dramatic.

This person feels proud of the progress you make every day. They can’t wait to see more of your progress until you succeed.

This person feels warmth whenever they think about you. Perhaps they know that only you can give them that feeling.

Nine of Cups Outcome

The Nine of Cups, as an outcome, leads you to genuine happiness. Finally, after several months of despair, you’re finally free from it.

You’re now ready to explore the outside world and claim your power. You don’t want to go back into your little bubble of isolation again.

Genuine happiness comes from within, and you’re willing to have it. So you’re now preparing yourself for new opportunities.

Nine of Cups Pregnancy and Fertility

The Nine of Cups card can be a good card for pregnancy. So you’ll expect to hear the good news that you’ve been waiting for weeks!

You’re now ready to prepare yourself for another stage in your life. This time, it involves giving your unconditional love to another human being.

Nine of Cups Energy

As Peter Pan said, “I do believe in fairies!” The Nine of Cups has a strong energy of believing in your dreams.

You have the ability to form positive thoughts in the midst of struggle. You know that the worst days will always pass, but your dreams don't.

You have the ability to reach your dreams. This intense energy resides with your constant persistence to get what you want.

Nine of Cups as Action

The Nine of Cups as an action urges you to move forward. You’ll not only rely on thinking about your dreams.

Instead of constantly daydreaming, you’ll do something about it. You’ll get your body to rise up and start doing the work.

You don’t want to rely on the stars for your dreams to appear. You’ve had enough of depending on miracles to get what you want.

Nine of Cups as Intention

The Nine of Cups is about good intentions. You’re someone who is willing to inflict your radiance on others.

You’re someone who wants to help others to succeed. You’re willing to do everything it takes to lessen their burden and worries.

You’re someone who is an inspiration to many people. As a result, you’re willing to share your experience and teach them to improve.

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Nine of Cups as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees you as their inspiration for constantly doing better. You're now aware that you're capable of making people's lives worth it.

This person sees your constant determination to succeed. You're willing to do everything to achieve your dreams in the future.

Nine of Cups Time Frame

The Nine of Cups can have a specific time frame. But this will only depend on your current energy and situation.

Expect an event to unfold that relates to your dreams. Perhaps you’ll finally have the assurance that you’ve been waiting for.

Nine of Cups as a Woman

The Nine of Cups is a representation of a woman. If you have this card, then you’ll do anything to achieve your dreams.

As a woman, you’re capable of achieving what you want. It doesn’t matter how the process will be, as long as you succeed.

You’re someone who sees life as an endless adventure. Therefore, you’ll never stop searching for the things that matter the most.

Nine of Cups as a Man

The Nine of Cups as a man is someone who is consistent. There will never come a day when you’ll give up on your dreams.

Let’s say you’re currently spending your time in the gym. You’ve been doing this for several months to boost your confidence.

Even if you see concrete results, you’ll still continue to work hard. As long as you continue to be better, nothing can stop you.

Nine of Cups Communication

The Nine of Cups is a good symbol of communication. This means that you’re willing to communicate your desires to someone.

Once you already mastered the positive mindset, there’s no trouble in communication. You have the ability to form open and deep conversations.

You’re someone who wants to inspire others through words. You’re willing to be their tutor or counselor so they can ask for advice anytime.

Nine of Cups Reconciliation

The Nine of Cups can be a good sign for reconciliation. A past person may be sure that they want to approach you.

You’re someone who gives them constant inspiration. You definitely made them the happiest person when you were still together.

You gave them a reason to never give up on their dreams. You became their anchor whenever their ship would sail away.

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Nine of Cups Physical Appearance

The Nine of Cups card can have a specific physical appearance. You’re someone who is honestly physically attractive.

People can easily spot your exquisite features in the crowd. They would immediately turn their gaze and admire your stunning presence.

You quickly stand out to others because you seem approaching. You don’t want anyone to be left behind.

Nine of Cups Reversed Outcome

The Nine of Cups, as an outcome, shows that you keep on resisting. You believe you don’t deserve to live a good and happy life.

This is because you’ve been used to having negative thoughts. These negative thoughts were already a part of you ever since.

You’re someone who thinks that happiness is just an illusion. And you continue to accept the idea that things are better this way.

Nine of Cups Reversed Pregnancy

The Nine of Cups in reverse may be a sign of unplanned pregnancy. Maybe it’s not your top priority to start a family now.

You’re handling countless responsibilities at hand. So having a baby is the least of your concerns.

But maybe because you also have low self-esteem. You believe you’re not mentally stable and financially capable.

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Nine of Cups Friendship

The Nine of Cups is a good sign for friendships. This is the sign that you have friends you can always count on.

You’re someone who continues to show your overflowing love and support. And your friends will gladly reciprocate the energy you give.

You’re someone who is willing to be there for them during rough times. In return, they’re willing to stay on days when you can’t help yourself.

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