Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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Nine of Pentacles is part of the minor arcana group. This card depicts a beautiful woman standing with poise and confidence. 

Nine of pentacles is a card representing reaping the fruits of your hard labor. You are now in a good place in your life and you worked hard to achieve these fruits. 

In the background, we can see vibrant and lush grapevines. Amid the vines are its fruits and nine golden coins. 

In some versions, a snail is crawling on the ground. The sky is clear and cloudless. It’s a bit late-looking, suggesting that the time might be during sunset or sunrise.

Her right hand finds its support among the nine coins amid the vines and grapes. On her left hand stands a bird. In the distant background, a large house can also be spotted along with some tall trees. 

Nine of Pentacles Upright Keywords

  • Abundance
  • Luxury
  • Elegance
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Independence
  • Financial independence
  • Material security
  • Prosperity
  • Refinement
  • Comfortability
  • Rewarded efforts
  • Success
  • Achievement
  • Leisure
  • Security
  • Maturity
  • Sophistication
  • Rewards
  • Contentment
  • Self-reliance
  • Elegance
  • Grace
  • Beauty

Nine of Pentacles Reversed Keywords

  • Self-worth
  • Overworking
  • Hustle
  • Guarded
  • Material instability
  • Reckless spending
  • Superficial
  • Financial dependency
  • Pride
  • Shady investments
  • Exploitation
  • Failure
  • Scams
  • Deceit
  • Dishonesty
  • Theft
  • Lack of stability
  • Dependent
  • Lack of security

Nine of Pentacles General Meaning

The grapevines around her with the grapefruits are representing her abundance and wealth. The coins supplement the image of the grapevine being a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

These things represent fulfillment in the aspects of her life. She is content because she can achieve her goals. She rests on one of the coins, and the grape plants warmly welcome her. 

This represents her excellent relationship with money and wealth. The grape plant in fruition represents the fruit of her efforts and hard work. 

Finally, she is in a place of stability and security. She enjoys the view and spending time with herself. It’s an excellent time for her to relax.

The bird sitting on her left hand is a symbol of her intellect and self-control. It also speaks of the woman’s gentleness towards living things. 

A bird has also been a symbol of freedom. This represents her sense and love of liberty. In the distant background, a huge house can be seen. 

This tells us of the woman’s stability and security. A home is a place of comfort and safety. 

This portrays the woman’s ability to comfort and her feeling of safety with her achievements.

Nine of Pentacles (Upright) Meaning

With your efforts, confidence, and discipline, you can attain your goals. This is your time to enjoy the achievements you achieved. 

This is the time to relax and enjoy the rewards that waited for you. You have created a safe space and a stable foundation for your future endeavors. 

Take your time and enjoy your triumphs.

This card encourages you to do your best. In your capabilities and independence, you can do more than you expected. 

Nine of Pentacles urges you to create and act upon reaching your goals and dreams. Assess things and situations and make decisions according to what’s best for you. 

This is a card of independence. Thus, it encourages you to make independent decisions. 

You are the navigator of your own life, and therefore, you have control over it.

Nine of pentacles call for appreciation. It might be helpful to take time and appreciate what you have. 

This card calls for moving to have a deeper connection with nature. Perhaps you would want to engage in activities with nature like planting and cleaning.

Nine of Pentacles (Upright) in In Love and Relationship

The Nine of Pentacles is an important card in a love reading. This shows that you're currently harvesting healthy and stable relationships.

You have a stable relationship with the right person. Both of you are goal diggers and are becoming successful each day.

Perhaps you're both independent and don't often rely on each other. But when you do, you make a great team in solving problems efficiently.

If you are single, this card speaks of your joy and your time enjoying your single life. You are having fun and are enjoying your time with yourself. 

This card can also mean that you will meet a person who exhibits the qualities of the nine of pentacles.

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Nine of Pentacles (Upright) in Career and Finance

This card points to your success in your respective field and career. You worked hard and exerted effort in your work, and you are reaching a point where you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Your hard work is finally rewarded, and your professionalism allows you to receive the recognition you deserve.

If you have a business, this card represents success and profit coming in abundantly. Your good ideas and splendid plans are now in fruition. Your business is in a good place right now. 

Thus, you can live in comfort and celebrate your achievements. It’s time for you to take time and appreciate your efforts and hard work. 

This card speaks of how much a good time this is to go on a vacation. It’s always healthy to spend time for yourself after long times of work.

Taking a break will help you improve your performance in the future. Taking care of yourself is also a way to show your dedication to your work. 

To enhance your work, you would need to take good care of the most effective tool available, yourself. If you are older now and at the right age for retirement, this card can signal retirement. 

Finally, you are at a time in your life where you will have rest from the fast-paced world of business and careers.

In the aspect of finances, this card is a good sign as it is a card of abundance and wealth. You are financially secured and abundant.

 If you are in business, it is in a great place right now. This card also speaks that you have made suitable investments, and it is now bringing in money to your table. 

This card can also signify a big purchase like land or a house.

Nine of Pentacles (Upright) in Health

This card speaks of good health. It is a card that welcomes good improvements and adjustments to your health habits. 

It’s an excellent time to open your doors to positive changes in your health regime. This card also indicates recovery and regaining your good health. 

If you have been struggling with health problems, this card symbolizes that you are improving and recovering from it.

Nine of Pentacles (Upright) in Spirituality

In the aspect of spirituality, this card speaks of your consistent effort in seeking growth. You have now achieved confidence and wisdom. 

Your overall spiritual elements are in bloom and abundance when this card appears.

Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) Meaning

This card in reverse encourages you to look at yourself and know your worth. Nine of Pentacles tells you to be reconnected with yourself and know your worth and value. 

Often, we could get so detached from ourselves that we do not see how much we are worth. You might be facing a lot of doubts and worries about yourself.

Perhaps you have doubts about whether you are enough or valuable. The answer is always yes, but you don’t always see it that way. 

There may be some variables blurring your view of discovering your true worth.

This can also apply to your skills and your career. You may be questioning or lacking self-confidence, and it may be compromising your work. 

If you have a task to do, believe in yourself and know the level of your skill. People may try to take advantage of your lack of self-esteem. 

They can underpay you when you do work for them, or they can even get work from you for free. You should know when people are trying to exploit you to protect yourself.

This card in reverse can also call for an action to create a better level for yourself. Perhaps you may want to improve your skills. 

You can be enrolling in classes to improve your skills and talents. You can also be having makeovers to improve your overall appearance. 

These new things you are acquiring will surely enhance and help boost your image. However, you might feel hesitant to use the money for yourself as you doubt if you are worth it.

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Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) in Love and Relationship

The Nine of Pentacles, in reverse, shows you’re resisting yourself. You’re trying to resist yourself into finding the love that’s right for you.

Maybe because you’re currently dealing with a lot of struggles, this centers on financial problems which you don’t want for someone to know.

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This someone may be a person that wants to be part of your life. But you’re not ready yet to engage in a deeper level of commitment.

If you care about someone and the relationship, it’s important to communicate with each other. 

This way, you will save the relationship by acting the right way and changing the problematic patterns. Communication and compromise go a long way for relationships.

If you are single, this card can indicate that you are searching for love because of a different plan. 

This card urges you to be extra careful with people you don’t know. They can have a different agenda than what their approach looks like.

Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) in Career and Finance

If you are in the field of business, this card urges you to heighten your security. This may be the time to check your financial spendings. 

It pays to be extra careful as this card in reverse can signify scams and deceits. If you ever encounter someone that seems fishy and lacked what you require in the security protocol, it’s best not to entertain them. 

This can root for missed opportunities, but this can also be rooting for getting scammed.

It’s good to take precautionary measures during these times. Nevertheless, your experience may have built-in you the ability to discern and assess these types of people. 

You need to be extra careful of who you trust. Even when you are with the people inside the workplace. 

You never really completely know a person based on how they bring themselves to work. That is why you need to be careful putting your complete trust in someone.

In doing these preventive measures, do not stretch to the point of you being paranoid either. While it’s good that you are careful, do not let the worries get the best of you. 

Trust your instinct and the facts available for assessment to you. In the aspect of finance, this card in reverse speaks of your tendency to become reckless. 

Perhaps you are becoming unmindful of your purchases and goes on a shopping spree most of the time. You are not managing your money well, and this can put you in a tight situation in the future.

Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) in Health

Nine of pentacles in reverse can signify going overboard and affecting your health. This card can tell you that you have lost your self-control. 

Because of this, you may be engaging in unhealthy habits like overeating, overdrinking, or trying out harmful drugs. If you have been struggling with a health issue or problems, you might want to consider implementing change in your lifestyle. 

This is a good time for you to assess your health habits and make the necessary changes to improve your overall well-being.

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Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) in Spirituality

Reversed Nine of pentacles in the aspect of spirituality encourages you to be disciplined. You may be sticking with a practice or a belief that does not work for you at all. 

Try to reconnect with yourself again and assess the views that you are following. Do not be afraid to eliminate those that stagnate your spiritual growth.

Nine of Pentacles: YES or NO?

Nine of pentacles is a card of abundance, independence, and fulfilling your heart’s desires. This card brings the message of manifestation of the things that you are longing for. 

For these reasons, the answer to your yes or no question is a YES.

Nine of Pentacles Advice

The Nine of Pentacles as advice shows that you’re working hard. As a result, you continue to receive good news about your work.

Keep in mind that you deserve to obtain the life you have right now. Don’t spend less on yourself now; start treating yourself.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed Advice

The Nine of Pentacles, in reverse, shows that you’re bored. You don’t currently know what to do with your life as of the moment.

You don’t know if you still want your current job or not. You feel like everything continues to be a constant cycle.

Nine of Pentacles as a Person

The Nine of Pentacles as a person is someone who is wise. If you have this card, then you’re doing a great job in handling your money.

You’re not only a wise money maker, but you’re also independent. You always keep your feet on the ground, ready to learn and succeed.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed as a Person

The Nine of Pentacles, in reverse, is someone who isn’t confident. If you have this card, you’re someone who lacks faith in yourself.

You feel like you don’t have the capability to manage certain things. As a result, this becomes a hindrance to fulfilling your goals.

Nine of Pentacles Present

In the present, all your efforts and sacrifices are finally paying off. As a result, you deserve to find time to relax entirely and treat yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with going to some place that gives you comfort. Or there’s nothing wrong with buying things for yourself.

Nine of Pentacles Past

In the past, you used to deal with a lot of money problems. These situations caused you intense stress and low confidence in yourself.

You used to limit your skills towards a specific goal you wanted. You felt like the opportunities for you were only limited.

You used to submerge yourself in an endless cycle of crisis. But on the brighter side, these days are finally over.

Nine of Pentacles Future

In the future, you’ll believe that everything seems too good to be true. Maybe your goals will start to appear right before your eyes.

And all of this will happen because of your hard work. You will not just manifest these things to happen; you’ll work hard for it.

Nine of Pentacles as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels confident because of your influence. This person has the urge to create the life they always wanted.

This person feels an immense wave of inspiration coming from you. Because you always inspire them to do better whatever the circumstances.

Nine of Pentacles Outcome

The Nine of Pentacles, as an outcome, shows an abundance of success. This means that you’re finally getting the good things you deserve.

You always deserve good news to appear at your doorstep. Because you’ve been working really hard in order to achieve your goals.

The outcome shows that you’ll start to harvest a lot of things. You’ll harvest a recognition or promotion from your company.

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Nine of Pentacles Pregnancy and Fertility

The Nine of Pentacles can be a good card for pregnancy. This means that you have the potential to enter the stage of parenthood.

You’ll continue to ensure that your future child will be in good hands. This is because you’re already planning the necessities for this child.

Nine of Pentacles Energy

The Nine of Pentacles has a strong energy for independence. You may be someone who continues to be wise in handling your finances.

You’re someone who manifests and harvests a successful life. And a successful life will not exist without the ability for money to intensify.

But you’re not someone who earns money for greed and pride. Instead, you use the money you earn for wiser decisions such as investments and savings.

Nine of Pentacles as Action

The Nine of Pentacles is an essential card for action. This could show that you’re currently implementing the art of control.

Because self-control should be an essential aspect of one’s life, self-control gives you the ability to resist negative traits and temptations.

So you’re someone who constantly chooses to use the money for good reasons instead of choosing to overspend on material things that don’t matter.

Nine of Pentacles as Intentions

The Nine of Pentacles resides with good intentions. You’re someone who desires to achieve a life that’s successful and peaceful.

So you’re doing everything it takes in order to get that goal. Despite the circumstances, you’re willing to risk yourself out there.

Your good intentions reside with how you handle your finances. Instead of overspending your money, you put it into your savings account.

Nine of Pentacles as How Someone Sees You

Someone views you as the person who finally has it all. But they admire you for your constant control over your achievements.

This person sees you as someone who chooses to be independent. They also admire how you manage to live an independent life.

Nine of Pentacles Time Frame

The Nine of Pentacles card has a specific time frame. But this will always depend on your current situation and energy.

The Nine of Pentacles is connected to Venus in Virgo. A specific period may start on September 2 and will end on September 11.

This card also has an alignment with the earth element. The number nine on the card represents positivity, completion, and compassion.

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Nine of Pentacles as a Woman

The Nine of Pentacles is a representation of a woman. In the card, a well-dressed woman surrounds herself in an exquisite garden.

If you have this card, then you’re someone who receives abundance because you continue to work hard to get the things you want.

Nine of Pentacles as a Man

The Nine of Pentacles can be a representation of a man. If this is you, then you’re currently trying to make the life you want for yourself.

You’re always working hard in order to manage your finances. Instead of not doing anything at all, you continue to improve yourself.

You would always learn and explore new ideas for confidence. In terms of material things, you put yourself in a state of moderation.

Nine of Pentacles Communication

The Nine of Pentacles is an important card for communication. You’re someone who has the ability to influence others to be successful.

This will only happen if you choose to express yourself to others. Trust in yourself that there are people who are willing to listen.

There are people who will listen to your remarkable stories. They’ll get curious about how you overcame your hardships and why everything had to happen.

Nine of Pentacles Reconciliation

The Nine of Pentacles can be a card for reconciliation. A past person is currently enjoying their life in a single status.

This person learned their lesson when you two were in separation. They realized that they should start earning for success.

Instead of just relying on others for necessities, they started to become independent. So they’re now living their life with the money they work hard for.

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Nine of Pentacles Physical Appearance

The Nine of Pentacles can have a specific physical appearance. However, this will always depend on the one who received the card.

You may be someone who looks financially stable and prosperous. You present yourself as someone who takes care of your appearance.

You’re someone who directs eye contact in a speech.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed Outcome

The Nine of Pentacles, in reverse, shows that you’re not being productive. You’re not managing your finances well, leading you to debt.

This is because you choose to buy things that aren’t necessary. You overspend a lot on material things that have no long term value.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed Pregnancy

The Nine of Pentacles, in reverse, is an important card for pregnancy. This shows that you aren’t ready for parenthood and its responsibilities.

You need to remove your unhealthy habits on money before starting a family because this will heavily affect the future of your child.

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Nine of Pentacles Friendship

The Nine of Pentacles is a good card for friendships. Don’t worry too much in life, because your friends are here for you.

They’ll be with you every step of the way. Whether through ups and downs, they’re willing to stay by your side.

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