No Contact Rule with Pisces Man: When and How To Do It? -

No Contact Rule with Pisces Man: When and How To Do It?

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Does the no contact rule work on the Pisces man? How will he react to it?

There is no guarantee that the no contact rule with the Pisces man will help you win him back or improve your relationship with him. The success of it depends on when and how you do it.

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The no contact rule means cutting someone off your life, which means no texting, calling, or social media interactions. The period of doing no contact depends on your purpose and the status of your relationship.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the no contact rule and how to use it to deal with your Pisces man. I hope this helps, and I wish you all the luck with your man!

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The Pisces man’s personality

Pisces is a Mutable Water sign with an emotional and unpredictable personality. The Pisces man is an artist and a dreamer, using his sentimental nature to create art and change the world.

This sign is represented by The Fish and has a trait of always going with the flow and being difficult to catch. His emotions and thoughts never stay still, and he trusts his intuitions more than logic.

The Pisces man shows his affectionate and caring quality by showing empathy and giving emotional support. He has a lot of love to give, but the trouble is that it can sometimes drown and overwhelm the objects of his affection.

The Pisces man falls in love faster than any other sign, but committing to someone is not as easy as falling in love. His changeable and emotional personality makes it difficult for him to keep still and maintain a lasting relationship.

When in a relationship, the Pisces man forms strong feelings and deep connections and expects his partner to feel the same. He has an idealistic view of a relationship and is thus prone to disappointment when his partner fails to meet his expectations.

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When do you do the no contact rule?

Leaving your Pisces man alone can be a helpful tool in dealing with him, but like everything in life, timing is everything. You have to cut contact with him for the right reasons and at the right moment.

Be attentive to your Pisces man; it helps to be aware of his feelings and thoughts because it keeps changing. Going through a no-contact period with your Pisces man will improve the following situations:

He is too possessive

When the Pisces man is in love, there will come the point where he wants you all to himself. His fear of losing you makes him selfish and clingy that he’ll control everything you do and decide who you spend your time with.

Talking about this issue with the Pisces man and taking some time off from the relationship is the best remedy for his possessiveness. Make it clear to him that you remain committed even with your taking some time away from him.

He shows emotional dependency

When the Pisces man has strong feelings for you, he will need constant attention and support from you. He depends on you to give him the happiness, love, and security he needs to live, and that is never healthy.

Taking a break from each other will let your Pisces man know that loving himself is the first step to making a relationship work. Don’t allow him to rely on you to give the love and security that he should be getting from within himself.

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He is neglectful

When the Pisces man neglects you, he is used to your presence in his life and assumes that you will always be around. It’s normal for his personality to blow hot and cold, but you should not allow him to take you for granted.

He is indecisive

When the Pisces man can’t decide on his plans for your relationship, he becomes inconsistent. He makes promises that he can’t keep, or he can’t make definite plans for your future.

Taking a step back from your relationship can give him time alone to decide. Not contacting him as he thinks about his next steps will let him know that you are not pressuring him and will support whatever he may decide to do.

He is playing you

When the Pisces man is playing you and has no intention of forming a committed relationship with you, it’s best to avoid him. This shows him that you are sticking to what you want and will not settle for less than you think you deserve.

You can do better than a man who wants to date you but is unwilling to work hard to keep you. Do not respond to his flirty texts and hook-up messages if he can’t give you more than that.

He breaks up with you

When the Pisces man breaks up with you, not contacting him will help you move on and start a new life without him. If you continue connecting and seeing him, it will only make it okay for him to toy with your feelings.

The Pisces man is an expert in emotional warfare, and you will never win over him. Don’t get your hopes up if he contacts you after a breakup; he will only use you for selfish reasons, and it will not end well for you if you allow him.

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No contact rule how-tos for the Pisces man

The success of the no contact rule on a sensitive and emotional person like the Pisces man depends on proper and constant communication. If he fails to understand a situation presented to him, he will get angry and frustrated, leading him to shut his feelings down and walk away.

You may also use the techniques and dos and donts found in Pisces Man Secrets guide to your advantage. 

Reassure him

The Pisces man is not as confident as he appears on the outside, and he lives in constant insecurity of a partner’s feelings for him. If you fail to reassure him of your good intentions, the no-contact period will turn him off from you and discourage him from pursuing you.

Keep your promises

Following through with your promises will build trust and dispel his doubts. Say only what you can do, and make sure you do what you say.

If you tell your Pisces man that you want radio silence for a month, then do your best to control yourself and don’t hit his phone up before the month is over. He will think that you are playing with his emotions, and he will never trust you again.

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Don’t do it to get back at him

The no contact rule is not a tool for getting revenge or giving your Pisces man what you think he deserves. We all enter into relationships because we want to love and be loved, don’t hold your man’s actions against him because we all have different ways of showing love.

If your Pisces man hurt you in the past, don’t hold it against him or give him all the blame. Acknowledge that you have a part to play in your relationship’s issues and challenges.  

Clarity is your best friend

You do a no-contact period with your Pisces man to gain perspective and see things with a clearer view. You should go back into the relationship with improved thinking and a better understanding of your man.

If you are unsure of how to gain clarity, you can try and seek professional help. Understanding yourself and how you act in a relationship can help you see how to deal with your man and have a better relationship with him.

Keep your options open

There is no guarantee that the no contact rule will make your ex come back or better your relationship with him. But if you use the time to improve yourself and your ability to be a good partner, there is a good chance that you will find success in any relationship you get into.

If the streets happen to make you realize that your Pisces man really is the love of your life, reconnect with him by saying the right words and doing the right actions. 

Anna Kovach teaches you that in her Pisces Man Secrets guide. 

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