North Node in 10th House: The House of Social Status and Public Life -

North Node in 10th House: The House of Social Status and Public Life

In our lifetime, there is nothing more satisfying than being enlightened about our soul’s direction and life destiny. To answer the question “What is the meaning of life?”, we sometimes seek the wisdom of the heavens. This is where our lunar nodes come in.  By seeking guidance from Astrology, you can find your destiny and mission in life.

The north node in the tenth house placement represents your worldly attainment, role in society, and reputation. Karmic lessons may guide you and show you what is possible for your life. Read on, learn about yourself from this article, then reflect. That is how your spiritual journey begins.

Tenth House and Fourth House Nodal Axis

In the natal chart, the opposite of the north node in the 10th house is the south node in the 4th House. The south node is your altruism, your unselfish concern for the welfare of others, especially those you hold dear. On the other hand, the north node is all about your growth potential.

The south node in the 4th house is your karmic past and your comfort zone. The south node remarkably affects your soul purpose. The south node in the 4th house implies that you feel more likely to hold back from your worldly ambitions due to your deeply caring persona and being comfortable in your inner world.

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Your south node might also mean you depend on your family or your family greatly depends on you. It may also show that you have someone in your life who does not appreciate you. You may even detest someone in your family. 

Your south node does not generally mean a setback in your life. It is your opportunity for growth.  Because of family and emotional demands, you learn to handle your emotions. Your experiences made you into an emotionally strong, compassionate, and loving person.

Your strengths and compassion will help you in maneuvering past obstacles. It will help you in attaining your souls’ mission if done on a positive outlook.

The north node in the 10th house is your present and your future. You may find your true soul fulfillment by being more comfortable outside your comfort zone.

For you to grow, your lesson is to pursue professional aspirations and not to let your inhibitions hold you back. Since nurturing is what you do best, you need to empower your self-ambitions and abilities when it comes to professional contexts.

Your Soul Mission

The north node in the 10th house is similar to the north node in the 11th house. Both represents your social status. You tend to use your family as an excuse to remain in your private world. You spend half of your life relying upon your family.  You rarely dream and make goals for yourself.

Therefore, it is your soul mission to build a reputable career and gain your social role.  In this lifetime, you must focus on your self-esteem as well. It is time for you to have a solid plan for your career growth and forge your path. Use your nurturing and deeply caring persona to attain your aspirations.

Life Themes 

Major themes included in the north node in the 10th house are career, social status, and personal growth. It centers on your ambitions. It is advisable to integrate the positive qualities from your north node into your life. This is how you get closer to your life purpose.

Knowing these themes will serve as a guide for you to create a meaningful and soul-fulfilling life.

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  • Social Status

The 10th house reigns social status and all professional contexts. Your north node in the tenth house is similar to the 9th house north node. Both teaches you to empower yourself and embrace change . Let go of your inhibitions. Once you let go of your fears of stepping out of your comfort zone, you will realize your full potential for worldly success.

  • Authority

With your family greatly depending on you, you have developed a great sense of how to be an authority. You might also be in a situation where you are taken for granted by your family. Responsibilities and family demands have caused you to establish a deep emotional foundation.

In this lifetime, you must be willing to accept family responsibilities.  Your role and relationship with your family will impact your search for a public position. With the north node in the 10th house, you have a natural authoritative spirit. Your sense of authority may gravitate you towards success and professional achievements.

  • Career

Throughout your life, you focus on matters that are related to your home and family, quite similar to Scorpio in 4th House. Because of this, you tend to forget how to live and enjoy your private life. You dearly love your family and greatly depend on them. Venturing out for your career might seem a heavy intimidating task.

With the north node in the 10th house, you are presented with lessons that will teach you how to conquer your fears of stepping outside your comfort zone, which is related to Saturn in 10th house . The North Node in the 10th house asks you to be comfortable in the professional world.

  • Nurturance and Unconditional Love

It is only natural to you to have unconditional love towards what you hold dear. With the influence of the north node in the tenth house, you are gifted with the art of nurturing. This may tend, however, to impact you negatively. It may give you fears in navigating your own ship without depending and relying on others.

Similar to the north node in the 2nd house, the north node in the 10th house will teach you how to be in control of your life . Prioritize your personal goals. The love you have for yourself will be your tool to recognize your value and your path to career advancement. This will be beneficial to you and those who depend on you.

  • Self-Governing

The 10th house also rules your role in society. You are comfortable staying in your comfort zone and keeping yourself from developing your full potential. In order for your career to flourish, you need to learn how to be independent and muster the strength to stand on your own feet.

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Along the way to your soul’s mission, you will encounter shadows that the south node in the fourth house has carried. You must overcome your emotional moodiness, codependence, and your tendency to live in the past. These are the challenges that hinder you from your soul’s fulfillment.

  • Emotions

You tend to allow your emotions to take control over you. You must learn to value yourself and not overreact when things do not come your way.

Don’t let things trigger an emotional response from you. These unchecked emotions keep you from advancing your career growth.

  • Co-dependency

You work exceptionally hard to provide for your family. Your tendency to take on more responsibilities and reliance on your family as support can hinder your personal growth. Either way, you will find more fulfillment if you divide your focus and energy between your home life and work-life.

  • Living with Insecurities

In your life, you tend to live with your fears. You don’t have the initiative and courage to get out of your comfort zone and live in the present moment. It hinders you from realizing your talents and passions. It also keeps you from your right path.

To progress faster and easier, you should associate yourself with people with whom you share the same passion and interests.

Journeying Through This Lifetime with the North Node in Tenth House

The north node in the 10th house shows how you should behave publicly and what image you should project to the world. Discovering your passion and empowering yourself is part of your life’s journey.

Your purpose is to embrace the world outside, build your social identity, and achieve your dreams and ambitions. Everything you do has a purpose, so resist the urge to stay in your comfort zone.

  • Envisioning Your Ambitions

With the 4th house as your south node, you may encounter shadows that include your insecurities, narrow-mindedness, self-centeredness, and dependence.

Overcoming your insecurities and fears will bring you a sense of peace and self-realization. North Node in the tenth house shows what weakens and improves your professional success. Your attitude towards how you view things and how you view the world will play a big part in your personal growth.

Your north node in the 10th house encourages you to be patient in achieving your goals. Be creative. Let your soul’s mission be the reason for you to persist with your goals and drive you to recognize your talents. Since you are in a quest to know and learn spiritual truths, learn to act righteously and responsibly. In this way, you may find your life meaningful.

Hear Your Call

In this lifetime, you yearn to gain recognition, to be admired, honored, and appreciated. You will learn that there is more to life than meets the eye. It is time for you to discover your passion, live your dreams, and share your unique gifts with the world. The karmic pull of the north node in the 10th house is only natural to you, and you will find great happiness in pursuing the way to success.

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