North Node in 11th House: The House of Friendship and Social Connection -

North Node in 11th House: The House of Friendship and Social Connection

What is the core of our life? We keep wondering if we are just lost stars trying to find our way to our purpose? Why are we even here? Life has been and will always be full of unanswered questions.

In Astrology, we ask the heavens what we are meant to do. The north node houses may clarify some of our questions and show us the various sides, meaning, and issues of life.

If there is a north node in the eleventh house in your birth chart, this article may bring light to your endless wonderings about your soul purpose. Lunar nodes will help you see who you are. As they always say, if you want to know more, be curious.

Eleventh House and Fifth House Nodal Axis

The south node in the fifth house is the opposite of the north node in the eleventh house. The south node shows your karmic past and the things you did before— your actions, choices, and behavior patterns. It informs you about the things you should avoid, so you won’t make the same mistakes in your present timeline.

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Your south node karmic past presents you issues and problems involving children, romantic affairs, the pursuit of pleasure, and individuality. These are the obstacles that you need to overcome in this life.

On the other hand, your present life lies at the north node. It is your destiny. What path you should take is written in the north node of your birth chart. The north node in the eleventh house includes social connections, friendship, service to humanity, and a vision to create positive changes to society, in relevance to having Saturn in 11th house.

Your Soul Mission

As someone who has a north node in eleventh house placement in your natal chart, your life purpose is building a meaningful connection with other people. You have the gifts to become a leader. Once you let go of your ego, you’ll be on your way to your spiritual progress.

You seek to bring meaningful change to humanity.  It is your journey to dedicate yourself to others. You have something to offer to people who need you the most. That is why you are here. To embody humanistic ideals and social causes.

Life Themes

Your life purpose is associated with social connection, friendship, and humanitarian ideals. Similar to people with north node in Aquarius, as someone who possesses a north node in eleventh house placement, service to humanity is the central theme of your life . Creating positive changes to society is what your soul is seeking.

Knowing the themes in the north node in the twelfth house will help you guide your actions, choices, and decisions. In this way, you can develop the qualities that lead you to a happy, fulfilling life. Understanding the themes that revolve around life can aid in your journey towards growth.

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  • Gift of Leadership

With the north node in the eleventh house in your natal chart, you are born to become a leader. Because of your skills and capabilities, you often stand out among the crowds.

  • Sense of Fun and Joy

The north node in the eleventh house placement suggests that you have a vibrant personality. You can be entertaining and engaging. Because of your playful approach in life, you are often fun to be with. As long as the south node in the fifth house does not interfere, you can live your life with joy.


Your shadows are the unconscious tendencies that may hinder you from achieving your soul mission. These include your desires for pleasures and numerous romantic affairs.

It may be hard to get rid of your karmic traits, but taking a little step to change yourself can already make a difference. Little steps are still steps and small progress is still progress.

Learn to cast away your south node in fifth house negative attributes. Your past mistakes should not be repeated. Don’t stick to the dramas. Keep moving forward with your beliefs. You may fail, but failures are always part of life.

  • Romance and Affairs

In your karmic past, you tend to engage yourself with many affairs. You are constantly searching for romantic opportunities. However, having numerous affairs does not give you the satisfaction your soul needs. Sex and romance lead you away from the north node in the eleventh house path.

  • Trouble with Offspring

Because of the south node in the fifth house, issues with children and offspring are present in your life. You may experience troubles with your children in this lifetime. Delinquency, illness, and inability to conceive may part of your experience as someone with a north node in eleventh house placement.  

  • Individuality and Group

Because of your south node in the 5th house, you tend to lack social skills. In the past, you didn’t fit in a group. It may be because you have different ideas and points of view. What you need to learn in this lifetime is to become part of the group. Learn to open your mind and listen to the ideas of other people.

  • Egotism and Seeking Approval from Others

You tend to be egoistic. It may be because you are adored and admired in the past. You also tend to seek other people’s approval. Sometimes you seek approval through sex and romantic affairs. It is a challenge for you to release your egotism and your thirst for approval.

Journeying Through This Lifetime with the North Node in Eleventh House

Your life purpose includes other people. You are here to learn how to be considerate of other people’s needs. Your deep happiness comes from bringing positive changes to the lives of others. You can achieve a sense of fulfillment through friendships and connections. You may also find that embodying freedom and equality will give you a happier and more fulfilling life.

However, this journey isn’t easy. Your karmic traits may come in the way and slack off your progress. Letting go of egotism is your first job. You should learn to let go of your sense of individuality. Be part of the group, connect to others, and build a lasting friendship.

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  • Expanding your view on equality, friendships, love, and bliss

Companionship is an important part of your journey if you have a north node in the eleventh house or a north node in the the 7th house placement. It doesn’t have to be always romantic. What you need is a genuine friendship and heartfelt connection with a group. This can be achieved if you learn to extend yourself to others.

You may enjoy being in the center of attention, but your north node path asks you to step down from your egotism and focus more on other people. You have so much to give to your community. You have so much to bring into society. Your innovative ideas and your vision can bring change to the world.

So, learn to expand your view. Open yourself to other people’s perspectives. It might be different from yours, but it surely expands your mind. You will progress in your spiritual journey by learning to value other people and accept their differences.  

  • Natural Leader

You are born a natural leader. You have the ability to influence people. You can speak for the people, especially concerning social causes. So be the voice for the masses.

Your revolutionary ideas and creativity can help you change the world and be of service to humanity. To do this, you must first strive to be selfless. You must be willing to extend yourself to others without expecting anything in return.

Some people may disagree. They may never understand your passion and ideals, but there are a lot of others that support you. With your leadership skills and intellect, you can contribute a lot to society. You may face many challenges in your journey, but you can always overcome them.

The Karmic Pull of the South Node in 5th House

The south node in the fifth house may pull you back from your true path. It may be hard for you to compromise and listen to other people. The north node in the eleventh house asks you to let go of your rigidity and narrow-mindedness. Similar to the north node in the 9th house, it inspires you to reach the highest state of mind and be in line with your spirit.. These are the things that hinder your growth.

Learn to listen and accept other people’s perspectives. Don’t insist on doing things your way. You are not right all the time. You can learn many things if you open your mind to different perspectives. You don’t always have to be alone. Connect to the group and you will learn that there’s more to life than meets the eye.

Hear Your Call

With the north node in the eleventh house, your growth always includes service to humanity. Your creativity and innovative ideas can contribute positive changes to the world. Hear your call. Be part of the group. Connect to them. This is how you live a life of fulfillment.

Remember to celebrate your life with joy. Share a laugh with other people. Shared fun is what brings people together. In this way, you can strengthen your relationship with others.

Your north node in the eleventh house also encourages you to enjoy the limelight while staying humble. Always remember to seek the good of society. 

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