North Node in 8th House: The House of Death and Rebirth -

North Node in 8th House: The House of Death and Rebirth

Every being in the universe is on a quest to discover its life’s purpose. It may be easily found, or it may be not. For most people, knowing what they’re meant to do gives them direction. A guide can be a great help, especially if you’re facing crises in your life now.

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Your birth chart can guide you. You can find your soul mission, personality traits, and challenges you need to overcome in this life. Understanding the issues you will encounter and the areas you need to focus on can help you deal with them in an easier way.

Eighth House and Second House Nodal Axis

Situated opposite the north node 8th house is the south node 2nd house of the natal chart. The south node is the seat of your habitual place. This is the zone familiar to you and where you are most comfortable. The north node, meanwhile, is your destination.

The south node also shows the attributes that are already natural to you. But this lifetime challenges you to let go of those things that don’t serve you anymore. In other words, shed off those negative traits that hamper your spirit’s growth.

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The north node presents you the things you need to learn to evolve spiritually. Since your north node is in the 8th house, you are destined to acquire its traits.

The 8th house is a mysterious, deep, and hidden house in the natal chart. It concerns itself with death, trauma, and suffering. On the other hand, it’s also the house of regeneration and healing. People born within this north node group also deal with issues involving money, resources, and assets.

These natives will face karma involving their attachment to materialism and possessions. They must also give attention to their relationship with the people around them. They must learn to share, to develop an intimate relationship with others, and to explore the spiritual world within them.

Your Soul Mission

Transformation is the primary theme of the 8th house. If you are born with this house as your north node, you faced difficult situations in the past. You may have suffered traumatic or dark experiences in your early life.

You cling to materialism for comfort and may have made sacrifices along the way. Therefore, your goal as a person born within this placement is to cast off those negative traits. You can achieve this by taking in the positive qualities in the 8th house.

It’s your mission to put a lesser value on physical comforts. You may also begin to reflect on death, sex, money, faith, and rebirth. This life challenges you to put more perspective on things you can’t experience through your five senses.

Life Themes

Some of the major life themes that will present themselves in your life involve money, too much attachment to possessions, and being overly reliant on yourself. After all, the 8th house is a terrifying house full of mystery and darkness. This house is where death and transformation take place.

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  • Death and Trauma

The 8th house rules death and the darker facets of life. Death is an uncomfortable subject for many, which makes this house quite scary to explore. For these natives, however, transformation can sometimes happen after losing someone important. In some cases, it may be caused by a traumatic experience or suffering you didn’t let go of yet.

In another sense, it may also mean the death of your past self. This north node placement may ask you to discard those things that continue to cause you pain and suffering. Once you let go of your old self, you will be reborn into a more powerful being.

  • Ownership

Your material possessions mean a lot to you. In fact, you get overly attached to them and may have sacrificed relationships in the process. You have a strong desire to own something when you want it. You tend to do whatever it takes to get it, which can sometimes put you in danger.

Besides physical objects, you may also be holding to relationships that don’t help you.

Your 8th house north node will help you learn to control your impulsive need to possess everything you see. It will teach you to put more value on relationships than the material things you thought will bring you happiness.

  • Finances, Assets, and Resources

The 2nd house rules over money and income just like in Aries in the 2nd house.. Meanwhile, the 8th house is the placement where shared investments, joint assets, and taxes rule. So with this house as your north node, you will be encountering issues related to sharing resources with others.

You are used to depending on no one but yourself. This lifetime, you be will be taught to manage your finances wisely. Control your possessive nature and only take what you need. Your 8th house north node will help you recognize the value of sharing with others.

  • Sharing and Intimacy

Giving and letting people make a close connection to you may be hard to do at first. You have been so used to be alone and doing everything by yourself that relying on others seems unthinkable. However, to attain spiritual growth, it’s a must for you to learn to share. Above all, become more intimate with those closest to you.

This house also rules intimacy and sex. You long for a deeper connection with another person. This life calls for you to learn the art of creating bonds with someone.

  • Intense Transformation

With death, regeneration, and healing present in this house, you are going to undergo an intense transformation. It’s either going to happen suddenly or will take more time. It can be a frightening experience. However, once you succeed in getting out of this phase, you will be reborn into a new person.


You will encounter the shadows brought forth by the south node in the 2nd house. You tend to put over-importance on physical objects and will go to lengths not to lose them. Along with those are the monetary and financial issues that dominate your life. These are the challenges that stop your transformation as a spiritual being.

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  • Putting Too Much Value on Material Objects

You may feel comfortable and secure clinging to material possessions. However, this is the time for you to rethink where you put your priorities. You are too anxious about losing them that your relationship with others is jeopardized in the process. It’s time to step back, realign your values, and prioritize your connection with the people important to you.

  • Extreme Possessiveness

Whether it’s things or people, your intense desire to possess can put yourself and your relationship with others at risk. Acknowledge that everyone is their own person and learn to share with them. You will find more fulfillment if you redirect your energy to something else. For example, delve deeper into fields that involve psychology or spirituality.

  • Financial Problems

Because of possessiveness and materialism, you may encounter struggles regarding finances. Debt, a problem with taxes, and spending money lavishly are some of the challenges you may have to face. Understanding how to be in control of your finances will help a lot. Above all, learn to curb your desires and impulses.

Journeying Through This Lifetime with the North Node in Eighth House

The journey will ask you to explore the emotional, passionate, and spiritual side of your being. It can only be done by loosening your grip on materialism. It will also help if you let go of your rigid and old-fashioned ways.

  • Going Beyond What You Can See

You are too preoccupied with what you can experience through the five senses. Because of this, you didn’t have the time to explore the hidden and more mysterious parts of your soul. Dive deeper into your psyche. Explore things that are new to you, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.

The 8th house is laden with mystery. Going to your north node, you may discover things about yourself that you never thought you are capable of doing.

  • Controlling Your Desire to Own

By understanding the concept of sharing, you can foster stronger relationships with others. Give more than you take. It is only through this that you will learn comfort isn’t only achieved by acquiring. Likewise, you need to understand that the true sense of security comes from within you.

It also helps you to depend on others. You don’t have to do everything by yourself. By letting the people you trust and love assist you, you can make your relationship with them stronger.

  • Valuing Interpersonal Relationships

With this, the 8th house asks for you to become more comfortable with connecting and bonding with people. Find the intense passion hidden deep inside, which was suppressed when you’re focused too on the physical world. Love deeply, courageously, and powerfully.

Hear Your Call

Whenever life feels unsure or tumultuous, your north node tells you the direction you are supposed to take. It starts by leaving your world of material security and comfort. Let go of the need to possess and control everything. Your value isn’t based on the things you own, and it lies deep within yourself.

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