North Node in Scorpio: Letting Go of Materialism and Embracing the Soul -

North Node in Scorpio: Letting Go of Materialism and Embracing the Soul

For most of us, it’s a challenge to find out what we’re meant to do. Knowing the sign position of your north node can help you figure out your life purpose. Depending on which north node group you belong to, your journey will be different from others.

This article is for Scorpio north node natives and its opposing sign, the Taurus south node. Learn how these two relate to each other and how they dictate your soul destiny.

Scorpio Soul Destiny vs. Taurus Karmic Past

Your soul destiny is your purpose in life. Your karmic past is where you came from. It also relates to who you were and what you did in your past lives.

People born within this lunar north node are on a journey towards welcoming changes. Once you reach your mid-life, you will undergo a tremendous transformation in a spiritual sense. It will help you realize what you’re supposed to do in this lifetime.

It is a painful and arduous process but rewarding. The only way to reach your spiritual destination is the willingness to take the challenge head-on.

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Scorpio meets Taurus

Natives in the Scorpio north node will face difficult changes and emotions in life. Scorpio and Taurus are the signs opposite each other. As the north node moves into Scorpio, the south node moves into Taurus as well.

The north is your point of destination. The south node is where your comfort zone is.

The south node represents the negative traits you need to overcome. Your Taurus karmic past indicates you tend to hold on to materialism and comfort. You resist changes as much as you can. In contrast, the north node is what you require to grow and live a fuller life. As a Scorpio north node native, it involves seeking spiritual growth by embracing the new.

Natives within this north node group like to live life in the present. If they can sit back, relax, and not do anything, they would do so. They don’t like to be rushed. But because of this preference for a quiet and still life, they often miss out on greater things in life. Therefore, learning to take risks is advised for anyone born within this north node.

Scorpio north node natives are known to have an eye for beauty. They like to surround themselves with aesthetically pleasing things. Other than that, they also have the tendency to be materialistic. Although practical and hardworking, Scorpio north nodes can be too attached to the physical world. Discovering the inner world, the intangible is something you will experience in your journey.

Taurus qualities aren’t something that should be completely relinquished, however. By studying these traits, you will be able to understand yourself more. Arming yourself with this knowledge will help you get closer to your soul destiny.

Strengths in North Node Scorpio

The Scorpio north node people are grounded and hardworking. They like to indulge in things that are pleasurable to the five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. Because of this, natives born within this group enjoy life greatly through its physical aspects.

  • Hardworking and Practical

They have a natural talent when it comes to making money. With this comes their persevering and strong-willed nature, which helps them achieve the things they wanted. Other positive attributes they possess are their resourcefulness and calmness.

  • Fine Taste

They live to enjoy their senses and indulge in pleasurable things. People born within this north node group make good artists or are art enthusiasts.

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The Scorpio Archetypes

  • The Transformer
  • The Investigator
  • The Researcher
  • The Shaman
  • The Therapist
  • The Sorcerer

Challenges in North Node Scorpio

Along with those qualities, Scorpio north node natives have negative traits, too. These hamper their growth as spiritual beings. These are the things that they need to let go of to achieve success in life.

  • Rigidity and Possessiveness

With their practicality and conservatism, natives in this group are more likely to hold on to things or people they are familiar with. They also put extreme importance on their knowledge. Because of this, they have difficulty seeing things from a different perspective.

In their comfort zone, Scorpio north node natives are satisfied with what they can see, touch, feel, taste, and hear. As a consequence, they are often comfortable staying where they are. They are also fearful of change.

They also tend to be greedy and possessive. It’s not because they are inherently selfish. They just have the inner need to own and control the things around them.

  • Overindulgence

Scorpio north node natives love beautiful and pleasing things. This gives them the tendency to put enormous value on physical objects. Coupled with their possessive nature, they can become too materialistic and stingy. They like to spend their money on those pleasurable things. Because of that, they can come out to others as someone who loves luxury.

Your North Node Scorpio Life Journey

To go on with your journey, start by learning to take risks and challenges. You must prepare yourself for a hard battle. This lifetime will teach you to let go of things that don’t serve you. Leaving the confinements of contentment and familiarity, you will then be venturing into the unknown. If you are successful with your transformation, you will be rewarded with a deep sense of fulfillment.

Everyone undergoes the same painful transformation before knowing their true calling in life.

The important thing is having the courage to let go of the ropes binding you. You will start to enjoy life more as you learn to embrace the unknown.

  • Embracing Change

Staying in your familiar world will not let you get closer to your destination. You enjoy your present comforts, not knowing that this keeps you from being happy. Facing the changes in your life is the only way to step out of it.

You refuse to get out of your confinements because it feels safe. However, security comes from within yourself. Be willing to embrace everything, good or bad, for the sake of reaching your north node. Once you are secure with yourself, you can go anywhere. You can become the person you want to be.

The need to possess things or people will only bring you even more suffering. Let go of old behavioral patterns that bog you down. They don’t serve you, and they only keep you from going far. Dare to live life without trying to control every single aspect of it. Explore new things. Don’t be afraid.

  • Diving Deeper Into Your Soul

As someone more inclined towards the physical facets of life, you may struggle to make a connection with your soul. Instead of seeking comfort in material things, dive into yourself. By moving away from the material, you will start enjoying the spiritual.

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  • Making More Meaningful Connections

And as you explore your inner world, you will connect with people more deeply. You will begin to understand their minds as you learn to understand yourself, too. You will learn how to read people on a deeper level.

Be more open to others. Try also not to get caught up in needing to control people. They have their own sets of values, belief systems, and principles, too.

By learning new things, you make your relationships with other people stronger. While you go through life, your belief system and values may also change. Discard those old behavioral patterns that don’t help you anymore.

Journeying Through This Lifetime as a Scorpio North Node Native

Similar to the north node in 6th house, Scorpio north node natives are known for their practicality. They live in the moment, appreciate and love what they have. Sometimes it reaches the point they become too greedy in their need to control everything.

Be willing to undergo deeper than what you can see. You may enjoy the pleasure of the senses, but it’s not everything. Spiritual connections with people will give you even greater happiness.

When you let go of what’s familiar, you will see more and experience more. Rather than riding on the waves of life contentedly, enjoy the sights as you go through. You may pick up new things along the way that will change your life for the better.

In everything, balance is the key. Natives must learn how to appreciate their Taurus qualities. At the same time, they should also aim to attain their Scorpio traits. It’s through this that they will understand their life’s purpose.

Live by appreciating the things you value without losing your self-discipline. In this lifetime, you are destined to explore deeper than what your senses tell you.

You may be surprised at the things you will encounter. But if you learn to release the old and accept the new, you will find yourself enjoying it all.

New things and people will soon come your way. Embrace them; appreciate them. This life is meant to be traveled fully and not spent inside your zone. Accumulate beautiful experiences along the way, and don’t be hindered by holding on too much. Live bravely, realize your true purpose, and you’ll receive more.

Famous Scorpio North Nodes


Justin Bieber

Abraham Lincoln

Dakota Fanning

Reese Witherspoon


March 4, 1938 – September 11, 1939

October 5, 1956 – June 16, 1958

July 10, 1975 – January 7, 1977

February 2, 1994 – July 31, 1995

August 31, 2012 – February 18, 2014

September 21, 2031 – October 14, 2032

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