North Node in Taurus: Releasing Dark Emotions and Finding Security From Within -

North Node in Taurus: Releasing Dark Emotions and Finding Security From Within

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Everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives what their purpose is. We also look for fulfillment everywhere. And when we couldn’t find what we’re meant to do, we feel frustrated and lost.

The placement of the north node during your birth can affect your life in many ways. For the Taurus north node people, they will face a struggle concerning their unresolved issues and emotions. Their goal in this life is to let go of those. They need to realize the security they’re looking for is found within themselves.

Taurus Soul Destiny vs. Scorpio Karmic Past

The north node embodies the destiny your soul has to fulfill in this lifetime. Your south node reflects your past life and gives you a clue who you were. Similarly, it reflects a negative side about yourself that you carried over in this present life.

Your mission is to step out of the south node, the comfort zone you’ve been living in for a long time. You are being called forth by your soul destiny. By embracing the qualities and traits Taurus is bringing to your life, you will experience a spiritual transformation.

Scorpio is in your south node, which means you were impulsive and intense. You may have lead a life revolving around mysteries and dark secrets. This is why, in this present timeline, you have overpowering emotions that you can’t explain. If you suddenly feel angry for no reason, this is your south node showing itself.

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This lifetime gives you a chance to correct those and live a more balanced life. The Taurus in your north node gives you stability and the opportunity to reconnect with the physical world, which is relevant in having Saturn in Taurus. If successful, you will be able to enjoy life without being haunted by thoughts of vengeance, darkness, and past sufferings.

Taurus meets Scorpio

Similar to people with North Node in Sagittarius, those who have Taurus as their north node are going to face an inner battle involving their spiritual and physical worlds. Similar to the north node in 6th house, Taurus is the sign that rules the practical and natural facets of life. On the other hand, Scorpio focuses itself on the mysteries, the psyche, and the unknown.

The same with people with North Node Scorpio, Taurus north node people are deeply concerned about their privacy. They guard their secrets jealously and don’t easily trust others. They can become too obsessive and dominating.

In the past, they may have had people protecting them fiercely. They are used to relying on others for security and safety, even using them for their own good. As a result, they also base their self-worth and value on others.

This lifetime calls for Taurus north node natives to search for the truth within themselves. They must know their value without seeking it from other people. Once they began their journey to their Taurus north node, they will be confident with themselves.

Strengths of North Node Taurus

These natives have a lot of traits that make them appealing. They are fierce, magnetic, and sexy. Because of these qualities, they are among the most charismatics of the native groups.

  • Passionate and Fascinating

With an air of mystery surrounding them, Taurus north node natives make an interesting bunch. People like their depth and are intrigued by their charm.

They also tend to be passionate and feel strongly. When these people set their mind on something, they give their all and focus on it no matter what. The same goes for the people they love. They care deeply and are protective of their partners.

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  • Intense and Powerful

These people feel emotions strongly. They are determined and focused on achieving their goals. Also, they love fiercely and passionately. They are also fearless, unshakable, and don’t flinch in the face of danger.

  • Perceptive

Because of their deeply sensitive nature, these natives can perceive other’s emotions or intentions. They are cunning, intuitive, and able to assess situations quickly.

Challenges in North Node Taurus

Taurus north node natives mainly lived focusing on their emotions rather than taking account of what’s happening at the moment. They can also become too fierce and obsessive in their ways. Most of all, they tend to rely on others for their needs.

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  • Emotionally Chaotic

Being too attuned to their emotions can have adverse effects on their well-being. Some of the traits these people have carried into the present are their tendency to be impulsive and reactive. When they feel they have been wronged, they may retaliate. They feel so strongly that if those negative emotions aren’t released properly, it can hurt them or the people around them.

  • Overly Reliant on Other People’s Resources

In their past lifetimes, these natives have lived as rich, powerful individuals.  As a result, they have carried those in the present life with their tendency to become reliant on others. Because they’re so used to lean on others, they equate their worth to them.

  • Secretive

These natives are known for being secretive. Because they put too much importance on their privacy, people can think of them as scheming and untrustworthy. This puts their relationship with others in jeopardy.

  • Manipulative and Controlling

To ensure their safety and privacy, they tend to impose powers on others fiercely. They may even be manipulative to the people around them. These natives may also have issues with power struggles, in which they either try to control others or vice versa.

  • Distrustful and Suspicious

Because these natives tend to be overprotective of their privacy, they don’t easily trust anyone. They become suspicious of people who they think may do them harm. They believe telling others their secrets can make them defenseless and vulnerable.

Your North Node Life Journey

Your journey will ask you to take off the baggage that hinders your spiritual growth. Your emotional and fierce nature can be toned down by the more tranquil and stable traits your Taurus north node brings.

Throughout your life, you felt safe in your comfort zone of security and privacy. You tend to keep looking at the spiritual side of things. Thus, you forget to see the simplicity of the natural and physical world. This lifetime asks you to step out of the dark recesses of your psyche and enjoy sensual pleasures.

  • Letting Go of the Past Hurts

If you have a past tainted with suffering, learn to let it go slowly. Whenever you feel a strong emotion, focus on stabilizing your feelings. Learn to forgive more. You can’t move forward in this life if you hold on tightly to things that are already hurting you.

Similarly, when someone distresses you intentionally or not, try your best to smoothen it out instead of holding resentment. This will help you create and maintain your relationship with others, especially those important to you.

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  • Building a Life Around People You Care About

By focusing your energy on your family, you get to connect with them on a deeper level. Using those qualities that Taurus brings to your life, you can provide them with a loving and comfortable home. Be that someone they can always depend on, who nourishes and cares for them.

  • Becoming More Emotionally Stable and Grounded

Calm the turbulent emotions boiling deep inside you. You can begin that by concentrating on the now and creating a routine, you can follow. Once you learned to control your emotions, you can help others in a way that won’t drain you.

  • Learning to Become Self-Reliant

Because you depend so much on others in the past, an important lesson you must learn in this lifetime is becoming self-sufficient. You may have relied on others to make yourself feel secured. However, this time around, you will have to do otherwise. With its practical and resourceful nature, Taurus can help you achieve that.

Journeying Through This Lifetime as a Taurus North Node Native

These natives are on a journey to becoming more reliant on themselves and choosing to share their resources with others. This lifetime will teach them to detach from the negative emotions and impulses that ruled their lives before. It won’t be easy, as the road ahead requires them to be more open and trusting to the people around them.

Every native will struggle in their path to spiritual growth. But in the end, the rewards are more than enough to compensate for the hardships. They will learn to appreciate what life has to offer in the physical sense, and they will also make peace with the storm inside them.

Above all, they must train to become more dependable. This lifetime calls for them to become the one who provides. You can now use your talent in the finances to extend help to people. In the same way, you can move forward in this life without waiting for others to do everything for you.

Let Taurus serve as your guide to a more stable and practical life. Be more confident in yourself. Your value cannot be defined by someone else’s. If there’s something you want, you can achieve that if you work hard enough without counting on others.

It may be a challenge to do something with only yourself to rely on. But Taurus offers you valuable tools to fulfill your mission of becoming secure and independent. It’s the calm, patience, and strong determination that will lead you on our journey. Live in the moment, connect truly, and be comfortable with yourself.

Famous People with Taurus North Nodes 

Martin Luther King

Salma Hayek

Lady Gaga

Kurt Cobain

Hillary Clinton


Jan 19, 2022 – Jul 17, 2023

Apr 15, 2003 – Dec 26, 2004

Sep 12, 1984 – Apr 6, 1986

Feb 20, 1966 – Aug 19, 1967

Aug 3, 1947 – Jan 26, 1949

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