North Node in Virgo: Aimless Wandering and the Need for Structure -

North Node in Virgo: Aimless Wandering and the Need for Structure

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One of the questions we ask ourselves during our lifetime is our purpose. We often wonder where we go and what we are supposed to do. At some point in our lives, we feel lost or unsure.

Asking the heavens for some guidance is a good place to start. The signs, specifically the north nodes in your natal chart, can act as your beacon towards spiritual fulfillment. The position of your north nodes can help you figure out your cosmic destiny. If you are a Virgo north node native, then this article is for you.

Virgo Soul Destiny vs. Pisces Karmic Past

For people born within the Virgo north node, your karmic past is Pisces. The struggles you currently face reflect your past lives. You have carried those traits and values in the present timeline. Along with those, however, are the negative qualities that can hinder your growth now.

Your south node is in Pisces. This sign is known for being empathetic, imaginative, gentle, dreamy, and caring. But those qualities can bring about negative traits such as being too dependent and unfocused. These are the things you are destined to overcome in this lifetime. To do so, you need to balance it out with the qualities of Virgo.

Virgo is a sign recognized for its orderliness and being detail-oriented. They are dutiful and helpful, yet discriminating and independent. A Virgo north node native must know how to adopt these traits. Once learned, they can become the best in their chosen field. They can help more people without draining themselves.

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Virgo meets Pisces

Virgo and Pisces are the signs directly opposite of one another. Pisces is the dreamier and more visionary between the two. Virgo, on the other hand, is the more pragmatic.

These two signs relate to one another and affect your soul destiny. Sometime in your life, you will have to depart from your south node in order to grow. Stepping out of your comfort zone and heading into the unknown will lead you to your destiny. It all starts by relinquishing negative qualities that prevent you from embarking on your journey.

When a Virgo north node native reaches mid-adulthood, they will face difficult challenges they need to overcome. It involves them having to deal with their need to be around people they care about without sacrificing themselves.

Because they have Pisces in the south node, they tend to put other people first before themselves. As a result, they might shut off completely when they feel misunderstood. They might also become too reliant on people. They must learn when to stop, especially when they’re already harming themselves.

Natives born in this group tend to daydream too much. They may also detach themselves from reality. This causes them to lose sight of their goals. 

Strengths of North Node Virgo

Virgo north node natives have many beautiful qualities. With Pisces in the south, they are compassionate, emotional, and imaginative.

  • Empathy and Sensitivity

Having a talent for discerning how other people feel is bestowed to these natives. Since they are empathetic, they care a lot for the people around them. Whenever someone needs a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, expect they are always there. Their generous spirit, easy-going, and quiet nature have made them liked by people.

  • Imaginative and Creative

Their imaginative mind is one of their most notable attributes. They aren’t constrained by logic which allows them to pursue creative passions. People born within this north node make excellent artists and musicians.

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Challenges in North Node Virgo

With their tendency to become too sensitive and out of touch, Virgo north node natives may find it challenging to deal with reality. Knowing what these weaknesses are may help you overcome many struggles in this lifetime.

  • Martyrdom

Virgo north node natives tend to put extreme importance on other people. Sometimes, it reaches a point of denial and self-sacrificing. Because of their people-pleasing tendencies, they want others to feel happy at their expense. This can eventually exhaust them, causing them to close off from others.

  • No Boundaries

Because of their boundless sympathy, Virgo north node people often don’t discriminate. Whenever they see an opportunity to help, they would do so. People often call for their aid, but sometimes they are taken advantage of and mistreated. Because of this, they may feel used and abused.

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  • Passivity and Escapism

Natives also tend to become too focused on their inner world. They may dislike heeding to rules and listening to people. Instead, they often prefer and feel more comfortable following what their heart says.

  • Being Impressionable

They are too concerned with the well-being of those who are important to them. Often, though, they readily believe what people say and are easily deceived. Whenever someone close to them needs their attention, they would always offer a helping hand. Unfortunately, this becomes a channel for some to take advantage of them.

  • Loss of Focus

Daydreamers are usually criticized for their inability to focus. Virgo north natives spend their time in their thoughts too much. Because of this, they may struggle to achieve their goals. They end up spending their time imagining rather than acting.

Your North Node Virgo Life Journey

It’s helpful to recognize your negative traits to get the most out of your life. Learn to overcome them and attain Virgo qualities that can aid you through your journey. It won’t be easy; especially you will be leaving your comfort zone in the process. Going and fighting head-on is the best option if you want to succeed in your life.

As a Virgo north node native, you will face many obstacles. At the end of the arduous journey, you will find yourself in the place you wanted to be.

  • Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries with yourself may be a struggle for you. As someone gifted with immense empathy and sensitivity, you may want to help people as much you can. But you must realize that you can’t be there for everyone. You can’t lend your hand all the time. If you do, you will only end up hurting yourself.

By learning to say no, you will save yourself from being used and taken advantage of. When you set boundaries, you’re doing yourself and other people a favor.

Do not let yourself be drained by other people’s problems. Help as much as you can, but don’t sacrifice yourself.

Above all, stand up for yourself. If you tend to let other people walk over you because you’re afraid of hurting them, then it’s time to stop. Learn how to take care of yourself, and the rest will follow.

If you learned how to separate yourself from people, you would be dependent. You can pursue your dreams more, help more, and do more.

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  • Getting Your Goals Clear

If you have big dreams but no actionable goals, you aren’t getting anywhere to it. Virgo north node natives are prone to be distracted because of their vast imagination. By setting up routines and being transparent with your objectives, you make your dreams a reality.

  • Developing a Routine

Learn to be more practical and organized. Make plans and follow them through. Don’t be too caught up with your need for perfection. Creating structure won’t stop you from making your dreams come true. Instead, it will make everything easier for you.

Journeying Through This Lifetime as a Virgo North Node Native

Similar to people with North Node in Pisces, Virgo north node natives are in for a rough but exciting journey. In this lifetime, lessons brought forth by your past life wait for you. Don’t be afraid when you encounter those hardships. Face them, and make it your goal to win them.

Like all the other beings born within different north nodes, it won’t be easy. But once you reach your soul destiny, you will grow spiritually.

This journey offers you to become a real service to others. You can become the aid for people without the need to please them. If healing people makes you happy, then do so. Learn how to discriminate who deserves your kindness and sympathy. Be the one that people can depend on instead of being dependent on others.

With your powerful imagination and kind heart, you already have the makings to achieve your dreams. If you combine it with grounding routines and accountability, you will have a clear road to where you are heading.

Learning about your north node can give you purpose and direction. If you aren’t sure where you’re going or having struggles, view it as your guide. The constant battle between choosing yourself or others is a battle you must win to succeed.

On the road to your north node, you may be surprised at yourself. You may learn new things and pick up new habits that can help you along the way. Do not fear these changes. Accept them, and be willing to face challenges.

All people will encounter difficulties in their lives. Knowing yourself better, including the good and the bad, prepares you for the battle. Discipline, learning to be practical, and believing in yourself will help you get there. You are a soldier in this life with both a brave and marvelous soul.

Famous Virgo North Nodes

Stephen Hawking

Martin Scorcese

Salvador Dali

Marie Curie



Nov 12, 2015 – May 9, 2017

Jan 26, 1997 – Oct 20, 1998

Jul 6, 1978 – Jan 5, 1980

Dec 16, 1959 – Jun 10, 1961

May 25, 1941 – Nov 21, 1942

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