Nose Piercing on the Right Side Spiritual Meaning: Cultural and Style Significance -

Nose Piercing on the Right Side Spiritual Meaning: Cultural and Style Significance

Have you ever wondered why many Indian women have piercings on their left nostrils? Piercing the nose, be it left or right, is now becoming a trend. It is done as a fashion statement or part of their cultural beliefs. 

Little do we know that each of these piercings affects us because there's a symbolic meaning to it.

In spiritual terms, piercing the nose on the right side activates the Ida Nadi. It leads to enhancing the proportion of Shakti or Divine Energy in women.

Moreover, it can establish a balance between the body and the mind, which helps the person's spirituality. Some people believe that it has the power to attract positive energy.

But according to many cultural aspects, a man who has a piercing on the right nostril means that he's gay. While a woman who pierces her left nostril represents herself as a lesbian. 

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Piercing can also be a form of style and expression of rebelliousness.

What does a right nose piercing mean sexually?

According to religious scriptures, nose piercing has been observed in the Indian subcontinent since the Mauryan Dynasty. Its spiritual healing is one of the primary reasons people get nose piercings. 

People believe that it aids in getting rid of the negative energies that have adverse effects on the body and soul. But sexually, having a right nose pierced, especially on the woman, can solidify her sexual relations with her husband

Others say that it's purely an act of tradition that mainly symbolizes the traditional Indian women.

Now that you know the spiritual meaning of having a nose piercing. Let's look at its different religious significances.

Significance of Nose Piercing in Hinduism

Nose rings have been associated with the Hindu religion. It is one of the highly sought ornaments worn by Hindu women and other cultures. 

They have been mandated to get a nose piercing to keep their traditional and religious identity alive. Moreover, it serves as a gesture of love bestowed upon her by her family. 

Since they give her different jewelry pieces, the daughters are considered Laxmi or the goddess of prosperity. Most Indian women get their noses pierced at age 12. 12 is the age regarded as the marrying age.

There's a belief among Hindus that the air being expelled by the wife can affect the husband's health. So if the woman wears a nose ring, the air that enters through that piece of metallic obstruction doesn't have any harmful effects on the body.

Another belief that is followed is that girls or women who wear nose rings are unaffected by Vashikaran, or you're free from being seduced or controlled by evil spirits. Thus, a nose piercing in Hinduism isn't just a style, but it's more of cultural relevance.

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Significance of nose piercing in the Bible

First and foremost, it's not a sin for Christian women to wear a nose ring. In the Bible, God narrates the story of Abraham, wherein he sent his servant to search for a wife for his son, Isaac. 

So the servant prayed to God to reveal to him the righteous woman, and then Rebekah appeared in his prayer. When she offered him a palace to stay in at her father's house, he gave her gifts from his master, Abraham.

Among the gift was a golden nose ring, meaning that nose rings were already part of the fashion during that time and represented status and wealth. In addition, God has expressed the affection he had for Israel metaphorically. 

God says in the Bible (Ezekiel 16:12), “I put a ring upon thy nose, earrings in thine ears, and a beautiful crown upon thy head.” Therefore, a nose ring symbolizes a Christian woman's beauty and glamour, happily submitting to her husband. 

However, the world loves to twist a good idea of putting on a nose ring, turning them into a sign of evil and rebellious act toward God. As noted in the Bible, piercing the nose is associated with submission to Christianity.

This has a significant value in both Christianity and Hinduism.

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Significance of Nose Piercing in Islam

Islam, a religious belief, means that “Allah is beautiful and loves beauty.” However, there are opinions among Islamic scholars when it comes to nose piercings.

Few scholars say that nose piercing changes the creation of Allah because it's considered mutilation and deforming of appearance. That's why it's forbidden, unlike ear piercing, which the Prophet approves. 

Also, they see it as not healthy, so it's not allowed. However, some Islamic teachers show approval only if the nose piercing is for adornment, not harming or changing Allah's wonderful creation. 

Moreover, wearing a nose ring is part of the Muslim culture where they see nothing wrong with wearing nose rings. There are a lot of Muslim women who get their noses pierced, especially newly-wed Muslim Indian women.

Whether nose piercings are worn as jewelry or for any other intention, it's still up to you and what belief or tradition you're following.

Nose piercing has a long history of cultural significance. They have a long account in Hindu and Islamic cultures and are even stated in the Bible.

In Hindu tradition, women usually pierce the left side of their nose because they believe it has something to do with their minds and bodies. Some claim having a nose piercing on the left side can alleviate pain during menstruation or childbirth.

In Chinese medicine, the left side is the side for females, while the right side is for males. Some people use this to choose their facial piercings on the left for females and the right side for males. 

However, there's no such thing as a male or female side in modern society. If you can find that side that has a meaning to you personally or for cultural beliefs, that spot can be an excellent choice for your nose piercing.

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Nose Piercing Meaning on Left or Right

There is an ongoing myth stating the side of a nose piercing represents a person's sexuality, but this couldn't be significantly accurate. Just wear your nose piercing how you want it to and wherever it's comfortable to you without considering your sexuality.

Left side

If you are a woman with a nose piercing on the left, people will assume that you're trying to alleviate the pain of childbirth or period.

On the other hand, men with nose piercing on the left means that this person is gay or bisexual in some cultures.

The placement of a piercing, whether which side of the body it is worn, has some significance in other cultures. However, in Western society, having a nostril piercing, be it left or right, or is placed in the center, doesn't have any particular meaning.

Right side

Nose piercing on women on the right side represents that they are bisexual or lesbian in some cultures. The placement of the piercing and which side of your nostril it is worn has some significance in Islamic cultures. 

But as has been said above, in Western society, nostril piercing in the left, right, or septum doesn't have any particular meaning.

Your face plays a vital role in choosing which side of your nostril you get a piercing. Therefore, when getting pierced on the left or right side of your nostril, you're also considering your facial features and thinking about what will look good on you.

Celebrities with right side nose piercing

Piercing has been around for a long time. Many people, especially celebrities, want to stand out from the crowd by getting their noses pierced. 

Hence, here are some of the well-known celebrities who have a nose piercing on the right side:

Miley Cyrus

She's an American singer, songwriter, actor, and television personality. Miley is known for her distinctive raspy voice. 

Her music contains various genres, including country, rock, pop, and hip hop.

Paris Jackson

She is Michael Jackson's only child with Debbie Rowe. She is an American model, actress, singer, and musician.


He became famous because he's a Guns N' Roses member. The band has a popular song, “Sweet Child o' Mine.” 

Slash worked as a session musician, mostly on guitar, and formed other bands.

Mary J. Beige

She's a singer, songwriter, actor, and model. Mary Jane Blige is a certified multiplatinum artist. 

She has won nine Grammy Awards, four Music Awards, and twelve Billboard Music Awards. 

Katy Perry

She is an American pop singer, songwriter, and television judge who gained popularity because of her sexually suggestive songs and playfully cartoonish sense of style.

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