Number 5 Meaning in the Bible: Most Prominent Number -

Number 5 Meaning in the Bible: Most Prominent Number

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Numbers have always been a significant aspect of our lives. Even in the Bible, numbers play a pivotal role. Numbers hold a lot of meaning that explains some of the events in the Bible. All cardinal numbers have a specific purpose in the Bible and also in our life. 

Numbers contain tremendous knowledge. Thus, the study of numerology focuses on observing these numbers that are present all around us. We can learn more about the world through numbers and give us a fresh perspective on some things. It can also give us a gift of introspection into our lives. 

On the other hand, Bible Numerology is a separate study investigating the relationship of numbers into some events and phenomena in the Bible. Number 5 is extraordinary, for it has been mentioned many times in the Bible. Number 5 is directly related to God's grace and also a symbol of forgiveness.

If you have been encountering the number 5 numerous times, this simply means that the number is trying to call your attention. Seeing the same number all the time means that it has a message you need to uncover. Your curiosity guided you to research the meaning of the number 5. Thus you have come to the right place!

This article will guide you in discovering the true meaning behind the number 5 and the Bible and discuss what this number might bring into your life. Continue reading on, and you will be amazed at how this one-digit number can change your perspective and beliefs in life!

In Numerology, everything that has happened or will happen is dependent upon the mystical properties of numbers. Each number has a unique vibration which gives it a distinct set of properties.

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Number 5 Meaning in the Bible

Number 5 is considered to be the most prominent number in the Bible. The fact that this number was mentioned 318 times in the Bible, and it is also the symbol of God's love and grace. God's grace is the unmerited love and kindness of God towards his people. It is within the nature of a human being to have the tendency to sin. However, despite all of our wrongdoings, God still loves us and will forgive us if we ask for it.

God is always in favor of us. The most significant notion in the Bible, and what God is trying to tell us is His Grace. Grace is synonymous with the love of God towards his people. However, though we are not deserving of his forgiveness and kindness because of all of our sins, still, he chose to see the good in us and love us unconditionally.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, people were given harsh punishments if they disobey and offend God's message. Because of God's grace, these cruel and severe punishments were eliminated in the New Testament. Thus, the New Testament is proof of God's grace towards people. These events are all stated in the 5th book of Deuteronomy.

Number 5 is also the number of the divine will. We are here in this lifetime to take part in the divine will of God. Even the coming of Jesus Christ has a purpose that he is sent to carry out and execute the will of his God the Father. The same also goes for our life.

God wants us to fulfill his divine will by doing what we are destined to be doing in this lifetime. The teachings in the Bible, His word, will serve as a guide towards new birth and receive the blessing of the Holy Ghost. Your body is a temple, and you are a vessel destined to spread the teachings of the Lord. 

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Spiritual Meaning of Number 5                

Number 5 emanates an aura of kindness; thus, it is referred to as the number that symbolizes God's grace towards humankind. Pay particular attention to how many letters does the word “grace” has; it has 5! Same also to the name of Jesus, it is also made up of 5 letters. Thus, number 5 is indeed a sacred and holy number that has a direct relation to God and humankind. 

Number 5 is also associated with the Lord's Tabernacle. In the Old Testament, the Tabernacle has a strong spiritual influence, for it is known as the house of God here on the material plane. During the Tabernacle construction, God specifically gave instructions on how to build it, and one of these many instructions was number 5. God specifically instructed that the Tabernacle should have five pillars, five curtains, five sockets, and the altar's specific dimension should be five cubics wide and long. 

These instructions on how to specifically build the Tabernacle are written in the book of Exodus. If you pay close attention, all of the Tabernacle dimensions and other aspects are measured total in 5. Another example is the anointing oils that will be used to bless the Tabernacle furniture is also made up of 5 spices as its ingredients. 

Prophetic Meaning of Number 5

Number 5 is a unique number that is closely dear to our Lord. Thus, it is the number that is most mentioned in the Bible, with a total of 318 times. Number 5 is a gift of God to us. God gave us five senses, five fingers, and five toes. These parts of our body are essential, and we use these all the time. 

Number 5 in the Bible has a prophetic meaning. The number symbolizes the prophecy that is known from the Old Testament to the New testament. The prophecy talks about the world and the things that go along with it that are yet to come. It also speaks about the kingdom of heaven and the promise of eternal life to those who believe in God. 

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God made a promise that whoever believes in him will have eternal life and everlasting joy. He has prepared a special place for those who believed and kept their faith strong, believing in his word. 

Number 5 is also related to the five mysteries that are associated with the Bible. These mysteries are the Holy Spirit, the Father, the Son, the Redemption, and the Creation.

According to the Bible, there were phrases mentioned five times that talk about God's grace and goodness towards humanity. Moreover, the Book of Psalms also has five sections, and the Pentateuch of God's law has five books. These books talk about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, his prophets, and the law.

Number 5 is also evident in the Book of Lamentations, which had five chapters, and the author of this book is Jeremiah. Jeremiah is a prophet who devoted his life to his vocation as a prophet and tirelessly preached throughout Israel about faith and idolatry. Thus, number 5 is also related to human weakness and impotence in the Bible. Jeremiah declared to the people of Israel the consequences of their wickedness and their loyalty to other false deities as acts of disobedience to God.  

Thus, Jeremiah's message is to ask forgiveness and encourage people to soften their stubborn hearts and allow God's grace to enter their lives. Among all prophets, Jeremiah is the one who talks about repentance the most. Repentance is all about living your life according to God's will and being loyal and faithful to Him. 

Representation of Number 5 in the Bible

One of the appearances of the number 5 in the Bible is on the Book of Leviticus. In this book, number 5 represents the five varieties of offering that God required Israel to bring to him. The 5 Levitical offerings are the main sacrifices throughout the Pentateuch as a means of asking God's grace.

The Burnt Offering

The first offering is the burnt offering, also known as “an offering of ascent.” This offering intends to reconcile with God despite all our sins and a declaration of one's devotion to the Lord. There are also five choices to choose from as an offering. These could either be sheep, goats, bulls, pigeons, or doves. The animal's skin will be given to the priest, and the rest of its body will be burned the whole night. 

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The Grain Offering

The second one is the grain offering. The grain offering is an act that symbolizes a person's is surrendering to God and showing devotion to his goodness and mercy. This offering is also an act of expressing gratitude to God for all the gifts he has bestowed upon us. Grain offering includes a cooked bread that is either roasted, fried, grilled, baked, or made into cereal. 

The Peace Offering

The third offering is the peace offering, including thanksgiving offerings, wave offerings, and freewill offerings. The purpose of this offering represents fellowship. The sharing of bread and meat is a consecrated act to maintain peace and unity within the community for future success and prosperity.

The Sin Offering

The fourth offering is the sin offering. This offering is made by making amends and recompense for all the unintentional sins that we have done. Comparably, this 4th offering is regarded as a guilt offering. This offering's primary purpose is to cleanse oneself of all the wickedness and impurities you have done in this material world. 

Through the sin offering, you allow your sins to be washed away and to prepare yourself to come back again to the presence of God. 

The Guilt Offering

Lastly, the fifth offering is the guilt offering. The purpose of this offering is to compensate and repay for all the sins that we have done. Thus, this offering includes monetary value like silver as an act of paying a “debt.”

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Number 5 Biblical Significance

The appearance of the number 5 on the Bible many times means that the number is very significant. If you check the Book of Genesis up until the Book of Revelation, there are several parts of these books where the number 5 can be seen. According to acclaimed sources, number 5 is said to signify man's helplessness.

The inability of a man to defend himself is the purpose of God's grace and mercy. According to the Bible, man cannot succeed and prosper on his own unless God has willed it to happen. The same goes for our actual lives. If it is not meant for us, no matter how hard we try to achieve it, it will not be given to you. Know that everything in this world has its purpose and its own timing. 

According to the Old Testament, God has set rules for man to follow to serve as their guide in fulfilling God's purpose for them. However, because we are only humans, we tend to get swayed away from our real goal. Thus, we tend to commit sins and disobey God's rule. Because of this, God had to devise another plan on how to get us back on the path that he has prepared for us to deliver his will successfully.

God's grace was brought upon the embodiment of Jesus Christ. God sent Jesus here on earth to save us all from our sins and to keep reminding us of what is right in the eyes of God. His death gave way to the salvation of all humankind. 

The Symbolism of Number 5 in the Bible

As mentioned, number 5 symbolizes the grace and kindness of God to people. One evident example of this is John. He wrote five books that talk about God's grace and compassion and the eternal life that awaits us. 

The symbolism of number 5 as an act of God's grace was seen when God fed 5 thousand people with only five bread slices. Moreover, because of this event, number 5 was also referred to as the number that symbolizes miracles. 

God's grace is evident in some of the most important events in the Bible. One of these manifestations is during the time of David, who fought the giant Goliath. David knew that he could not beat the giant by force. Instead, David prayed, and God gave him the wisdom and grace, and he chose five smooth stones to be thrown at Goliath. 

Thus, the event of David and Goliath also symbolizes man's transformation. The number 5 is a symbolism of divine transformation or complete change. The number has the power to transform something or someone from nothing into something. Through God's will and power, we can be anything we wanted to be as long as it has his blessing. 

The name of Abraham changed from its original name Abram, is one perfect example of God's power to transform something. You see, if Abraham's name weren't added by the letter “H,” he wouldn't become the Father of Many Nations. This concludes that God may change something in our lives because it is needed for us to fulfill his purpose. 

What does it mean to always see the number 5?

The number 5 has a lot of meaning, not only in the Bible. The number also has many things to tell you about your life and can help you in your current circumstances. Seeing this number all the time indeed is no coincidence at all. Know that having to encounter number 5 numerous times means that it has a message to tell you.

After reading the meaning mentioned above and the symbolism of the number 5, it also applies in certain aspects of your life. 

Number 5, in general, symbolizes positive changes, balance, and independence. If you see this number very often, this means that your spirit guides are trying to send their loving power and guiding forces. They want to tell you to appreciate and be thankful for all the things you have in life. You are very blessed, and they are always guiding you to keep you safe away from danger.

Seeing number 5 or angel number 555 means that positive changes are going to take place in your life. The period of struggle and suffering is about to end, and you will experience dramatic improvements in your current circumstances.


Now you know what the number 5 means in the Bible and also its message into your life. If you notice this number keeps appearing in your life, keep in mind all its symbolic meaning. The number brings positive energy into your life if you allow it to open your heart and mind to claim it. 

There is no denying that the number 5 is extremely important even in ancient times. The number holds a lot of beautiful messages from God. Know that no matter how sinful and wicked human beings can be, God is still willing to forgive us and accept us lovingly with open arms. That is how great our God is, so keep in mind to live peacefully and live your life according to his will. 

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