Number 8 Meaning in Numerology: The Symbol Of Infinity -

Number 8 Meaning in Numerology: The Symbol Of Infinity

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Each number in Numerology has its unique meaning. We may not know it, but numbers affect what is happening in the world around us and our lives. Through numbers, we can also know our compatibility with other people.

Number 8 is very lucky. It symbolizes wealth and prosperity, power, infinity, and karmic balance. The shape of the number 8 is in a fluid motion. It has no beginning and no end; that's why it's also regarded as the symbol of infinity. This means that whatever energy you give and send out to the Universe will all come back to you in the same manner of frequency. Thus the saying “what goes around comes around.”

Number 8 also symbolizes karma. The things that are happening in our daily lives are karmic events. It is the consequences of our acts. Therefore, if we want something from the Universe, we must put our intention to create it and ask the Universe to give it to us, and that is the way karma works.

In Numerology, the number 8 guarantees success only if you are disciplined and consistent with your work. You must have a strong desire to drive you to attain this success. Seeing this number will surely bring prosperity and financial success to your life!

A person with Number 8

A person with the number 8 in their chart is highly ambitious and is driven by their strong desire to be successful in life. They are authoritative and are very good at decision-making, thus making them very successful in business.

In Numerology, everything that has happened or will happen is dependent upon the mystical properties of numbers. Each number has a unique vibration which gives it a distinct set of properties.

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Having the number 8 in your chart means that you have the energy to persevere despite adversities, and you are not the type of person who easily gets discouraged by minor problems. You diligently work on your goals and won't stop until you achieve them.

Some would say you are too greedy, coldhearted, and ruthless. But you should know that the number 8 carries the energy of being materialistic and spiritual. You have the ability to balance these two aspects of number 8.

A person with the number 8 always aims for success and gains more money to become financially successful. However, because them being spiritual, they are not the type who will step on others to attain success. For them, there is no shortcut to success. They believe that success needs to come from their hard work, and they are willing to toil and work it the hard way than achieving it by taking a shortcut.

Number 8 Meaning in Numerology

If you observe the shape of the number 8 closely, it consists of two circles with no point of beginning and end. That's why the number 8 is regarded as the symbol of infinity. It carries the unending and recycling flow of energy, symbolizing life, and karma.

In Numerology, the karmic balance is the law of cause and effect. That's why number 8's are very successful in life because they are hardworking, and focus their intentions and energy towards success. Thus, the Universe gives back the energy they are giving. 8's reap what they sow, and they sow an abundance of blessings from the Universe as a result of their perseverance.

Number eight and number 9 balance everything. You have the ability to create something out of nothing and can destroy it in one flick of your hand. You are the embodiment of the cycle of life, from the start of creation to death to rebirth.

Even though number 8's has a materialistic side, this does not mean it's not good. For if you attain something through hard work and honorable means, then that is the true meaning of success and genuine materialistic abundance.

Number 8 is the embodiment of a balance between the material world and the ethereal world. You attain success because of your strong connection to your spirit and manifest your practical ideas into the material world.

Number 8 in Numerology is the highest feminine number. Number 8 symbolizes a woman's vagina and is seen as the gateway through which new life enters the physical realm.

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Number 8 Career

Because of the authoritative personality of people with the number 8, they are likely to succeed in business. You can see them usually like the big boos or one of the executive board of directors.

If they are still starting their career, they would want to work in an international company and has the power and authority to rise in the industry.

8's would likely succeed in a job such as working in the stock exchange, being an entrepreneur, and marketing consultant. 8's loves to make money and also succeed in being a financial advisor, or any industry as long as it is related to finance and commerce.

8's are also good at decision-making and would likely succeed in being a lawyer, politician, and even surgeons.

In Numerology, the number 8 has a relation to career. So, people with 8 in their chart are very concerned about their career and status in life. They are good at handling money and achieving their goals. They tend to become workaholics and may neglect to give time to their loved ones.

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Although 8's love to gain money, they don't want to keep their earnings solely for their own benefit. 8's are also thoughtful and would not take a second thought to help others. They would donate a percentage of their profits to charity and medical missions to reach out to those in need.

Number 8 Traits

People with 8 in their chart are goal-oriented, focused, and hardworking. They are passionate about their work, and always give their best in anything they do.

They are organized and have a strong and positive mentality, with analytical skills. They are efficient and natural-born leaders because of their strong personalities.

Once they set their heart to something, they are determined to achieve it. Because of this, they have acquired great achievements in their lifetime. They have a remarkable determination and mental clarity to lead others effectively without being affected by distractions.

8's have a magnetic aura that draws people and opportunities toward them. They are great at handling different tasks at once and are able to deliver exceptional results. They can work under pressure, which makes them succeed in anything, even if it's an arduous task to accomplish.

Number 8 has a strong desire to be part of big business. Their manipulative and charismatic nature allows them to make a stand in a particular organization and leave a mark. Their organizational skills and ability to persuade others will enable them to quickly get clients and admirable transactions that greatly benefit the company they're working for.

Their enthusiasm towards their work brings a positive energy that radiates towards others and gravitates more opportunities and blessings from the Universe.

Numbers are everywhere. You are literally swimming in them. Phone numbers, addresses, license plates, pin codes, your date of birth.

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Once eight believe in something, they will stand firm for what they think is right. They are confident with their abilities sometimes to the point of being stubborn and demanding.

Their professionalism makes them very successful in any career they choose. They are dependable, practical, and considerate. 8's has the ability to see the bigger picture. Their visionary ideas are the cornerstone of an institution that allows them to attain great success in their careers and lives.

Life Path Number 8

People with Life Path number 8 are great achievers. They have exceptional faith that they can achieve their goals no matter what other people would say. They are not easily discouraged by problems or naysayers. They will work diligently until they reach their goals.

The fear of people with Life Path number 8 is poverty. They are afraid that one day they will become broke, and their debts would pile up. Their strong desire to make money and attain financial security is what drives them to work harder. They are also very concerned with their status in life. Because of this, they might live their lives above their means.

8's need to learn how to manage their money correctly. They have the tendency to spend rather than save because of their need to show others their financial status. However, 8's are adept at attracting money that allows them to prosper in life quickly. Even so, you need to set limitations on your expenditure to make sure that you are indeed financially secure when times get rough.

Their ability to balance materialistic things while tending to their spiritual side is the most exceptional thing about them.

8's possess a strong personalities and tend to be direct to the point and honest when they want to point out something. You say anything that's in your mind, not realizing that you already hurt others' feelings because of your words. With this, you need to be cautious about anything you say, for it has an impact on your image and on the person, you're talking to.

People may view them as greedy, but in reality, 8's are very generous to share their blessings. Their lives tend to prosper because they are not afraid to give and share with others what they have.

People with Life Path 8 are very independent. It is hard for them to take advice. Once they believe in something, they are headstrong to follow their beliefs.

8's are also very hardworking. They may become workaholics and tend to focus too much on acquiring material possessions and status that they forgot to take care of and give value to their relationships.

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Destiny Number 8 Numerology

Destiny number 8 is a proactive seeker of opportunities. They thrive in a competitive environment where they can manifest their practical and creative ideas.

Destiny number 8 believes in all possibilities, and they have great faith in themselves that they can accomplish anything.

They believe in justice and maintain a balanced and harmonious life.

However, you should open your mind and accept advice from others, for this can also benefit you in any way. Be more open to receiving ideas. This will help you see a different point of view and tactically overcome a problem.

The resilience of Destiny number 8 allows them to thrive even in the most chaotic circumstances of their life. They may fall and fail along the way, but they will stand up with determination and continue reaching their goals.

Number 8 Compatibility

People with 8 in their chart need a partner who can help them feel grounded, and one who appreciates their effort. 8's are very generous when being in a relationship. And just like the way they put effort into their work, they also do the same to their love life.

In Numerology, 8's are compatible with numbers 2, 4, and 6.

Number 2 would be a good match with number 8 for they have a peaceful nature and act as a mediator in critical situations. Since number 8 likes to be always in control, 2's will give way to number 8 and allow it to manage their relationship.

Numbers 4 and 8 would make a perfect match, for they are both practical and determined to accomplish tasks and goals.

Lastly, number 6 is a compassionate, kind, and understanding partner that attracts number 8. They have the ability to handle pretty well the bossy nature of the number 8. The compatibility of 6 and 8 would make such a harmonious relationship.

Number 8 Personality 

People with the number 8 in their life are determined to become successful in life. They are passionate and dedicated to their work, which allows them to be well accomplished in their life.

They are authoritative, which makes it hard for them to work where they will give way and follow instructions. Number 8 has a strong desire to lead, and they strongly believe in their abilities that they don't like being told what to do.

People with number 8 are very professional and have strong personalities, which makes them very successful in their chosen careers.


If you have the number 8 in your chart, then you possess one or more of the qualities and traits the number 8 has. Use the energy of number 8 wisely and continue reaching for your goals and dreams in life!

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